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My Favourite Seasonal Detox: A Beneficial & Non-Restrictive Program

March 17, 2016

I have done my fair share of detox systems and I must say that coming from a background of eating issues, I am very cautious on what I will recommend to others. Many of the cleanse or detox programs on the market require you to replace a meal with their product or they use harsh ingredients that cause a laxative effect wreaking havoc on your electrolytes and organs. I am also quite an advocate of healthy eating and lifestyle over any fad diets or programs. I just don’t believe in miracle programs and I don’t use them as a weight loss aid at this point. Setting a goal of weight loss is fine, but this should not be your primary goal, health should be! When you provide your body with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function, it will eventually shift to its most effective set weight point. It’s a good idea to cleanse your system every season change if possible. This gives your body a little kick start and gets rid of some unwanted baggage to help every system run a bit more smoothly.

I was introduced to Nutripur through a holistic health practicioner who was helping me reset my digestive system a few years ago. I had met him at a green living expo in the city and booked an appointment to see him that summer. I had to travel to this appointment and ended up in the country side where only trees and nature surrounded his office. There was hyrdroponic gardening and solar panels lining the lawns of this “office” (nature sanctuary) and I knew immediately that this guy knew his green health care. He spent a few hours diagnosing and completing a health plan for me. Part of this health plan included a liver cleanse called Flux-O-Bile. This was the one part of my regimen I was most excited about. Flux-O-Bile is made by Nutripur, a Canadian company based out of Quebec that makes some of the highest quality and natural health care supplements I’ve used. Flux-O-Bile is a package containing 10 glass ampules of organic juices handpicked as an herbal medicine that cleans out the hardest to reach areas, the biliary system. The term for the toxic build up that occurs in this area is called “biliary sludge”. It is hard to clear these out and the majority of the liver cleanses out there don’t work to reach this sludge. Flux-O-Bile is well known as being the perfect antagonist to get to the sludge that is hiding so well.

I used Flux-O-Bile for 20 days during this regimen and felt amazing afterwards. I had lost a few pounds, lost any bloat I was carrying, and was digesting food better than I ever had before. I also loved that I knew EXACTLY what I was putting into my body which I cant say for every other cleanse or detox I’ve ever tried in the past.

Nutripur sent some Flux-O-Bile to my home for Steve and I to try again and document our experiences. I was so disappointed when I found out that I was unable to take this as I am currently breastfeeding. This cleanse is a no no for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as detoxing can release toxins into our systems and pass them through to our little ones. I decided I would describe my past experience with this amazing product and use Steve as my Guinea pig this time around. Steve is very objective and pretty blunt with his opinion on anything, so his endorsement for this product may be worth more than mine! Although I suppose with the green world I am also picky as I want to make sure I’m still receiving good quality products.

He took 10 days worth of Flux-O-Bile with a healthy diet of legumes, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and herbs (which is what he eats usually so his opinion is based solely on the product and not a drastic change in diet). The first few days I heard him mention common reactions to detoxing. He reported a change and increase in bowel movements, a few minor headaches, and general fogginess. He got through the first few days and eventually started gaining energy. He mentioned to me one day that he got up at his desk at work, stretched, and realized how good he felt. Steve never seems to notice ANYTHING like this so I knew there had been some major changes occurring for him. So his mention of feeling better is something I don’t take lightly. At the end of the ten day pack, he told me he’s feeling lighter, healthier and energetic. He lost a few pounds just as I had and felt an overall and general feeling of wellness.

Flux-O-Bile is something worth looking into if you’re hoping to kickstart Spring with some renewed energy and wellness. I also have began using their probiotics which seem to have held up to a brand I was sing previously prescribed by my Naturopath. My gut health hasn’t shifted since switching and I will continue to use their products instead. They also sent me a package of their Hepatol capsules which have similar contents to the Flux-O-Bile but in powdered and capsulated form. I have been using this on Steve when stomach aches and indigestion have hit as an alternative to the ever popular Pepto-Bismol.

Have a look at their website to find these products and more at

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