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A Green Beauty Must-Have: Back to Basics Skincare and their Rosehip Radiance Oil

October 5, 2016

Having had skin issues in the past I am now incredibly careful with my skin care routine. I want to age gracefully but, of course, I also want to avoid those pesky early signs of aging if I can. The products I use on my face are something I pay quite a bit of attention to. I have had acne prone skin in the past and if I were ever to switch my regimen drastically I’m certain they would come roaring back. I also have very sensitive skin.. it goes red from weather, touch, poorly made products, and the sun. If you asked me years ago, I never would have thought the answer to my skin care woes would have been an oil based regimen. I would have looked at you like you were crazy and went on with the terrible and backwards cycle of drying out my skin to tame it’s wild nature. The idea of drying out the skin to reverse acne is one I now shake my head at. How could we have ever thought that stripping our skin of it’s nutrients, and of oil (which is something our skin produces naturally for a REASON) would have been the answer? In reality, our skin overproduces oils and sebum when it feels like we don’t have enough to preserve and protect ourselves from the elements. My skin mantra is to ADD nutrients to your skin when its acting out, do not strip it of nutrients and leave it to compensate. Skin requires balance.

For the past 5 years I have used the same skin care products when it comes to washing, toning, and moisturizing my face and it has done some wonderful things! My skin doesn’t break out anymore (with the exception of a few blemishes during hormonal days), the redness has subsided naturally and it is dewy, plump and glows. You can read all about my switch to an oil based regimen HERE. I will probably never leave oil cleansing or using oils as a serum and moisturizer combo. In fact, the most I do to play around with my skin routine is switch up my masking products. So when I was contacted by the lovely Manon of Back to Basics Skin care to test out her facial oils I had to consider whether or not I wanted to rock the boat with my skin. I looked at the ingredients in her oil blends, all cold pressed and food grade oils, and knew that if my skin had some backlash from a product switch at this point it wouldn’t be a harmful one. I am SO glad I tried out this facial oil because I now have incorporated it into my personal skin care routine daily and swapped out basic organic rosehip oil for their Rosehip Radiance Oil blend. This products make me want to jump out of the screen and yell out to everyone about how amazing it is… It’s so hard to put into writing how well its worked for me but I am going to try to do it justice!

After being sent this facial oil to test out for the past month, I cannot tell you how pleased I am at the difference I’ve seen in my skin after only a few short weeks. It is unbelievable! The Rosehip Radiance oil is a blend of 8 different cold pressed, food grade, organic oils. Here is a list from Back to Basics Skin Care’s website listing all of the different oils found in this blend and how they benefit your skin:

Rosehip Oil
An excellent source of topical trans-retinoid acid for skin regeneration.
Grape Seed Oil
Possess unique nourishing and repairing properties.
Seabuckthorn Berry Oil
Rich in Vitamin A, C, and E.. and Omega 7; Replenishes and restructures; Supports natural cell turnover.
Camellia Oil
Increases the feel of skin’s elasticity and gives it a luminous glow.
Chia Seed Oil
Richest botanical source of Omega 3; powerful source of Alpha-Lipoic Acid.
Jojoba Oil
provides emollience and gives skin a smoother, healthier-looking appearance.
Tomato Seed Oil
Rejuvenates aging skin properties, restores skin antioxidant defences, quenches UV induced free radicals, protects against acute and chronic skin photo-damage.
Kiwi Seed Oil
Regenerates skin cells and effectively moisturized and improves skin elasticity, dark marks, dryness, and large pores.

* All of these oils are plant-based, cold-pressed and food grade quality

This oil is going to be my new facial serum and moisturizer in one. I always like to simplify my skin care in the Fall. For some reason my skin does not do well during this seasonal shift and from my experience, doing less is more when it comes to angry skin. I typically have breakouts around this time of year, something that is not common for me at any other time of year since going green. I also find the tone of my skin can go from even to red and splotchy real quick if I’m not taking special care of it. When I first started using this oil I was in the midst of a small breakout on my forehead from this dreaded seasonal change and when applying the oil it set in so quickly and I could literally feel it calming my skin. I have never used a serum where I could instantly feel relief from inflammation upon application.

Not only is it incredibly soothing and reduces inflammation, but the texture of this oil is just beautiful! I usually use plain rosehip oil which has so many benefits for your skin but I do find that it sits on top of my skin for a small amount of time before it settles. The ‘Rosehip radiance oil’ actually feels like silk as soon as you rub it onto your skin and settles in immediately! This is perfect in the morning when I am rushing to get ready and need to apply make up quickly. Most oils require you to wait 5-10 minutes (sometimes longer) before applying make up as they haven’t fully absorbed. I did not find a need to wait to apply make up as this oil settled immediately. It also added a little boost to my foundation, giving it a little oomph in the glow department.

Last but not least, the redness in my skin had subsided and it is so soft, dewy and plump to the touch. I touch my face constantly now (I know that isn’t recommended, but I just cant help it!). My cheeks tend to give off a red tone while the rest of my skin is quite pale. This has always bothered me and it takes so much skin maintenance to keep the redness at bay. I have found this oil incredibly balancing in terms of skin tone. One month in and the tone of my skin has improved tenfold. I am so angry at myself for not taking any before and after pictures as this difference is incredible! I was taking a risk by testing out a new skin care product during my most vulnerable skin season but it actually combatted all of the skin care issues I usually have during this time. It cleared a small forehead breakout immediately, and also prevented any additional breakouts that may have followed. Then it worked on improving the texture, tone, and health of my skin.

Like I said above, if I could jump out of this computer screen to tell you how much I adore this new oil, I would. Since I cant, this is something you’re just gonna have to take my word for! You can shop the Rosehip Radiance Oil and other blends at the link below:



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    […] 2. Back to Basics Skin care Rosehip Radiance Oil ($48.00 USD) This facial oil has been in my routine for a while now and I am happy to say that it has created the most beautiful glow for this tired Mama’s skin. Rosehip oil is one of those ingredients that I can’t live without as it is a fantastic ingredient to prevent aging and help boost your skins natural glow. The rosehip radiance oil is a blend of many high quality oils that are fantastic for uneven toned and dehydrated skin. This oil can be used both day and night as its not too heavy and sinks well into the skin. This oil certainly does what its named for, it creates the most luminous radiant skin! Full blog review HERE. […]

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