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THIS popular skincare tool destroyed my skin years ago, but I FINALLY found an alternative that I love (Giveaway inside)

September 6, 2018

Photo credit: Holistic Beauties



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I remember vividly about 7 years ago I was in desperation mode to cure the cystic breakouts I was experiencing with my skin.  This was pre-organic skincare years and I travelled every possible road to try and find the perfect solution. One of my biggest investments (and biggest regrets) was when I purchased a Clarisonic facial brush from Sephora years ago. I thought this would help me get deeper into the pores, scrub out debris and leave me with glowing perfect skin like the models they had shown in their ads. This was SO far from the truth.. in fact, it did the complete opposite and left my skin worse off than it already was. My skin got angry, red, broke out even more (which at that point I didn’t know was possible). Not to mention, the Clarisonic left a huge dent in my wallet.

* This post includes some affiliate links. This means that any product purchased from my links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love.. these commissions help to cover Bloom + Clementine’s fees so that this website can stay alive and I can continue sharing my green beauty passion with you all. Thank you for supporting my little green space on the internet. *


I had completely sworn off tools that made claims that they would leave your skin smooth, clear and free of debris. I understood that the bristles in the Clarisonic brush were just too intense for me, likely aggravated my already aggravated skin, and probably damaged soft tissue. Besides using jade facial rollers, I haven’t touched a facial tool targeted for the face  since. Until about two months ago, when I was contacted by a brand called Holistic Beauties, a Canadian born brand that has began selling a silicone grade skincare tool called the BFF (Best Face Friend). They contacted me to see if I was willing to try it out and I decided to give it a go! I was excited but at the same time hesitant.. I knew that this could be another tool that either didn’t work or caused my skin to worsen like I had experienced in the past. But, it had been years.. my skin was calmer and I wasn’t dealing with brush bristles scrubbing into the pores of my skin. The description of the tool and the material its made out of already sounded much more gentle than the competing products on the market. I figured if there was some sort of poor reaction, I would just stop using it. I really work hard at combing through different brands and products to choose the best ones to share on my blog.. and I wouldn’t be telling you that this tool has changed my mind on skincare tools if I didn’t mean it. I honestly wasn’t sure how much I would love this tool but I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it truly does boost the health of my skin with visible differences.. this BFF is beyond what I could have expected. I have loved using this tool on my skin and it has transformed my face in a few ways. I have noticed a smoother and consistently exfoliated plane overall, making product absorption and makeup application so much easier. It doesn’t allow for dead skin cells to build up on your skin yet it is gentle enough to use daily (twice daily if you become a bit of an addict like me). It helped reduce puffiness and bloating in my face that I seem to be extremely prone to.. There are so many ways in which this tool has impressed me so I’ve compiled a list of the top noticed benefits below:



Here are 10 BENEFITS and REASONS why I have fallen in love with the BFF cleansing tool


(1) reduces swelling/water retention in the face

(2) exfoliation/instant smoothing of the skin

(3) the vibration helps with a multitude of issues such as helping rid the pore of debris, gentle exfoliation, facial massage and aiding the absorption of moisturizers and oil treatments

(4) it is constructed out of medical grade silicone that doesn’t hold onto bacteria (which other tools that use brush bristles most certainly do)

(5) muscle tension relief, particularly in the jaw area

(6) easy to use/easy to clean/easy to charge (I haven’t had to charge it since I’ve had it for the past few months, it comes equipped with a charging cord similar to a cell phone. My cleansing tool hasn’t run out of juice quite yet but I tried the charge for a few minutes to see how it would work.  I have heard around the grape vine that it doesn’t need frequent charging and can last months)

(7) WAY more cost effective than the other competing cleansing tools (It’s about a THIRD of the price of other electric facial tools on the market and they even gave me the opportunity to share a 30% off link with you guys below)

(8) can be used to cleanse, to massage, or to help facial oils/moisturizers absorb quicker into the skin (I was even able to use it with an oil cleanser as long as I cleaned the tool properly afterwards)

(9) does NOT cause intense redness after use

(10) Last but not least, it is SO easy to add into a skincare routine. It doesn’t add an extra step as it goes with either cleansing or applying hydration. I am personally guilty of not using my other tools often enough such as rollers as they require extra time and an extra step in my routine. This one fits on so nicely and sits ready for me every day on my counter and has taken the place of all other tools I have used in the past.. it really does it all!


