Welcome to the Holistic Vanity



Hi, I’m Kari. This page is for all the Modern Women who want to bring back ancestral traditions and incorporate non toxic options into their lives. I was lucky enough to be brought up around women (namely my Mother and Grandmother) who taught me how to cook, bake, garden and more.. yet there are so many skills I am still honing that I wish I had paid more attention to (I’m looking at your pressure canner). The internet is where many of us now go to learn these traditional skills and bring into our homes. I am sharing everything I learn here on this blog, in hopes that we don’t lose the art of the original homesteaders.

I am the Mother of two beautiful Children, and because of them, I became even more passionate about holistic living than I ever was before. I was lucky enough to bring them earthside with two incredible homebirths (water births that is). I am deeply passionate about Women having choices when it comes to pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

The mental load that Women and Mothers often carry can be overwhelming at times. Making choices for our own health and our family’s can feel burdensome yet is so powerful. I created this little holistic space on the internet to share ideas, research, and natural options in a wide range of areas. Whether you need a quick nourishing recipe for dinner, want to learn how to use that extra sourdough discard, need a recommendation for a natural deodorant, a non toxic laundry detergent or a list of what to include on your holistic birth plan, I’m your girl. I love to research and get into the nitty gritty of all things wellness and traditional.

Thank you for joining this little holistic space I’ve carved out on the internet.



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