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Love JORD Wood Watches: Telling time with Mother Nature

July 12, 2016

When it comes to accesorizing, I’m a bit of a minimalist.. I do step out of my comfort zones on occasion to add a little pop of colour or sparkle.. but I really do love me some neutrals! Grey, Black, White, Metals, and now… Woods! I was ecstatic when I began working with JORD wood watches so I could show you all this eco chic and crafted watch. Each watch is made with a different type and colour of wood.. which means each watch is a unique piece with different divets and markings from the piece used to make it.

After my experience with JORD, I can say I’ve experienced great customer service. Right from the start they showcased each watch beautifully and sent a sizing measure to check how small my wrist was so the watch would fit perfectly.. It was an easy process and once I sent in my sizing and style choice I was notified that JORD was currently working on my watch personally and would ship out shortly after sizing.

Once I received my watch I was blown away by the gorgeous packaging and the care taken to display this timepiece. It sat shiny and new on a soft stitched pillow in a gorgeous wood crafted box adorned with JORD’s logo. They had also packed the extra pieces taken out of the watch during sizing to add if needed down the road and a cleaning cloth to shine it up when its had some weather to it. ​​

​I chose the Fieldcrest watch in Dark sandalwood. I am a sucker for unisex watches with a larger face to them. The darker wood will look gorgeous against a white tee and jean shorts, a heather grey maxi dress, and is subdued enough to compliment the brightest of colours in any wardrobe. I have already paired it with some different outfits and have found it is full of versatility! To check out my watch from their website, click the link below:


Last but not least, I’m excited to share with everyone that I’ve partnered up with JORD watches to bring you a giveaway! You can enter to win a $75.00 gift card to JORD watches shop! The best part about this giveaway is that everyone who enters will automatically receive a $20.00 gift card to their shop! Both to be used within the next three months. Contest ends July 31st 2016.

Steps to enter:

1) Click link below “Enter giveaway”
2) Provide your name and email address… wait to hear if you won via E-mail!

Good Luck!


In the meantime, have fun checking out all of the beautiful watches JORD offers through the link below:


Mens Wooden Watches

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