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Trust Fund Beauty: Luxe 10-Free Nail Polish for the Green Minded Beauty

March 31, 2016

I am beyond excited to share my experience with Trust Fund beauty’s products. This is going to be a new staple in my beauty routine and I’m happy to say it’s one of the best nail polish lines I’ve ever tried. I mean EVER, it tops some of the nail polish lines I used as a teenager when I was still into mainstream beauty (ahem, toxic beauty).

I was patiently waiting for this product to come in the mail for about a week (felt like months due to my excitement) and when it arrived I tore it open like a kid on Christmas morning. I have always loved painting my nails but I have strayed away from it the last few years as I hadn’t yet found a natural brand I loved. I also knew the health hazards that came along with using highly toxic nail polish brands. They are especially dangerous for us women as the chemicals used specifically in nail polish mimic and wreak havoc on our hormones. In fact, nail polish has been shown to create instant hormonal shifts in women just minutes after applying. This is something that has stuck in my mind as I’ve had my fair share of hormonal imbalances in my teenage years. Hormones play a role in just about every organ and process within your body so it is so important to take good care of this aspect of your health. A green lifestyle is especially positive for hormone health in both men and women.

After opening my package from Trust Fund beauty, I immediately gave myself a manicure as soon as Delilah went down for her nap. I started with their base coat which I think is the key to this polish turning out as if I had just walked out of a spa. It isn’t completely clear like most base coats I’ve tried in the past but a pale white which set a perfect canvas for the colour I chose. After this had dried I pulled a pale lilac colour called “put a ring on it”. I love this colour for its bright pastel and subtle pigment. You can just see the purple tint show through the pale tone and it is beautiful. I have used many colours similar to this but most did not go on as nicely as this one did. I usually have to put a number of coats on with a colour this fair and can still see streaks exposing my natural nail beneath. This polish was a totally different story! It went on smoothly and it’s coverage was above any other I’ve ever tried. I can’t tell if its the composition of the polish, the quality of the brush, or both! Regardless, it’s miracle polish! I finished two coats of this colour and topped it off with their top coat. Once dried, the result was comparable or even better than any professional manicure I’ve ever had. I am writing this 5 days later and have yet to chip a nail. Steve even commented on the fact that it had stood up this long as he remembers how much I had to repaint my nails years ago due to chipping. Since becoming a Mom and owning my own home, my hands do much more rigorous house work, causing nicks and hits to my nails (whatever Mom out there doesn’t feel like doing the dishes are a full time job all on their own is lying to you).

In terms of the health standards of this polish, it is a 10-free nail polish. Natural based nail polish companies use these terms to indicate the number of highly toxic ingredients they’ve left out. I have found many 5-free polishes on the market but am always happy to omit a few more ingredients that aren’t necessarily needed. They’re also vegan and cruelty free which is something I am not willing to waiver on as more cruelty based purchases equal more cruelty to animals. I was also sent Trust Fund beauty’s nail polish remover which is plant based, non toxic, non flammable and eco friendly product. it even has a fresh minty scent! I have always found that natural polish removers are just as effective as long as you hold the solution on your nail for a few seconds before wiping off!

To check out Trust fund beauty nail polish and lip stick head over to their website at

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