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Try THIS routine for perfect skin on your wedding day

July 20, 2017

I came across Lewin & Reilly skin care months ago and believe me when I say, I wish I had stumbled upon it sooner. I have been so lucky enough to test out some amazing skin care products over the years but I have really found a favourite when it comes to Lewin & Reilly’s product line. Rarely do I find a company that gets my full approval and excitement for every single product in their line but this group of magical skin potions have certainly done it for me. Not to mention, I absolutely adore the owners who are so lovely to speak with and really know what they’re doing when it comes to natural skin care.

Lewin & Reilly was created by a wife + husband duo from New Zealand. They really paid close attention to formulations using some of the most unique wild harvested botanicals from New Zealand, Australia and Islands of the South Pacific. Some of the ingredients were very new to me and I was pleasantly surprised at the results I received from these products made of organic and wild harvested rare botanicals. As I have mentioned above, I get the chance to try many different natural skin care products but these ones stood out far FAR from the crowd. The surface of my skin smoothed out and plumped, tiny milia bumps were reduced significantly and my usual redness subsided noticeably. This is why I decided to use this entire line as the skin care regime in the months leading up to my wedding. Makeup can create magic but glowing skin on a bride creates that perfect canvas and changes the whole playing field!


Heres a list of the full collection from Lewin & Reilly and my personal thoughts on each:


Kukui Replenishing Oil Cleanser

Yes! A company that understands my love for oil cleansing. There just isn’t a better way to nourish and purify your skin in my opinion! This Oil cleanser is gentle yet effective. It removes all of my make up from the day and leaves my skin feeling plump, dewy and soft.

The magic ingredient in this formulation, Kukui nut oil, works at improving your skins natural moisture barrier which prevents dehydration (a condition that causes acne, redness, and aging over time). I found this oil cleanser to be light in texture and not greasy whatsoever. Whether you are new to oil cleansing or an oil cleansing veteran, this oil cleanser will work wonders for your skin.


White Cypress Balancing Cleanser

This cleanser is a more traditional face wash and I actually LOVED it! It’s a light creamy texture that leaves your skin with that tingly clean feeling. I actually found that using this cleanser after my oil cleansing on the days I wore more make up helped ensure that I got everything off without stripping the moisture from my face. This cleanser is formulated specifically with those who suffer from acne or redness in mind. It works at removing all debris without angering your skin.

White Cypress extract and oils are grown in Australia and are very rare. It holds anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also contains “catechins” which are powerful antioxidants for your skin. If you have acne prone skin and aren’t quite ready to jump to oil cleansing (which I recommend you strongly consider, and Here’s why) then this cleanser is the next best thing!


Coconut Water Brightening Tonic

I am IN LOVE with this face spray. I have found that my skin always loves sprays at first but then I start to notice that the heaviness of most hydrosols leaves my skin feeling coated and sticky. This spray doesn’t do this in the least. It is so light and airy and once applied I could feel a soft tingle and then it magically set into my skin without any annoying residue to contend with. This tonic seemed to do its job in the pore minimizing and skin tightening department while simultaneously adding a dose of moisture to my face.

Frangipani Nourishing Moisturizer

As you all know I am not always on board with face creams or moisturizers. I prefer balms and facial oils anyway. However, this light moisturizer doesn’t sit heavy on the skin whatsoever and provides it with moisture locking and hydration to help retain skins elasticity and glow. While using this moisturizer I discovered its the perfect consistency to create a tinted moisturizer when blended with my favourite foundation from Fitglow Beauty. The lightness of this moisturizer doesn’t cause the pigment to sluff off of my skin but instead blends perfectly with my make up to create the most intense glow and light coverage on days when I don’t feel like going “all out” in the makeup department. Its heavenly!


Kakadu Plum Rejuvenating Serum

this serum is the perfect addition to any skin care regime as its light and watery consistency sinks into your skin to repair from beneath your moisturizers. I don’t tend to use many serums these days as many of my face oils contain enough healing ingredients to handle the serum game on their own but this serum compliments my oils and balms perfectly. First off, it isn’t thick at all causing layers of products to sit heavy on my face. Instead, its watery consistency is easy to pat into wet skin post-washing to get right to work. The Kakadu plum is cited as one of the highest levels of vitamin C in the world (which is a skin loving vitamin you NEED to incorporate into your beauty regimen). Its high antioxidant profile helps destroy free radicals which causing aging and the serum also targets uneven skin tone.

Zeolite Purity Mask

Where do I even begin with this one? I am OBSESSED with this face mask. I have tried so many masks and this one is by far the most unique thus far. This mask will exfoliate and pull impurities as it sits on your skin revealing a less congested and brighter complexion. This mask does wonders for my skin and i notice a difference immediately after I wipe it off. Its unbelievable!

Zeolite removes toxins and impurities from your skin by attracting them into its cage-like structure. It swaps these toxins for healthful minerals such as potassium. Zeolite’s powerful yet gentle action makes it one of nature’s best exfoliators, perfect for easing congested skin.

-Lewin & Reilly

Its created with a combination of zeolite clay and nourishing oils. This makes it so unique as many clay masks are powders and must be mixed with water to apply to the skin. The zeolite mask is a creamy consistency and can be applied straight out of the bottle rather than getting loose clay all over your bathroom counter. I wish I could send everyone a bottle of this virtually because this mask has been game changer for my complexion.

I am so glad I found this line and highly recommend it as the top choice for pre-wedding glow. As I said, I tend to mix and match product lines (and I always will) but if I had to suggest a full product line where every single product did magical things for my skin then Lewin & Reilly would be it! The care and research that has gone into these bottles of skin boosting magic is incredible. A must try for all green beauties!

Check out Lewin & Reilly’s online boutique HERE.


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