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Unboxing Organic Goodies from ‘Lyn’s Label’ Organic Baby Australia:

August 19, 2016


I have a thing for beautiful packaging.. There’s just something so special about receiving a perfectly packed parcel in the mail that gets you excited about whats inside. So I decided I would do a bit of an unboxing today to give you all a glimpse into one of my new favourite organic baby shops. Lyns Label offers high end organic options for everyday baby and mama essentials. I was so excited to receive this package in the mail as it was a bit of a surprise “unboxing” for myself.. I wasn’t 100% sure what was going to be in this gift set sent all the way from Australia. I seriously admire the wrapping and how perfect are these gift sets for new mamas and baby showers.

The unboxing begins! Here’s what I found inside:

First up, the Organic Bamboo Swaddle:

This swaddle is something I wish ALL Mama’s could have.. and I seriously wish I had known about this when my baby was smaller and swaddle-able. I had very few swaddles that I actually used for their real purpose.. Most of them were too stiff, too hot, too big, too small.. The majority of them ended up as burp cloths and spit up wipers (which you really need a lot of anyways so I suppose faulty swaddle blankets served me in some purpose) but I really needed one that was light weight,

​breathable, stretchy and wouldn’t come undone where I folded the end. This organic bamboo swaddle is going into the cupboard for baby number two! (so long as Delilah doesn’t keep it for her baby dolls and stuffed animals). It meets all the criteria for a perfect swaddle blanket and while I don’t have a wee babe to test the swaddle on, Mama’s are able to eyeball and feel test all baby gadgets by this time. I have no doubt this blanket will deliver the perfect swaddle.. just enough stretch, the size is perfect, and it allows air to flow through.
It’s a beautiful cream colour and is adorned with intricate scalloped edging, making it a perfect neutral piece that can be passed down to each baby. It is soft.. SO soft.. thanks to the organic bamboo which is delicate enough for baby’s skin and not filled with pesticides as most ​fabrics are. Pesticides really don’t wash out during manufacturing and while they may not be something you consume, your skin will still take in the residue from crop spraying. If you are conscious about toxins or have a little one with sensitive skin (although most babies at this age will have very sensitive skin), then purchasing organic bamboo products will be your best bet.

A definite MUST investment in my opinion! Especially for anyone having a baby in the summer as most swaddle blankets will leave baby in a sweat.. (because despite what some women will tell you, a baby does not need to be layered in hot blankets and clothing in 30 degree weather).

Next in line are the Organic bamboo wash cloths and Organic bamboo washers:

Once again, these items are incredibly soft to the touch. The wash cloth doesn’t get gritty or tough when wet which means your little one is less likely to squirm when you’re wiping dinner from their face (a seriously chronic baby move) or during bath time. It is also something typically used in warm water which means that having an organic cloth is

ideal. Warm and hot water will loosen fabrics to release whatever residue is sitting in them (ahem, pesticides) and also opens your skins pores which means your skin will easily drink up whatever you place on it. If you’re on a budget like myself and want to adopt a “clean 15/dirty dozen” strategy that we use when purchasing organic vs. non-organic foods, then a washcloth is something I would recommend. You are using it directly on your baby’s skin, on their entire body including their face. Its also being used with softened pores which could let the bad guys in causing irritation.

​I would also recommend having some of these organic washers on hand. They come as a small pod and open up to an organic reusable bamboo wipe when put under water. This product has been a God send since my little one has been dealing with a teething induced diaper rash. I generally try not to use wipes when rashes hit and opt for luke warm washcloths instead, so this washer has changed the diapering game for me forever. It isn’t abrasive on her skin which means less pain during diaper changes when rashes are involved. It is also reusable which means a one time investment in a package of these puppies and your wallet will thank you later!

 Lastly, I received a little extra in my gift set which came at perfect timing as we’ve been awaiting the arrival of some seriously mean teeth. The Lyn’s label Organic Teether is a soft silicone ring tied up to organic bamboo fabric for baby to hold onto. Delilah can gnaw on this teether and I can relax without worrying about what the teether was made out of. Delilah has also taught me that this teether has a secondary use as a bracelet, her new favourite thing to wear. This is another product I would suggest purchasing organic. I always suggest
​silicone or hevea rubber over plastic for teethers as this is something that your little one will put in their mouth. The sling for baby to hold onto is also organic bamboo fabric which makes this Mama happy!

If you’re a new Mom, Vet Mom, looking for high quality organic must haves for your newborn or looking for the perfect baby shower gift… Lyn’s label is a beautiful store filled with some gorgeous, ethical, and squeeky clean healthy items for both Babies and Moms. All of these items come separately and they also come in a different variety of gift sets. There are also some beautiful products for us Ladies and *Psst… They have one gorgeous diaper bag that new Mama’s should check out*

You can shop her line from the button below using the Discount code ‘BLOOM’ to recieve 20% off first time orders over $30.00! ​​​​

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