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Cruelty Free Dupes for Cult Favourite Designer Handbags

March 4, 2018

After becoming a vegetarian over a decade ago (more recently vegan), I started reading more about the welfare of animals and the abuse that happens in the factories and farms that produce our food and goods. The more I read about the fashion trade and the atrocities that happen to living beings, I started making more conscious decisions to swap out all that I could to cruelty free. I started with food then went onto cruelty free beauty, hygiene and household products. Then I started making efforts to purchase clothing and fashion accessories more consciously. Why should I be able to end or cause pain in the life of a helpless animal for vanity’s sake.

I dont think everyone needs to take on the role of ‘protestor’ to make a difference. Simply educating yourself, finding better alternatives, and even educating others when possible would create a world of a difference. Just like Paul McCartney says:

“If slaughter houses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”

..the same goes for laboratories and fashion farms. I want to use my blog as a platform to remind others where our leather handbags or fur vests come from. I also want to show you that glamorous options DO exist in the world of cruelty free fashion. That is why I am putting together this post of cruelty free dupes of high end fashion handbags. I am a handbag lover, so I understand that we all want the accessories that make us feel fab.. but buying consciously hasn’t limited my ability to express myself through fashion. I think these days there are more and more cruelty free options which give you the option to vote with your wallet.

So here we go.. Here are some of the most coveted handbags from well known designers and their cruelty free (no genuine leather, fur or suede) dupes.



1. Leather Madewell Tote

DUPE: Matt & Nat Schlep Tote in Chili 




2. Clare V. Calf Hair Clutch


DUPE: The Priv Leo Foldover Vegan Clutch

By: Jillian Harris




3. Chloe Suede Calfskin Bag


DUPE: Highlander Faux Satchel Bag


4. Roots Banff Duffel Bag

DUPE: Sole Society Cassidy Faux Leather Duffel Bag


– OR –

Another even MORE affordable DUPE

 Stay the Night Black Weekender Bag – Lulus


Creating awareness of the cruelty that goes on behind the beautiful pieces you see going down the runways or in stores is the start to ending this unnecessary practice. I will be sharing more dupes of animal friendly options when it comes to fashion and hope that this will be my small part in helping out the little guys. Many of us don’t know that there is such cruelty hiding behind these bags, so my goal is certainly not to point the finger but instead to bring awareness and alternatives.

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