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Organic First Aid Kit for on the Go (What’s in my Purse)

August 1, 2020

Over the years, I have managed to find some of the best quality on the go first aid items to keep in my purse. When you’re out and about with Children its quite often you might find yourself in need of an item for a bruise or a cut. If you don’t have it, then there’s the inconvenient rush to the nearest pharmacy to purchase an option you wouldn’t necessarily opt for. I don’t like being in a pinch when it comes to this scenario and I’m not always going to be near a health food store that can supply me with the options I have vetted over the years, so I have created a little pouch of natural health supports for every scenario I could think of. I continue to add as I go but being over 5 years into Motherhood, I’ve pretty much nailed down most of the necessities. These options aren’t just for kids, you can carry these around for yourself and to have on hand to offer to others if they are in need.

* This post includes some affiliate links. This means that any product purchased from my links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love.. these commissions help to cover Bloom + Clementine’s fees so that this website can stay alive and I can continue sharing my green beauty passion with you all. Thank you for supporting my little green space on the internet. *

So here’s my list of the most tried and true supports that I keep in my purse while we’re on the go.

First, I want to mention that I gave up the traditional diaper bag years ago when I was tired of the pain it caused my shoulder. I opted for a large tote bag from Old Navy and customized it with a felt divider to keep my Kids Necessities organized. I highly recommend this option as it’s been a game changer for me. It also is a better option to transition from the baby/toddler phase into the fast growing child phase.

I’ve linked the divider I use in my Amazon store under “organic first aid kit” HERE.

Thieves Natural Hand Sanitizer

I choose to avoid chemical laden hand sanitizers. While I would advocate for hand washing over sanitizers, it’s not always feasible when you’re on the go. Thieves Sanitizer is as effective as others as it contains alcohol but does not contain the toxic additives others do.

It’s approved by Health Canada as an effective hand sanitizer which makes it a great option over conventional sanitizers.

I’ve used the Thieves Line personally for years. They carry a range of natural essential oil infused products ranging from household cleaning to personal use products like hand sanitizers and natural toothpaste (my #1 choice of natural toothpaste). It’s my favourite natural cleaning line that smells like mulled spices of cinnamon and clove mixed with sweet citrus fruits. This is a cleaning line exclusively made by YL and is formulated with therapeutic grade essential oils to help combat germs, microbes, and any contaminants on surfaces at home.

Thieves Sanitizing Spray (for hard surfaces/grocery carts etc.)

This natural spray is a sanitizer for hard surfaces. It’s effective in cleaning and sanitizing surfaces while you are out and about. I’ve often needed something like this in my purse and found the perfect natural option in Thieves. * Remember: baby wipes are not sanitizing. *

I use it to wipe down shopping cart handles as they are one of the most contaminated public surfaces.

Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray (washing produce on the go)

This is a natural spray that will clean off produce on the go. If my kids want a banana or apple that haven’t been washed yet, I’ll use this spray before allowing them to eat.

A wholesale membership to Young Living is FREE! You get 24% off all therapeutic grade oils, the thieves line and other products (no monthly requirements, there is an OPTIONAL subscription box which I love but it’s NOT a requirement).

To get a free wholesale account (24% off essential oils), head to my website here:

DIY Natural Bug Spray

I have always opted to make my own bug spray. Many natural options don’t necessary work for us and it’s partly due to the fact that they over dilute the active essential oils needed to deter our insect friends. Here’s my recipe.

In a glass spray bottle combine the following:

-5 drops of bergamot oil

-5 drops of citronella oil

-5 drops of lemongrass oil

-5 drops of peppermint oil

-5 drops of lavender oil

-fill bottle 1/3 of the way with witch hazel

-top the rest of the bottle up with filtered water

Each of these oils have been shown to deter bugs. Citronella deters mosquitoes and flying bugs in general. Adding bergamot into the mix will help deter ticks. Lavender contains a scent that is pleasant to humans but grotesque to our insect friends.

I use this blend on my entire family and even spritz over patio furniture to keep bugs away from the areas we gather around. It is incredibly cost effective as you can make countless bottles from these essential oils.

You can also take this blend and diffuse it outside with a portable diffuser to ensure pesky bugs don’t come near. Simply reduce the amounts to 2 drops each and top the diffuser with water. Not only is it effective but it smells dreamy.

Arnica (Homeopathic remedy for bumps, bruises and pain)

Arnica is a homeopathic remedy used for pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising. I use this at first sign of any bruising or directly after a bump to the head occurs. It will help minimize pain.

Camilla Teething Remedy (Homeopathic Blend)

This is a teething blend made by Boiron. It is a little capsule that you squirt into baby’s mouth when teething occurs. Generally within 10 minutes pain, discomfort and irritability melt away.

Both of these homeopathic options by Boiron can be found in my Amazon store under “Organic First Aid Kit” HERE.

Peppermint EO (Headache, Neck/Muscle Tension Support)

I have been prone to headaches for as long as I can remember. Peppermint oil is the most amazing support for head tension. Just apply to temple, neck, anywhere you feel pain and the cooling effect will help alleviate any discomfort. I add a roller fitment to this oil to keep application mess free while on the go.

Copaiba EO (Teething/Toothache/Generalized pain support)

this is one of my favourite oils to keep on hand. It is a driver for other oils which means it helps increase their effectiveness when blended together. It’s also an amazing support for when pain and inflammation strike. My favourite use is for teething pain, just roll along the jaw and it will help support your teething babe.

Lavender EO (Sleep & Calming Support, Apply to Burns, wounds, Bug bites)

The queen of oils. I bring this with me for calming/sleep support or if someone experiences a bug bite/scrape. It’s the perfect oil to support any owie on the go.

