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150+ Affordable and Natural Skincare Products Under $25

June 21, 2024

If price is a factor holding you back from making the switch to healthier beauty products, this is the post for you. There are many affordable and natural skincare brands out there making clean and effective products. Accessibility and affordability are important when it comes to transitioning into cleaner living. I want everyone to be able to access safer products for themselves and their families. This is why I decided to put together a list of the best performing yet affordable and natural skincare products. All of these products come from brands I have personally used and vetted over the years of testing natural skincare.

* This post may include affiliate links. This means that products purchased from certain links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love. Thank you for supporting this little holistic space on the internet. *

Skincare is what lead me into natural living originally. I started my quest to healing acne naturally after many conventional treatments and products had failed me. In fact, they left my skin worse. Natural skincare was a big part of my healing journey and I continue to use it exclusively. In fact, natural products left my skin feeling and looking better than ever. You don’t have to have acne to make the switch over to safer products. Natural beauty products are something everyone can benefit from. The health impacts of conventional and toxic beauty products are plenty. For that reason, I know there are many people out there looking for great natural alternatives. Unfortunately many are seeing high ticket prices that are holding them back. This is why I have written this post outlining the best affordable and natural skincare in every category.

I have included products like cleansers, toners, face serums and oils, moisturizers, exfoliants, face masks, targeted skin treatments, eye products, lip products, sunscreens, and after sun care. All of these products are under $25. There are a few products I included that may be slightly above the $25 threshold but I have added an asterisk beside them. I have included them only because they are incredible products and sit only a few dollars above. I didn’t want to omit high quality products are such a great value but I wanted to stay true to the $25 cut off for the majority of this post. Under each category are shoppable carousels where you can easily shop for these products.


Affordable and Natural Skincare: Cleansers Under $25

Natural and Affordable Skin Cleansers

First up, Natural and Non Toxic Face Cleansers. The difference between a good and bad cleanser sets the tone for your skincare routine. You want to ensure they remove all debris and excess from the day. However, you don’t want them stripping the necessary oils from your skin barrier. People often rush to products that strip oils but this is actually not the goal. When you remove healthy oils from the skin barrier, your skin will work harder at producing more to fill this deficit. THIS is what leads to overproduction of oils and an imbalance in the skin. This is often where many people with skin conditions like acne go wrong. Even those with normal and well balanced skin sometimes reach for cleansers that are too harsh. I have found that most natural cleansers are made with gentle cleansers as well as healthy nourishing ingredients to keep the skin in check.

There are many different types of cleansers. We all have our preference but they can range from bar soap to gel cleanser to foaming cleanser to cream cleanser to oil cleanser. I have shared a number of different types below. You will certainly find one that fits your preference and budget as these are all under $25. My skin has a tendency to go dry in the winter months so I often reach for an oil cleanser or cream cleanser during these months. In the summer months, I can use a gel cleanser. There are plenty of options below from brands I love and trust.

  1. One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser
  2. Osmia Black Clay Facial Soap
  3. Osmia Rose Clay Facial Soap
  4. Three Ships Papaya + Salicylic Acid Cleanser
  5. Three Ships Purify Aloe & Amino Acids Cleanser
  6. Three Ships Harmony Cucumber + Kombucha Microbiome Balancing Cleanser
  7. Herbivore Bamboo Charcoal Cleansing Bar
  8. Herbivore Pink Clay Cleansing Bar
  9. Cocokind Oil to Milk Hydrating Face Wash
  10. Cocokind AHA Jelly Clarifying Face Wash
  11. Cocokind Organic Facial Cleansing Oil
  12. Acure Hydrating Green Juice Cleanser
  13. Acure Brightening Cleansing Gel
  14. Acure Seriously Soothing Cleansing Cream
  15. Acure Radically Rejuvinating Cleansing Cream
  16. 100% Pure Cucumber Cloud Foaming Cleanser
  17. 100% Pure Fermented Rice Water Cleanser
  18. 100% Pure Sake Cloud Foam Cleanser
  19. Beauty by Earth Face Wash with Superfruits and Sea Kelp
  20. Beauty by Earth Foaming Face Wash
  21. Beauty by Earth Foaming Face Wash (Peppermint Tea Tree)
  22. Beauty by Earth Charcoal Face Bar
  23. Beauty by Earth Makeup Remover

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Toners Under $25

affordable and budget friendly natural facial toners

Natural and Non Toxic Toners are the second step in a skin care regimen. They offer a boost of nutrients as well as moisture to the skin. Toners can help set proper Ph balance to your skin barrier. They also dampen the skin before you add your serum, oils/moisturizer. Applying these products to damp skin allows for better absorption and makes their ingredients more effective. If you apply them to dry skin, they often sit atop the skin vs absorbing and working.

