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A Safer Alternative to Drugstore Baby wipes: Aleva Naturals

February 19, 2016

Since having my own little girl I’ve become very conscious of what products I use for her. I want to make sure I start her off with the least harmful products, especially this young. Their little systems are growing at a rapid pace and I want to ensure what I’m using doesn’t disrupt anything!

Baby wipes are something we all use often. Especially the first few months when diaper changes seem endless. Actually, they still seem endless! So why not focus on a product like wipes since they’re used on our babies skin constantly throughout every single day.

There are so many brands of baby wipes out there and as I’ve said in my very first post, many companies just slap the words “natural” or “botanical” on their products to make you think you’re getting a good quality product. There is no exception to this in the world of baby products. I find this very unsettling, we as Mama’s are trying to make the best choices for our tiny little humans and companies are trying to blind side and confuse us with their marketing. So today, I’m going to tell you all about a product that I’ve been using with my baby for diaper changes.

I looked for a while before finding Aleva Naturals, an organic baby wipe product line without all the bad stuff. As I said before, many companies can be misleading, so everytime I purchased a new type of wipe I thoroughly read all of the ingredients on the package to make sure they fit my standards. Many of them did not. Aleva Naturals has an impressive ingredients list on their wipes and they score in the Low hazard range on the EWG Skin Deep product search. Not bad in my books! Since using these wipes my little one has very few diaper rashes. If she does develop a rash when trying different foods, the wipes still don’t bother her during changes.

Once I was hooked on their diaper wipes, I realized they offered more. I have also tried their “Pacifier and toy wipes” and their “Hand ‘n’ Face wipes”. I will admit, I am one of those mamas that has a hard time watching other people hold my baby when they haven’t washed their hands, if they kiss my baby, or if I don’t know them very well. Since becoming a Mom I am convinced I can physically see those microscopic bugs jump off of other people and onto her. This may have resulted from having a baby who got a cold at 3 weeks old in the summer months or simply just being a first time mama. I’ve never really been a germaphobe before baby. Regardless, it was enough to make me hold my breath during some visits. My mind was put to ease when I found this healthier version of hand and face wipes that I could use directly after visits! The packaging is nice and small so they fit in my diaper bag with her regular diaper wipes. For the Moms who aren’t quite as nervous about germs as I am, these wipes are great for dinners and park dates on the go.

The Pacifier and toy wipes are fantastic for going out with baby. My little one has begun playing the classic game of throwing her toys on the ground so you can pick them up for her. While I don’t need to wipe the toys down in our own house, I definitely find these wipes handy when she throws them on the ground outside or in a public space. This product is also in a smaller package and fits in the diaper bag with the other two as well. Both of those products also score in the low hazard range on the EWG Skin deep product search.

I have been really happy with all of these wipes and recommend them to all the Mama’s out there!

If you’re interested in looking into this great wipe line, check out

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