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Trendy Organic Baby clothing boutique (20% discount and free shipping code too!)

June 13, 2016

Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

When we talk about the term “organic”, most of the time our minds will drift to fruits, vegetables, and personal hygeine products. We forget how many necessities in our life are also sourced from materials that are grown with chemicals and pesticides. I’m all about harm reduction when it comes to going organic, I can’t always afford it but I do try to swap as much as I possibly can in my life to toxic free.

Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

​Before my blog I was never plugged into any social media beyond facebook (you read that right.. no instagram, no twitter, no snap chat, no pinterest.. nadda) so while I had the knowledge for green living, I didn’t have the resources to find the shops or websites that could show me everything that would be healthier for my little girl.

​This is exactly why I get SO excited when I find a shop that is stocking healthy, organic products and are transparent in regards to the quality of the lines they carry. They have basically done most of the work for you Mama’s trying to google tirelessly when registering for your baby shower, or shopping for baby down the road. ​​One of the items I hadn’t considered when searching for baby products were pieces of organic clothing. I had it in my mind that organic clothing meant plain, vanilla, burlap onesies. I was an excited first time Mama and was so very eager to dress up my little girl when she arrived (I know, I know.. judge away, I’m that Mom)… That didn’t mean I wanted frills, bows, taffeta, and pink everywhere.. No, it meant that I wanted to fill a closet with comfortable

Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

BUT STILL stylish outfits (that I secretly wished were big enough for ​​me to wear myself). I was missing the memo that there are so many organic clothing brands that make adorable and quality outfits for babies, toddlers, and children.

One of my favourite finds was a boutique that I wanted to share with you all called “A Gifted Baby”. That way any Mama’s out there searching for the same thing I was have an amazing resource. This shop is FILLED with male, female, and gender neutral organic clothing lines. As I said above, this shop has done the work for you! They have scoured the organic clothing industry to find the best of the best in terms of healthy, quality, and cuteness factor. Whether you want an entire closet of 100% organic, or some staple pieces that baby will be wearing most of the time, this shop has it all. Casual, comfortable, dress up, dress down, onesies, two piece outfits, shoes, jackets, hats, booties, they even have accessories!

Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

They were lovely enough to send this adorable summer outfit by Boucle D’or (my new obsession.. you need to check out everything from this line on A Gifted Baby’s website) so I could share a perfect example of how sweet the items in their shop can be! This outfit is a short and t shirt set complimented by a matching headband. The fabric and stitching is high quality and can you believe how cute the prints are? (There’s a few more sets with
some other fruit inspired prints and colours too!) Delilah was comfortable in this outfit which is always a must for me.. My baby is a wild one who plays non stop all day so outfits like these are just perfect for her! I was really blown away by the quality of the fabrics and stitching.. this isn’t something you could find from conventional brands who mass produce their products. This was clearly made with care, and with baby in mind. The slightly diagonal cut of the outfit also always for more growth.. it will likely last my girl a little longer while she grows as it has give in some of the areas where baby may grow the most.. at the same time, it doesnt look too big or too small.. it’s perfect! ​​
​Boucle D’or is just one of the many gorgeous brands offered by A Gifted Baby..Have a look at their website here and check it out! Their pieces are perfect for your own little ones, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts.. any occasion really!!

While you’re at it.. take advantage of these two amazing discount codes that ‘A Gifted Baby’ boutique has offered for all

Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography
Bloom & Clementine followers so everyone has the chance to shop organic for baby:

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Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

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