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Baby & Eve for Baby bums! (How to effectively eliminate diaper rash the natural way)

February 20, 2016

Time to talk about one of my favourite go-to’s when my little one has a diaper rash. I was lucky in the sense that my baby didn’t get a diaper rash till she was started on solid food. Now that her own body is trying to process the acidity in some fruits and vegetables, it generally results in a red little bum. I had been using Baby & Eve all along for diaper changes and loved it. It kept her skin moisturized and I never had any issues! But I only realized the amazing benefits of their ingredients when these diaper rashes began. This realization made my mother nature loving heart glow, I love when products exceed my expectations!

When I first saw the redness, I will admit I became nervous that I would have to use a medicated cream off the drug store shelves. I hated that this thought crossed my mind since I know all of the toxins sitting in those tubes of cream. I also wondered why my mind went directly to that thought when I have spent countless hours researching and finding the best products for my little bug. But, I wanted to demonstrate that even a well-read nature enthusiast can sometimes waiver and debate what the best is for their child. It’s hard to switch over to a natural lifestyle in a world filled with commercials and ads filling our heads about the products we want to avoid. Fortunately, I always seem to give the natural world the benefit of the doubt and I always seem to be pleasantly surprised at how well these products work. I can’t tell you why I react with surprise after a decade of using natural products. Maybe we’ll call it astonishment of mother nature! I suppose at the end of the day it came down to my established relationship with natural products but I also didn’t want to use a chemical filled cream on her.

I wanted to make sure that what I was using on Delilah was full of ingredients that were natural but effective. Nobody wants to see their baby sore. So I purchase the ‘Special Bum Balm‘ from Baby & Eve. I had been using their ‘Daily Bum Balm‘ all along but due to the rashes I needed something a little stronger. Baby & Eve makes a good point on their website “Why you would use the same cream when your baby’s skin changes?” This is why they developed a cream for regular use and one for healing use. The Special Bum Balm is a similar base to the Daily Bum Balm but it adds some extra healing ingredients that will help sooth and eliminate diaper rashes. It brings in the added benefits of ingredients like Calendula, St. John’s wort and Tea tree oil. It is specially designed to ensure baby’s skin receives a proper barrier from additional diaper wettings, moisturizing to alleviate dryness and chapping, and of course heals the irritation as it sits on baby’s skin. When I used this balm, I was so happy with how quickly and effectively it worked on Delilah’s skin. By the next morning, I usually saw little to no redness. She was happy, Her Dad and I were happy. It was an all around easy and painless (literally) experience. I didn’t have to go out and try countless other products at this point because Baby & Eve’s balm delivered on the very first try!

I will never switch bum balms after seeing how amazing this product was for my girl’s skin. I still go back to the daily bum balm option for days when her skin isn’t irritated. Too much of a good thing might not be the answer. There are still healing ingredients in their Daily Bum Balm and then I can feel like I’m “bringing out the big guns” when I start to see the first signs of a rash. This combo really works well together! Not to mention:

They do not use water in any of their products! Water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and can also dilute the positive effects of a product. When you’re using Baby & Eve, you’re using a high grade, undiluted, effective product. I love a company that doesn’t “fill” for profit!
The oils in their products are extracted using a cold-pressed method which ensures they don’t “cook” the benefits out of your product using heat. This keeps all of those healing ingredients at their top level of effectiveness!
No chemical preservatives are added, and there are zero toxins in all of their products!
Their packaging is a dark amber colour to keep the product safe from UV exposure. Like a sunscreen for creams!
They’re Cruelty free!
They’re certified Organic!
They’re Canadian!

Oh, and did I mention that this skin care line also develops products for pregnancy and postpartum? Yes, they take care of us Mama’s too! One product for stretch marks and one for dark circles under the eyes from sleepless nights. I am eager to try both and will keep you updated on their success! I have nothing but good expectations for what these products will do and am especially exited to try the ‘Mummy Tummy’ balm when we decide it’s time for baby number 2. One of it’s main ingredients is Immortelle Oil, something I’m just beginning to research since being introduced to it by their brand!

Take a look at their website to read more about these amazing products and shop for them at

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