Photo credit: Holistic Beauties

For those of you wondering “How do I use this tool?”.. I personally found it pretty simple! First of all, the BFF is completely waterproof which was my first question when I realized the tool vibrates at 15 different intensities. The water tight seal allows you to run the entire tool completely under water, so if you drop it in the sink.. don’t fret my pet! It also comes in two different colour options which you can see with the pictures above: blue or pink.


How to Use the BFF

Prep your skin by rinsing off any excess make up or product from the day. To use, simply add your cleanser of choice to the tool (you have the choice of two different sides with differing textures for a gentle cleanse OR a deeper cleanse). Then press the button to start the tool, it will begin vibrating and you can use the + or – buttons to set the vibration at your preferred intensity (I choose to go all out and opt for the highest of the 15 intensities to get a really deep clean and I don’t have any excessive redness following this treatment.. which is pretty neat considering I am someone with redness prone and sensitive skin). Use the BFF to scrub your face for as long as you wish, I find that the longer I use it for = the more I notice the benefits.. particularly for reducing muscle tension, exfoliating dead skin cells and releasing water retention. But in a pinch for time, this tool will help cleanse your face at a deeper level regardless of how long you use it for. The amount of time I use the tool completely depends on my timetable, and I generally use it as more of a therapeutic tool at night when my little one is asleep and I can plop down in front of the TV while cleansing my face or massaging in a moisturizer. This doesn’t come without awkward stares from my husband.. but at this point he’s very used to my green beauty endeavors. Bless his humorous and accepting heart. I like to remind him that he’ll appreciate these things when my skin is still glowing 10 years down the road (lol). In the morning I love using it to get a deeper cleanse and start my day with dewy and fresh skin.


 Acne Prone? Here’s why I recommend this tool over others

This tool is great for anyone looking for an option that wont aggravate their skin. My hesitancy before trying this tool out was that I have really really sensitive skin that has obviously reacted poorly in the past to other tools. As someone who also has acne prone skin, I think this is a great option as the tool itself doesn’t hold onto bacteria, will help gently pass debris from the pores,  gently sloughs off dead skin cells which aids in cellular turnover, and brings circulation to the surface of the skin for added healing benefits (without puncturing your skin with needles and aggravating your already angry skin.. trust me and my past mistakes: less is really more when it comes to taming acneic skin). I wish this tool had been around years ago when I purchased the Clarisonic that ended up worsening my cystic acne. I truly appreciate the fact that the BFF is sitting on my counter now and has really helped take my skincare to that next level.


Holistic Beauties has offered an exclusive discount for all Bloom + Clementine Readers which gives you 7 days to claim 30% off on your own BFF cleansing tool. The 7 days begins once you click the link and is automatically applied to your order, you’ll see the price go from $99.99 to $69.99 (which is a steal of a deal). Simply use the discount code BLOOMBFF at checkout or click on HERE to get to the Holistic Beauties website (by clicking on the link you are beginning your 7 day window to claim your 30% off discount). I’ve listed my favourite cleansers and moisturizing products that went really well with the BFF below if anyone is looking for something with the perfect texture to pair with their cleansing tool.


Conjunctive Product Recommendations

I have tried out a range of different cleansers and moisturizers with this tool to see how it felt with different textures and product types. I have found that it works well when paired with the following products listed below. It really can be paired with any product but these are my personal favourites and I am sharing the ONLY traditional (non oil cleanser) that I really love using.. I have actually never recommended a cleanser that wasn’t at least oil based so this goes to show that the cleanser below really impressed me and didn’t strip my skin.. I am an oil cleanser at heart so it takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to a traditional cleanser.

Click the images to read more on each product.

Super Couple
Super Blend

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