There are many different types of skin toners available and it often comes down to preference and skin type. If you want brightening, you may reach for a toner that contains Vitamin C. If you want extra hydration and dewy skin, a hyaluronic acid toner or one with sea grape caviar would help plump and hydrate. Rose hydrosols often work well for aging skin. There are toners that work well for acne prone skin like the raspberry micellar toner from cocokind. There are even toners that offer exfoliation and resurfacing if you want to renew the skin and work towards an even skin tone.

Whatever you choose, these toners below are all great options and will take your skincare up a level.

  1. Detox Mode Mineral Flora Facial Mist
  2. Province Apothecary Invigorating + Balancing Toner
  3. Three Ships Fresh Start Lime Pearl + Prickly Pear 5% PHA Resurfacing Treatment
  4. Three Ships Awake Rose Hydrosol Toner
  5. BYBI Day Glow 150ml – Brightening AHA Tonic
  6. Cocokind Rosewater Facial Toner (Soothing Multipurpose Spray)
  7. Cocokind Glow Essence with Sea Grape Caviar (Botanical Hydrating Spray)
  8. Cocokind Raspberry Micellar Toner (Oil Control Spray)
  9. Acure Brightening Vitamin C Super Fine Mist
  10. 100% Pure Puristry Flower Water Toner
  11. Beauty by Earth Hyperactive Anti-Aging Vitamin C Toner
  12. Beauty by Earth Hyaluronic Acid Face Toner
  13. Beauty by Earth Rose Water Facial Toner

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Face Serums & Oils Under $25

budget friendly and affordable natural face serum and face oil

Natural and Non Toxic Face Serums and Oils offer a dose of nutrients and targeted support based on your skin type. Think of them like vitamins for the skin. Face oils are typically heavier and used as a moisturizer, although they usually have extra nutrients added to them as well. You can often layer a face oil over a face serum. There are plenty of serums that will help target different skin conditions. Some support acne prone skin by regulating and balancing sebum production. Some help to rebalance the skin tone with ingredients like vitamin C or chlorophyl. Some work towards boosting hydration levels with ingredients like ceramide or squalane. There are also serums that help aging skin that include ingredients like bakuchiol, caffein from coffee beans, or rosehip oil.

Serums are applied after toning. Face oils and moisturizers are layered over serums. There are a good handful of nutrient dense serums and oils in this list below and considering these types of products are generally most expensive, they come at a great price as they are all under $25.

  1. BYBI Bakuchiol Booster 15ml – 1% Bakuchiol + Olive Squalane
  2. Province Apothecary Rejuvenating + Hydrating Face Serum
  3. Pai Skincare Prebiotic Inulin 4%
  4. Cocokind Chlorophyl Discoloration Serum (spots, uneven tone, redness)
  5. Cocokind Ceramide Barrier Serum (universal hydrating serum)
  6. Cocokind Postbiotic Acne Serum (daily treatment for clogged pores)
  7. Cocokind Vitamin C Glow Serum (for even tone and hydration)
  8. Cocokind Organic Chia Facial Oil
  9. Acure Brightening Vitamin C Sunset Facial Serum
  10. Acure Brightening Vitamin C & Ferulic Acid Oil Free Serum
  11. Acure The Essentials Rosehip Oil
  12. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Face Serum
  13. 100% Pure Mushroom Peptide Serum
  14. 100% Pure 10% Fruit Acids Apple Enzyme Resurfacing Serum

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Moisturizers Under $25

Natural and Non Toxic Moisturizers are a must if you want healthy & beautiful dewy skin. If you prefer a traditional moisturizer over a facial oil, then these are a great option for you. Just like facial oils, moisturizers are meant to layer over serums. I love a good rich moisturizer at night during winter months. Sometimes I will even layer a moisturizer over a facial serum and oil if I need an extra boost. The following list includes some of the most effective natural moisturizers at an incredible price point. All of them are below $25. Like the products above, they differ based on the skin type and conditions they target. Some are for aging, some for acne prone skin, some for boosting moisture, and more.

  1. Alpyn Beauty Plant Genius Melt Moisturizer
  2. BYBI C-Caf Cream 60ml – Vitamin C & Caffeine Day Cream
  3. Goop GOOPGLOW Glow Lotion
  4. Cocokind Ceramide Recovery Balm (Moisture locking balm)
  5. Cocokind Texture Smoothing Cream (lightweight moisturizer)
  6. Cocokind Resurrection Polypeptide Cream (Skin firming rich moisturizer) **$27**
  7. Acure Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream – 1.7 fl oz
  8. Acure Incredibly Clear Mattifying Moisturizer
  9. Acure Brightening Night Cream
  10. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Face Cream
  11. Beauty by Earth Oil Control Moisturizer

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Exfoliants Under $25

Budget Friendly and Affordable Natural Exfoliants

Our skin naturally sheds the outer layer over time. Sometimes this process slows and leaves you with thick, congested and dull looking skin. Natural and Non Toxic Exfoliants offer a boost to this process by removing dead skin cells and debris. You don’t need to exfoliate daily but it is a good idea to add an exfoliant to your routine once every week or so. There are two types of exfoliants: manual and chemical. Manual exfoliants use abrasion from a scrub to help remove dead skin cells and debris with physical scrubbing. These include scrubs and even tools like konjac sponges. Chemical exfoliants use solutions that sit on the skin and eat away at the dead skin cells and debris. Chemical exfoliants can be hard on sensitive skin types but are often the most effective. They use different ingredients like natural acids and enzymes.

