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A day at the Spa: The Benefits I received from Hydrotherapy & Organic vegan food

May 5, 2017

Since becoming a Mom, I can’t remember my life before having my beautiful girl. Quite honestly, I don’t want to. It feels like she’s been with me forever and that she was meant to choose me as her Mama. I am completely consumed by Motherhood in the best way possible and devote all my energy towards my tiny human. That being said, when a Mother falls deeply in love with her children, it is very easy to forget that you yourself exist or have needs. There are times when I feel the exhaustion and never-ending cycle that is caregiving, but to be honest, I rarely crave time away from my little one. I find it overwhelming to plan time away for myself, but I know in my head that I do need the reset button every so often and that Delilah will grow by spending quality time with her Dad and Grandparents when I’m not around. So.. I force it.


Once I’m away, I always experience a “transition period” where I still have my head on a swivel looking out for danger. My arms feel like jello when they realize the physical demand of picking up a toddler isn’t required and I can feel my heart beat in my chest as I run through whether or not I prepared everything properly for her day away. To anyone who isn’t a Mother, this all might seem strange, but once you are handed that little one on the day they are born, you cannot deny the fact that your heart now lives outside of your body and your natural instincts are to protect and love (and love harder than you could ever imagine). Spending time away from her feels so unnatural but once the transition period subsides, I start to notice little pieces of myself grow back. They are not the same, they are forever altered by the title of “Mother”, but the feeling always reminds me that I am hiding in there somewhere and just need a bit of growth every once in a while so I don’t become completely forgotten.


So, early April I decided I was going to use up a gift card that had been hiding in my closet since I was pregnant with Delilah. This gift card was to one of my favourite spas and Steve had bought this for me on the Mother’s day that I was still pregnant (Yes, I held onto a spa gift certificate for almost two years). I planned this day with my own Mother who gladly travelled with me to this oasis for swedish massages and some hydrotherapy at one of Canada’s best, the Scandinave Spa at the foot of the ski mountains. Canada has some beautiful scenery and something about mountains feels ‘oh so Canadian’. There are spas in three locations across Canada (specifically at the feet of some gorgeous hills) and they are a little unique to any other spa I’ve ever been to. Once we arrived we got ready to have our Swedish massages. This was very welcomed by my sore back muscles (no, sore everything muscles) from.. never. sitting. down. while chasing a toddler during the day.


  Following every massage, Scandinave Spa offers therapeutic baths outside in complete silence/no loud talking permitted (they run all year but jumping from one hot bath to the other isn’t so bad in the snow, I’ve done it). Now not EVERYTHING is supposed to be uber relaxing at this space, because the true therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy require you to go from cold temperatures to warm.. back and forth.. Scandinave has nordic pools to save this purpose and although many opt to just stay in the warmth, the true benefits come from this practice and I make sure I force myself to take the cold plunge overtime I go.   Benefits of Hydrotherapy include:

  • skin issues (ie. acne, psoriasis)
  • sore joints or muscles (ie. arthritis)
  • boosting immunity to annual illnesses and virus (ie. colds and flus)
  • mental health conditions (ie. anxiety, depression)
  • headaches and migraines
  • digestive issues
  • nerve issues
  • sleep disorders (aids the brain in balancing circadian rhythm)
  • worry and stress
  • detoxification
  • relaxing tightened muscles
  • stimulating blood supply to major organs thus improving their function
  • increase metabolic rate

Im sure the list could go on. The practice of alternating between warm temperatures which relax the body and loosen stiffness, to colder temperature which encourage more efficient blood flow through your body can really make an impact in your state of health. If you aren’t around a spa such as Scandinave to enjoy these benefits you can still practice hydrotherapy at home. Alternating shower temperatures from cold to warm will provide you with the exact same effects and is a perfect way to energize yourself in the morning before starting your day. This is a practice that I’ve been using for years now and is especially helpful in the winter when I’m trying to improve my immune system to fight off viruses. Speaking of viruses, Scandinave also offers a steam room filled with natural eucalyptus. Stepping into this steam room can be heavy on the lungs at first but the benefits you will recieve to your respiratory system are nothing short of amazing. Not only will it help dramatically with breathing quality but eucalyptus has a plethora of benefits in itself.   Benefits of Eucalyptus include and are not limited to:

  • antiseptic
  • antispasmodic
  • antiviral
  • antibacterial
  • astringent
  • decongestant
  • deodorant
  • depurative
  • diuretic
  • expectorant
  • analgesic
  • anti-inflammatory

Here is a quick look at some of the baths that the Scandinave spa chain provides ( aren’t they are so beautiful?). The Eucalyptus steam room is to the right of the photo in the large steel silo:  

  Following the most amazing time at the spa we decided to go hunting for a healthy lunch spot and we found it! I am always excited to try out new organic and vegan eateries. This one was nothing short of amazing and we both ended up ordering the vegan mushroom burger topped with vegan cheese (yum!). I also made sure to get a dose of a turmeric shot and a green juice to wash it all down. Heaven.   Needless to say, I enjoyed my day away but I was still extremely anxious & happy to walk back into my home greeted by a very excited baby who gives the best hugs. All Moms out there know that there is just nothing like it.   Here are some snaps of the cafe (the ambience of a restaurant always makes the entire experience that much more satisfying), and the yummy eats:  

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  • Reply Kari's Mom May 6, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Such a great day with MY baby! Everyone should take some time for themselves and enjoy the benefits of a spa day followed by a delicious and healthy meal. I still crave that mushroom burger….Deeeee LICIOUS!

    • Reply Bloom & Clementine May 13, 2017 at 11:44 pm

      Too true Mama Bear! xoxo

  • Reply Belle May 8, 2017 at 10:32 am

    I’m so jealous! It looks like a very relaxing day! I hope I can have a spa day as well!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • Reply Bloom & Clementine May 13, 2017 at 11:46 pm

      I hope you can too!!!!! <3 You certainly deserve it!!!

  • Reply Meredith May 8, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    It is SO important to take time out for yourself, but I hear you a million times over with how much things change when you become a mother! It’s just so surreal and something words can’t even describe, but I like how you put it that you wear your heart outside your chest <3

    • Reply Bloom & Clementine May 13, 2017 at 11:45 pm

      Too true! Its not something you can easily describe in words.. Its just amazing!

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