Peace & Calming EO (Child & Adult Calming and Toddler Tantrum Taming)

touted as the “tantrum tamer”, this oil is a must for Mamas with little ones who are learning to manage new and big emotions. This oil is a calming support for adults too!

Valor EO (Adult Stress and Overwhelm Support)

As a Mother who experiences postpartum anxiety and my fair share of overwhelm, Valor is a must. It is nicknamed the “courage” oil and is a master at supporting intense feelings and moments of stress.

Digize EO Roller (Tummy Support, Good support for Motion sickness)

This oil is the master of tummy support. It will support Indigestion or tummy pain by rolling in half moon motions below the belly button. I also give this to my daughter in the car when she experiences motion sickness as the finger and peppermint in this blend help support that woozy feeling. I make a roller out of this oil by mixing it with fractionated coconut oil, but you can also pop a roller fitment onto the oil itself.

How to get therapeutic grade oils for 24% off:

I’ve used Young Living Oils personally for years. They are the the best sourced therapeutic grade oils grown on their own chemical free farms worldwide. They have a wide range of oils available to choose from and kits that include many of the most coveted oils for daily use (my personal favourite is the premium starter kit which is $199 for a kit valued at over $550). If you’re looking to grab some oils for your home and organic on the go kit, their wholesale membership is FREE! You get 24% off all therapeutic grade oils and products (no monthly requirements, that’s an OPTIONAL subscription box).

To get a free wholesale account (24% off essential oils), head to my website here:

Patch Bamboo Bandaids

If sustainability is your thing, these are the bandaids for you! They are made with bamboo and not plastic making them an earth loving choice. I personally love them because they bend with you easier and are super soft. They come in regular as well as options infused with natural supports for a variety of ailments: activated charcoal for big bites or stings, aloe Vera for burns or blisters, and coconut oil for rapid healing of cuts and abrasions.

You can find PATCH Bamboo Bandaids on the organic shop ‘The Choosy Chick’ HERE.

Patch Bamboo Bandaids can be found on my Amazon Store HERE under the category “Organic First Aid Kit”.

Hydrogen Peroxide (Clean open wounds and abrasions on the go)

I carry around peroxide incase anyone gets an open wound/cut while we’re out. This is bound to happen at a park where it’s hard to find a place to wash out a cut before applying a bandage. I put peroxide in a spray bottle for easy application to the wound (no fiddling around with opening a bottle and finding a cloth to apply).

I use a good grade version of peroxide from Essential Oxygen that can be found on my Amazon Store under the category “organic first aid kit”. Head to my storefront HERE.

Leefy Organics (Pain & Inflammation Remedy)

I’ve talked a lot about this product on my blog. It’s an organic full spectrum turmeric and black pepper tincture that eases inflammation. I use it internally for things like headache or any sort of inflammatory pain. Think of this as an alternative to popping Advil and you can use it to alleviate any ailment that would call for that. Take this during your cycle if you experience cramping.

You can purchase these tinctures in single bottles as well as discounted bundles. Discount Code “THV15” will save you 15% at check out on all Leefy Prana Tinctures HERE.

Seattle Elderberry To Go (Immune System Support)

I carry around this organic full spectrum concentrated elderberry tincture. It’s a good option for when you’re out and about. Its not possible to carry around a bottle of sticky syrup in your purse, and this option is shelf stable! If you start to notice any symptoms of cold or flu, start taking this immediately. I also take this preventatively during the cooler months.

Seattle Elderberry carries a wide range of elderberry products including DIY kits to make your own syrup as well as bottled syrups. I personally love the concentrated to go tincture that is mess free, full spectrum and organic.. my entire family takes it! You can shop all of their elderberry products on their website HERE.

Holly from Seattle Elderberry has also provided a 15% off discount code for Seattle Elderberry’s Website. Use code “THV15” at checkout.

Fat Soluble Vitamin A Drops

This is an incredibly concentrated form of fat soluble (better absorption) Vitamin A. Seeking Health is a line of vitamins and supplements formulated by one of my favourite Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Ben Lynch. We take this as a supplement every so often to boost our immune system during “cold and flu” season. The reason I carry it on the go is it will kill a sore throat on the spot. Simply drop into your mouth and hold it for 20 seconds before swallowing as soon as you feel a sore throat coming on. It’s pure magic.

One bottle which contains 600 drops costs $17.95. You can find these Optimal Vitamin A Drops HERE.

How to build your own Organic First-Aid Kit

1. Pick a purse and an organization system

I opt for a tote bag with a felt insert for organizing. I also have a pouch for things like oils in glass bottles to keep them organized and from breaking against each other.

2. Sign up for a free wholesale account to get essential oils at 24% off

This is a FREE discount membership for my favourite oils at Young Living for top quality therapeutic grade oils. It’s basically a “Costco membership” to oils that you don’t pay for annually and you can now shop their natural sanitizing products and oils at 24% off.

Head to my Young Living website time check out my lists of favourite oils and products from YL, as well as access to their free wholesale membership:

3. Check out my favourite on the go supplements and items from this post to pick and choose what might work for you.

bring the discount codes listed with you to save money. All discount codes are linked within the blog posts. Many of these companies are small business owned and ones I’ve used and supported for years. All natural and sustainable options.

Add your own favourites and must haves.

4. Grab some glass rollers or roller fitments to make your own blends/ mess free application

Pop rollers on essential oil bottles to ensure easy on the go application. Do the same for bug spray and hydrogen peroxide with amber spray bottles (I use the 4oz size).

I’ve linked some of my favourite options under “essential oils accessories” in my Amazon Store front HERE.


Putting together an on the go kit has been a game changer as a parent. No more running to the nearest pharmacy and spending money on things that will sit dormant in my medicine cabinet for years because it’s not my first pick. All of the options laid out in this post are items that I’ve come to love over the years and opt for over others.

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