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Blue Brontide: the most adorable eco friendly and organic baby dish sets and accessories

March 31, 2016

I was perusing my instagram account one day when I stumbled upon this adorable little shop, Blue Brontide. Their wooden plate sets and softly coloured baby accessories were of a quality I just had to admire. I have been looking all over for a plate set that fit my standards and unfortunately, there aren’t many out there that don’t include plastic in some way or another. I don’t have a completely plastic free home, but I try as much as I can to replace it when possible and especially for items we eat from.

I suppose I developed my opposition to it when I learned about the effects of extreme temperatures on plastic, causing leakages of dioxins into your food and water. You are basically consuming toxic melt from your dish and glass ware. I’ve personally noticed the taste of plastic when drinking from a water bottle that hasn’t even touched temperature change so I’m sure it can happen anytime. Steve knows how opposed I am to this health hazard, as I will scold at any sight of water bottles left in our cars for the hot or cold weather to get ahold of. Steve really should be awarded a medal for the amount of green rules he’s calmly digested over the years.

Plastic can be a hazard even without the exposure to extreme temperatures, so when I found a company that used only organic natural wood, I was intrigued. Blue Brontide creates all of their products from eco-friendly materials that are organic and safe for little ones. They ensure that all of their fabrics are gender neutral which makes them perfect to pass down to little brothers and sisters. Their wooden sets are hand made so each piece has its own subtle differences and signature from the tree they came from. They carry a range of different dish ware including snack or appetizer plates, dinner sets, and cutlery. They’re all adorned with varying designs of animals and flowers which make them the most darling baby products I have ever seen! As you can tell, I am quite excited about them.

This company goes above and beyond by offering eco-friendly and sustainable ways of packaging and shipping their products. Blue brontide should be awarded for their recycled and earth friendly devotion to this practice. It just goes to show how committed to they are to their word on being mother earth friendly. I especially loved the message displayed on the box I received in the mail that says “we pack green, cause we think everyone deserves a tree to climb”. They achieve this by using the lowest grade of post consumer waste which is fancy wording for the greenest paper you can possibly find! Any bags used are also biodegradable, breaking down into C02 and H2O! Two thumbs up, Blue Brontide!

When I received my bunny dish set in the mail I realized I was days away from easter and could add this to Delilah’s basket. The difficult part was keeping it a secret. Even though my baby is only 9 months old, she adores bunny rabbits and I couldn’t wait to see the little smile emerge when she saw it! Luckily, I was able to contain my excitement by sharing on Bloom and Clementines instagram just to get it out of my system. On Easter morning as I expected, big baby smiles! Delilah loves her new dish set and I’m sure it will add a little brightness at dinner time.

Please have a look at all of Blue Brontide’s amazing products for baby at Blue Brontide offers shipping worldwide on all of their products listed.

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