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Why you should Swap Out your Toxic Beauty Products

February 1, 2016


Over the years I’ve become passionate about healthy living and in particular natural products that help heal instead of harm. This lifestyle change came from years of battling an eating disorder and in turn healing through natural health care. The first healing step for me was using food as my medicine and learning what each food did for my body. That transformed into a love for researching and experimenting with the healthiest of products to trade in for the ones I was currently using. After much research, I started to realize how much our everyday items were actually harming us.

In addition to this, I also grew up with a Ukrainian Grandmother. This came along with the view that foods and the earth can provide everything we need. Both my Grandmother and my Mother used lemons, baking soda, and vinegar to clean their houses. Which is something thats certainly rubbed off on me. I can remember my Grandmother saying things like “eat your carrots and you’ll have healthy eyes” or “eat the crust on your bread and you’ll have curly hair”. I have to believe this since I was gifted with curly locks when I turned 13! Most likely it was hormones, BUT my upbringing and the shifts in my life have lead me to use food, plants, and anything from the earth in everything that I do.

Of course our busy world with all of its marketing glory caught me in a mess of products that were heavily filled with chemicals and additives. So, since my late teenage years  I’ve slowly began replacing my everyday products with less harmful and more HEALING items. This is no easy task. We all have our favourite products, whether they’re household cleaners, cosmetics, or even appliances. To make it harder on us when replacing these products there are companies out there putting words such as “natural” or “botanical” on their products. Clever marketing scheme, but unfortunately they’re getting away with loopholes here and you aren’t really getting what you hoped for. Which leads me to my goal with this blog, to continue to send you all weekly tips and products that I’ve found to be amazing and even BETTER than the ones I admittedly used before.

Chemicals are in everything these days, and they’re added for a few reasons:

Cost effectiveness/Convenience: The cheaper the ingredients, the more revenue generated for the companies that are selling you their products. This is a business move, but it is harming our health.

Fillers: Did you know that many companies add unnecessary chemicals or water to your products? While water doesn’t sound scary to most, it does in fact dry out and irritate your skin. It also means you’re paying for something to dilute your products. This brings me back to # 2. Cheap fillers are a fantastic business move but once again, dangerous!

They serve a purpose that we don’t realize is harmful to us: just like that creamy lather we all love in our soaps and shampoos.

They make the product look more appealing: This is especially true in the case of colouring the products. Dangerous dyes are found in everything these days, even in FOODS! What’s even more shocking? They’re highly used in childrens snacks! Maybe that bright coloured snack is more appealing to the little one in your life, but is it worth it? These dyes are known to cause many issues such as ADD/ADHD, allergies, skin issues, irritability, sleep disturbances, to name a few!

Toxic ingredients in everyday  beauty and household items have been proven to cause hormonal disruption, infertility, illness, allergies, and fatal diseases such as cancer.

It has literally taken me YEARS to replace these things in my lifestyle. I am so glad I did but it took some dedication, mindfulness towards my goal of health, and A LOT of trial & error. This is why I began ‘Bloom & Clementine’ to make it an easier transition for anyone who would like to begin the process of swapping out conventional products for the healthiest and most healing products available. I wanted to share my favourite natural finds and what I use day to day that replace all of the old products I used years ago. I also wanted to bring awareness to some of the things that are causing unwanted health issues anywhere from allergies all the way to incurable disease.

Follow me to learn about the best healthy alternatives without compromising on quality.

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