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The Best Organic and Sustainable Jeans Brands in 2024

April 3, 2024

Since I’ve been venturing into the world of Organic Clothing, I have often wondered if there is a quality difference when it comes to organic jeans. Can they even make them? Turns out they can and they make them quite well if you land on the right brand for you. I didn’t expect the range of options to be honest. Like anyone, I love a good fitting jean. So I took to my research skills to scout out the best organic and sustainable jeans brands. Turns out, I already owned a pair without even knowing it.

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When it comes to switching out my clothing with organic options, I like to focus on the pieces I wear the most. The idea of restricting myself and never allowing myself to step foot in my favorite conventional fashion stores just seems a little harsh to me. I don’t plan on achieving perfection here and I will allow myself to still enjoy the odd piece of non-organic clothing. I will, however, try to achieve my goal of swapping out staple items and pieces I wear the most so I can reduce the exposure to unsafe fabrics over time. Therefor, I know jeans would be on my radar. Outside of leggings and sweatpants, jeans are what I wear most. I knew I had to find something good because I will certainly not wear a pair of poorly fitting jeans just because they’re organic.


Best For | Relaxed and loose styles
Sizing | 22–34 (00–14)
Prices Starting At | $138

The AGOLDE brand is ethically made in the USA and Turkey. Many may recognize this brand as it is often sold on the shelves of Artizia and is a sister brand to the infamous Citizens of Humanity Denim Brand. AGOLDE cuts to order to ensure that no extra pieces end up in waste. Their materials are primarily 100% organic cotton and regenerative cotton, making these jeans chemical free and a healthier option. Their cuts are modern with a wide range of denim shades and options. AGOLDE is one of my personal favorites for their sleek modern cuts and their level of comfort.

Shop AGOLDE Jeans

Best For | Classic Long Lasting Style
Sizing | 23–35 (0–16)
Prices Starting At | $95

Everlane prides themselves as a fully sustainable brand and has coined the term “radical transparency” to define their openness when it comes to their process. They source organic cotton for their jeans, work with the most sustainable factories to manufacture their pieces, and deliver fair trade costs across the board. Everlane is known for producing beautiful classic cuts while using sustainable fabrics that will last longer than conventional. These pieces will offer staple investments to your wardrobe that you can keep wearing for years.

Shop Everlane Jeans


Best For | Staple everyday denim
Sizing | 24–32 (0–16)
Prices Starting At | $178

Outerknown is an organic and sustainable clothing brand from the U.S. that focuses on well made relaxed casual clothing. They have an entire line of clothing available that you can read about in the Organic Clothing Guide.  In addition to this, they carry a full denim line for both men and women. These styles are perfect for casual everyday wear and are made with 100% organic cotton. This denim line tends to remind me of an elevated American Eagle as their fits compliment most body types and don’t venture too far outside of classic cuts. They are a perfect option for those who want a well made jean that is timeless and classic.

Shop Outerknown


Best For | Relaxed and loose styles
Sizing | 22–34 (00–16)
Prices Starting At | $158

While Citizens of Humanity does not always use organic materials, they are a sustainable brand and one of my favorite jeans companies. I have owned many citizens jeans over the years thanks to their flattering cuts for any body type. They have a wide range of styles and always ensure that they carry a blend of timeless classic cuts and modern trending cuts. They are often sold in stores like Aritzia which is where I stumbled across them originally and fell in love. They are the parent company to AGOLDE which offers similar cuts and construction in 100% organic materials as an alternative if you prefer it. You can not go wrong with either Citizens or AGOLDE in my opinion.

Shop Citizens OH


This guide will update with new denim brands as they are vetted through The Holistic Vanity’s standards. Check back for access to more sustainable and organic denim or head over to see the Best Organic Clothing Brands of 2024.


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