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Verdura Natural Alternatives: A Green Beauty Line of Botanical Bliss

March 10, 2017

This was a package that I was eager to receive and opened quickly to have a look at the beautiful bottles inside. Verdura Natural Alternatives is a Canadian based company, which is something that always steals a bit of my Canadian heart. They use some of the most beautiful ingredients to create their skin care line, including floral extracts that smell so lovely when you open the bottles. I always like to try a range of different products to see what a company is like and three of their products have stood out to me. I tried their Bamboo Diva face wash, their Lotus hydration mist and last but certainly not least the Illuminati Face mask (which gets its gorgeous colour from the turmeric used). To give you a better idea of the experience you will receive with Verdura’s line, here are my opinions on each of these products:


Bamboo Diva Face Wash:


I tend to prefer oil cleansers over regular cleansers with my skin for a few reasons, but, everyones skin is different and everyone has varying preferences so I get really excited when I find cleansers that make me fall in love with them. This cleanser hits all of my requirements: It is natural, it is cruelty free, and it HYDRATES the skin rather than stripping the skin of its protective moisture.

This cleanser isn’t too far from a traditional oil cleanser since they use saponified olive oil as a base (saponification is a natural method of producing soaps from natural oils). Its ingredient list is impressive as it includes skin protective and health boosting vegetable glycerine, aloe vera, coconut, bamboo extract, sage, essential oils and so much more. It really is a powerhouse of natural skin boosting ingredients and a top choice for anyone who uses traditional face cleansers.

This cleanser was incredibly effective at removing dirt debris and make up at the end of the day. My face felt so fresh and clean without being stripped of hydration. You don’t need to use a lot of this product when cleansing which means a bottle of the cleanser should last you a while. When you’re finished cleansing you can maximize your skin care routine with a hydrating hydrosol like the Lotus Hydrating Mist, which is up next.


Lotus Hydrating Mist:


I am a big fan of hydrosols. These are mists that add hydration and nutrients to the skin following cleansing and a great alternative to toners that dry out the skin. I have been using hydrosols for years now and get so excited when I find a new one that will compliment my skin care routine and add a different profile of vitamins to my regimen.

The Lotus Hydrating Mist is as gorgeous as its name, and the most beautiful bouquet of floral notes jump out at you as soon as you begin misting. The botanicals used in this spray are 100% vegan, cruelty free, and gluten free. Verdura doesn’t use synthetic fragrance or colourants to achieve the scent or look of their mist which makes this natural product even more impressive. The plant extracts used in this blend have anti-septic properties making it a great addition to a skin care ritual for anyone who experiences break outs. You can read my guide on how to get rid of acne naturally HERE, where the Lotus Hydrating mist is featured as a suggested product.

This mist is also a great choice for anyone wanting to add anti-aging properties into their skin care routine. This is due to the jasmine, hibiscus and lotus in the mist that have hydrating, anti-septic properties and reduce pore visibility. This versatile hydrosol is one that can be used from teen years all the way up, making it a great choice for those who fall deeply in love with their beauty products and tend not to waiver.


Illuminati Facial Mask:


This face mask is a creamy texture and uses the power of turmeric to help boost your skins beauty profile. Turmeric has been all over the health world in the last few years (even though it is ancient) and for good reason. Turmeric is well known as being a powerful antioxidant and while it is common practice to consume this wonder herb for inside out benefits, it is now becoming more common in skin care products for topical use as well.

One thing to consider when using turmeric based products is that it will temporarily stain the skin as it has a strong pigment profile. I opt to use this mask at night before bed and I wash it off with a dark face cloth to help remove any excess yellow from my skin. I think the benefits outweigh any temporary yellow and it really isn’t bad at all. I find that I am able to get most of the pigment off each time I use the mask and the subtle yellow tones give my skin a bit of a brightening effect.

If you’re a turmeric fanatic like me, this mask is one that you should definitely try. It will provide you with the same benefits topically and will be a great addition to any skin care routine. The illuminati mask will not strip your skin of moisture making it the perfect choice for an anti-aging treatment, for brightening, and for skin tone balancing.

Verdura has quickly become one of the product lines making a permanent a home on my bathroom counter. My skin has loved their botanical blends and I am so impressed with the care and quality that this company has delivered through their creations.

Want to check out Verdura for yourself? Head over to their website HERE and have fun perusing their long list of luxe botanical blends.


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