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Holistic Mama Series: Baby Must Haves Part One

April 30, 2019

We’ve been busy! Two kids is double the work, double the tiredness and double the love. The one thing I’ve noticed is that the second child gets the calmer version of Mama.. after the birth of a first baby, Mothers are filled with anxieties over sleep, feeding, simply adjusting to being a mother and your whole world changing overnight.. This time is different, it’s familiar and although each baby is very different, I am already 4 years into motherhood and sleep deprivation.. not much phases me. I’ve figured out some things, albeit I am still no expert. One major difference between my methods from baby 1 to baby 2 is: you don’t need much “stuff”. All the big things you ask for on a registry, baby might not like or ever use.. they have a way of protesting the most expensive gadgets that you thought would be your saving grace. So I’ve compiled a list of my “baby must haves” this time around. They are all holistically minded and adopt the attachment parenting style. The best part about putting together this list after baby number two is that I have had years of vetting different products and brands with my first.. these are the products that work best for us and our family, so, I figured I would share my favourites.

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  • You’re going to have visitors, and if you’re anything like me, you will have anxiety over germs (particularly during cold and flu season). I am all for building natural immunity by exposure and playing in the dirt when babies get a little bit older, but there are many common viruses that seem little to us that could put a brand new babe into hospital. My first ended up in the hospital at 6 weeks because a common cold virus was affecting her breathing. I ask visitors to wash their hands or sanitize them before holding baby. I also carried around my  OLIKA Natural Hand Sanitizer in my purse and started scattering a few around the house. This is the cleanest hand sanitizer I’ve found and they come in many shapes and sizes. You can purchase them in bulk which is perfect!


Docking Stations

  • When you want to get things done (or if you have other children already who need you too) you’re gonna need a place to put baby down sometimes. I use my bed, the bassinet, a swing, but sometimes babies need a little extra comfort to settle when they’re not in mamas arms. I purchased the Snuggle me organic sensory lounger this time around. It creates a “hug” around baby when they lie inside as the pillow gives a gentle squeeze from babies weight in the middle. I wasn’t convinced this thing worked at first but my baby started to enjoy it when he was around 6-8 weeks. This is likely because he was too small at first and the sides didn’t hug inwards yet. Now that he’s a bit bigger he loves to lounge in it.

  • Both my babies refused a bassinet at night and we have co slept with both. I am always hesitant to co sleep those first few weeks as they seem so tiny to me. I found this Co sleep bassinet that you can lay between you and your partner in bed so baby feels close to you. You also don’t have to get out of bed to go get them when they fuss. I now use it around the house during the day as another place to put him down if I need to get things done. Since it’s sturdy, I can set it on a counter in my kitchen as I prepare dinner on the other.


  • You will need many burp blankets and swaddles. I always carry around one flannel blanket for burping after feeds and one muslin blanket for babies comfort. I really love these Lulujo muslin swaddle blankets as well as the Aden and Anais muslin swaddles. I used them with both babies and the more you wash them the softer they get. They turn into buttery soft blankets and this fabric is a great choice for summer since muslin breathes. It also is a larger blanket so can fold and be layered over baby during the colder months.

Feeding + Pumping

  • I exclusively breastfeed my babies and neither really took to a bottle feed, but, I always keep a store of frozen breast milk in my freezer just in case I needed it. I used the Medela Swing Breast Pump with my first and highly recommend it as a good choice for an electric pump but I have found the holy grail of breast pumps this time around. It’s less fuss as you don’t have to charge it, worry about cleaning and sterilizing little pieces, etc. The Hakaa breast pump is a one piece silicone manual pump that you can attach to your second breast while feeding your baby to catch let down. After I’m done, I pour the milk into a freezer bag and wash the hakaa with hot water and unscented castile soap. That’s it! It’s so easy to use and I haven’t brought out my electric pump once since having my second. It is also around 20$ versus anywhere from 150$-450$ for an electric. So easy, so convenient and so cost effective!

* Tip: If you have extended health care benefits through work, look into coverage for a breast pump. I was able to obtain up to $300 to cover my own with a doctors note. 

  • If you’re looking for baby bottles made of glass, I chose Life Factory glass bottles and have had them since my first. They are made of treated glass so they don’t break if dropped and have silicone covering for better grip.

Baby Wearing

  • one of my very favourite must haves, a baby wrap/sling/carrier of some sort. Wearing your baby has so many benefits and will help you get things fine during the day or take care of your other children. Having your hands free and your baby close to your heart at the same time is perfection. I use a baby wrap, the boba baby carrier and a ring sling. I use them for different reasons, the baby wrap around the house, carrier when I’m out and about doing things and a wrap if I’m out socializing and need them close but don’t want to use the back pack style strapped carrier. If you have a winter baby, you can find these carrier friendly hoodies that keep you and baby warm inside as you wear them, Genius!


Baby Clothing

  • Many people will buy you baby clothes for the first few months, but generally by 6 months to a year (or so) you are into the cycle that is purchasing entire wardrobes for children every season. Babies and kids grow FAST! And clothing is expensive, not to mention so many wardrobes per year creates more impact on our environment. If you have someone who will pass down baby or toddler clothes to you, that is the best gift they can give you. Those clothes have been worn and loved.. they hold memories and the mother passing them down will have emotional attachment to them so APPRECIATE THIS GIFT! This is also the next best option to buying organic clothing.. organic is obviously the best option in terms of health but I will be the first to tell you that organic clothing is very expensive.. it’s unfortunate, and I have yet to find an organic clothing company for children that is truly reasonably priced besides end of season sales. But when you have hand me downs, the laundering of these clothes has reduced any chemicals, pesticides or fire retardants that are found in conventional clothing today. So.. if you have the option of receiving hand me downs, do it! Good for baby, for the environment, for your wallet.

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