Apply or use exfoliants after cleansing and before toning. By removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin, this allows the serums and moisturizers to penetrate the skin barrier and work more effectively.

  1. Wyld Skincare Charcoal Konjac Sponge
  2. Wyld Skincare French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge
  3. Three Ships Fresh Start Lime Pearl + Prickly Pear 5% PHA Resurfacing Treatment
  4. 100% Pure Acai Pulp Facial Scrub
  5. 100% Pure Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub
  6. Cocokind Turmeric Illuminating Solution (Gentle Exfoliation Face & Body)
  7. Acure Brightening Facial Scrub
  8. Beauty by Earth Superfruits and Calendula Face Scrub

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Face Masks Under $25

Next up are a skin care luxury, Natural and Non Toxic Face Masks. Face masks are specialized treatments that you can use every week or two to help boost the health of your skin. Having a mask at home is an economical alternative to getting a professional facial. Many of us cant afford to add facial treatments at a spa to our skincare regimen. The next best thing is investing in a face mask at home. Face masks are often quite pricy but I have found a handful of incredible natural options for under $25.

There are single use face masks like sheets that you throw out after one use. There are also face masks that you buy in a jar that have many applications. There are also face masks in this list that act as an exfoliant and could take the place of a scrub above (Pumpkin enzyme smoothing mask and AHA exfoliating mask).

  1. 100% Pure Caffeine Mask (Single)
  2. 100% Pure Green Tea Water Bomb Mask (Single)
  3. 100% Pure Ginseng Collagen Boost Mask (Single)
  4. 100% Pure Does it all Sheet Mask
  5. 100% Pure Deep Hydration Sheet Mask
  6. 100% Pure Anti-Acne Sheet Mask
  7. 100% Pure Wrinkle Smooth Sheet Mask
  8. 100% Pure Collagen Boost Sheet Mask
  9. 100% Pure Vitamin C Mask
  10. 100% Pure Matcha Oat Milk Nourishing Mask
  11. 100% Pure Tea Tree Deep Detox Mask
  12. 100% Pure Pumpkin Enzyme Smoothing Mask
  13. Cocokind Sea Kale Clay Mask (decongest and oil control)
  14. Acure Revived Radiance Overnight Mask
  15. Acure Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Jelly Mask
  16. Three Ships Superfruit Lactic + Multifruit 8% AHA Exfoliating Mask **$28**

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Targeted Skin Treatments Under $25

Some of us have skin types that require a bit of extra support, that’s where a Natural and Non Toxic Targeted Skin Treatment comes in. This may come in the form of acne where a blemish spot treatment or pimple patch is helpful for active pimples. You may also require a little help in resurfacing if you want to age more gracefully. In this case, a retinol may be a good choice. Whatever your need, these treatments are all effective and priced well at under $25.

  1. Osmia Spotless Blemish Oil
  2. Indie Lee Banish Stick
  3. Indie Lee Banish Solution
  4. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Surface
  5. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Nose
  6. Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible
  7. Cocokind My Matcha All Over Moisture Stick (dry spot treatment)
  8. Cocokind Turmeric Tonic (Invisible spot treatment)
  9. Cocokind Turmeric Mask Stick (Clarifying Spot Treatment)
  10. Cocokind Begginer Retinol Gel 0.1% (Youthful Skin Treatment) **$27**
  11. 100% Pure Tea Tree Concentrate Spot Serum

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Eye Creams & Masks Under $25

Natural and Non Toxic Eye Creams and Masks are a great way to support aging skin beneath the eyes. We often like to target the under eye area because it is the thinnest part of the skin. It is easily compromised and is often where we see first signs of aging. By adding an eye cream or eye mask, you can hydrate and protect the under eye area from the elements. This can reduce under eye lines and wrinkles as well as dark spots. Here are some budget friendly natural eye treatments below.

  1. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream (8ml.)
  2. 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask (Single)
  3. Three Ships Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Mask (Single)
  4. BYBI Bright Eyed 15ml – Illuminating Eye Cream
  5. Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream (depuff and brighten)
  6. Acure Resilience Eye Cream with Encapsulated Retinol
  7. Acure Radically Rejuvenating Eye Cream (coQ10)
  8. Beauty by Earth Coffee Bean Eye Cream

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Lip Products Under $25

Natural and Non Toxic Lip Products can be for fun and color or to add hydration and protection from the elements like sun burn or cold. Included below are some of my favorite budget friendly natural lip products. I’ve listed some lip balms, lip glosses, lip scrubs, lip masks and lip sunscreens below. As a family we often have a collection of lip balms and lip SPF hanging around the house for everyone to use. I even pop a lip balm into my kids lunch boxes for the day. I also love a good lip gloss, scrub and mask for myself to keep my lips smooth, plump and shiny. Here are some of my favorite options below.

  1. Osmia Lip Doctor
  2. ILIA Lip Wrap Reviving Balm
  3. ILIA Lip Wrap Overnight Treatment **$26**
  4. True Botanicals Moisture Lock Glossy Balm
  5. Herbivore Dream Jelly Strawberry Lip Balm
  6. Hurraw Sun Protection Lip Balm – SPF 15
  7. Hurraw Moon Lip Treatment Balm
  8. Hurraw Lip Balm (Variety of Flavors)
  9. Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm V2
  10. Kadylys Banana Lip Balm Tube
  11. Three Ships Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask
  12. Three Ships Vanilla Lip Exfoliator
  13. Sahajan Lip Karma Vanilla
  14. Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter
  15. Erbaviva Organic Lip and Cheek Balm
  16. Kari Gran Naked Lip Whip
  17. Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip
  18. 100% Pure Lysine & Herbs Lip Balm
  19. Beauty by Earth Organic Berry Lip Scrub
  20. Beauty by Earth Organic Mint Lip Scrub
  21. Beauty by Earth Organic Vanilla Lip Scrub
  22. Beauty by Earth Organic Unflavored Lip Balm
  23. Beauty by Earth Organic Peppermint Lip Balm
  24. Beauty by Earth Organic Superfruit Lip Balm

Affordable and Natural Skincare: Sunscreens & After Care Under $25

Lastly, I’ve included budget friendly, Natural and Non Toxic Sunscreens. There are regular full body sunscreens, facial sunscreens, lip sunscreens, and even tinter moisturizers with SPF in them below. These sunscreens are all mineral based which means they use natural minerals to block out overexposure to the sun when needed. I don’t reach for chemical sunscreens as they block the sun by using toxic chemicals that create a reaction while you wear them on your skin to block the sunlight. Chemical sunscreens are linked to many health concerns and conditions including cancer.

I have also included some after sun care like skin sprays and aloe vera gels which can help with healing burns if they occur.

  1. Babo Botanicals Tinted Face Sunscren Stick SPF 50
  2. Babo Botanicals SPF 30 Clear Zinc, Fragrance Free Sunscreen Lotion
  3. Babo Botanicals SPF 30 Sheer Zinc Continuous Spray Sunscreen
  4. Babo Botanicals SPF 50 Daily Sheer Fluid Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
  5. Kosas DreamBeam Comfy Smooth Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 (Mini)
  6. Babo Botanicals After Sun Soothing Hydrating Aloe Gel
  7. Babo Botanicals After Sun Aloe Vera & Cucumber Soothing Mist
  8. Hurraw Sun Protection Lip Balm SPF 15
  9. Babo Botanicals SPF 50 Super Shield Sport Stick
  10. Solara Pout Protector Moisturizing Lip Serum SPF 15
  11. Solara Clean Freak Nutrient Boosted Daily Unscented Sunscreen **$28**
  12. LASPA Naturals SPF 50 Ultra Sun Protection Stick
  13. Babo Botanicals Super Shield Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50
  14. Cocokind Daily SPF 32 (Daily Mineral Sunscreen)
  15. Cocokind Tinted Lip Shield (lip oil with SPF 24)
  16. Acure Radically Rejuvinating Face Cream SPF 30
  17. Beauty by Earth Sunscreen Spray SPF30
  18. Beauty by Earth Mineral Body Sunscreen SPF25
  19. Beauty by Earth Facial Sunscreen SPF20
  20. Beauty by Earth Tinted Facial Sunscreen -Light Beige
  21. Beauty by Earth Tinted Facial Sunscreen – Toffee
  22. Beauty by Earth Tinted Facial Sunscreen – Medium Beige
  23. Beauty by Earth Aloe Vera Gel
  24. Beauty by Earth After Sun Cooling Spray

My hope is that this list offers options that are accessible and affordable for all. Making the switch to natural beauty products is such an important step to overall wellness as our countries regulations don’t protect us from harmful substances being added to conventional products. In addition to this article on natural skincare, I have written posts on a variety of additional beauty product categories. If you’re looking for Natural and Non toxic Hair Products you can head over to my blog post HERE. If you are looking for Natural and Non Toxic Sunless Tanners you can read all about my favorite self tanning options HERE.


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