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The Best Organic Clothing Brands

April 2, 2024

This guide will help you navigate the best organic clothing brands available if you are shopping for some healthier pieces for your wardrobe. When it comes to organic living, it takes time to swap out all the different areas of your life. I don’t believe that an all or nothing approach is required to be successful and sometimes its about harm reduction versus complete purity. Clothing is something that could make a major impact on your health, because similarly to something like laundry detergent or deodorant, you wear it against your body every day.

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Organic clothing is not yet a mainstream or widely adopted practice in Western Culture. We have a hyper focus on fast fashion and chasing trends which makes the practice of investing in organic clothing seem a bit out of reach. When I was younger I chased every trend and surely contributed to the number of clothing items piling high in waste establishments. Fashion is one of the leading contributors to the global level of waste that is increasing steadily over time. Now that I am older, I have changed my perspective on my wardrobe. I no longer chase the trends, nor do I suit them half the time as a 36 year old Mother of two. That being said, I still love fashion and style. I don’t want to give up style in the name of an organic label but nowadays you don’t have to. Organic clothing has come a long way from the early days of loose and bodiless hippie style outfits that lacked color. There has been a lot of innovation developing in the world of healthy clothing and you can find dupes (or even better quality) options for many of your favorite mainstream clothing brands. So then begs the question, why go organic?

I don’t necessarily feel that I have to toss all of my conventional clothing out the window and never be able to purchase items from non-organic shops. I always adopt a “harm reduction” style of living when it comes to making healthy choices. There are some non-negotiables in my wellness journey, some occasional “not so healthy” guilty pleasures, and there is also room for middle ground. I do see the benefit in slowly transitioning to as many organic clothing options as possible as our garments are something that sit against our skin all hours of the day and night. But I don’t believe there are any hard and fast rules when it comes to the road to get there. Some of us may choose to take a hard stance and swap everything for organic, some may straddle that middle ground by owning a mix or conventional and organic pieces. That is completely up to you.


Benefits of Wearing Organic Clothing

Here’s why I think there is value in swapping clothing items for organic alternatives.

There is no doubt that wearing conventional chemical laden garments has had an impact on our health in some way. Our skin is our largest organ and the layer of protection that sits atop of the rest of our body. Our organs and internal systems are protected by the gateway that is our skin. That being said, our skin can only do so much and it is not an impenetrable surface. Conventional clothing is laden with chemicals from both the growing process and the manufacturing process.  Cotton, one of the most used materials, is also one of the heaviest sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals during the farming process. Cotton can be grown organic and many organic clothing companies use cotton for its softness and versatility, but without that label, you are likely to be wearing a cocktail of chemicals. The laundering process will not remove chemicals in their entirety though it does help. Here are the main reasons why you might want to opt for organic clothing:

  1. Free of Harmful Chemicals: Organic clothing is sourced from farms that use zero chemicals and only organic farming practices. This ensures that you are not wearing chemicals against your skin day in and day out. The body will absorb these chemicals over time which can create health issues like cancers or hormone imbalances.
  2. Sustainability/Environment: Opting for organic clothing produces demand for organic farming practices and slowly shifts our world away from harmful growing practices using chemical pesticides. These chemicals harm our health and our environment; the air we breathe, the water we drink. If we put our money into organic products this will have a trickle effect down to the farmers. You are supporting farmers who adopt safer growing practices that benefit our health and taking away the demand for conventional farming.
  3. Durability/Longer Lasting: Clothing that is made with organic fabrics lasts longer due to the lack of chemicals used in the growing and harvesting process. These chemicals break down the structure of the materials that are woven together to make our clothing. Organic materials have stronger structures which create more durable, longer lasting clothing. By choosing staple pieces that are organic, you may have to spend less money on clothing over time as they will not ware out at the same rate.
  4. Reduces Skin Irritations for Sensitive Individuals: Many discuss the issues surrounding chemical laundry detergents as being a culprit when it comes to skin irritations and allergic reactions. But we often miss the conversation surrounding conventional clothing items as a possible trigger. Organic clothing especially benefits those who are sensitive and experience symptoms like skin irritations, rashes, eczema, etc. This is especially true for babies and small children whose skin is more sensitive in general.
  5. Eliminates possibility of high chemical exposure from brands with limited regulations: There are little to no regulations when our clothing comes from other countries. Some countries may have little to no regulations when it comes to manufacturing and although they may not be able to sell it in American storefronts, consumers can still purchase these items online at their own will. An example of this was when it was reported that popular fast fashion brand SHEIN was testing at highly toxic levels of lead in their garments. The company continues to sell these items without change because their regulations are next to zero and consumers continue to purchase them online.

Overall, there are some pretty compelling reasons why adding organic staples pieces of clothing into your wardrobe may be a beneficial practice. There are a few ways you can do this that don’t mean you have to completely trash your entire current wardrobe.

The Coastal Double Gauze Cutout Midi Dress by PACT Organic


How to incorporate the Best Organic Clothing Brands into your Wardrobe

I grew up loving fashion and stocked my wardrobe full of fast trendy fashion that was as quick to leave my closet as it was to enter. Motherhood slowed that fashion train down for me and I entered my comfortable track suit era. Now I am starting to crawl out of the trenches of new motherhood and yearning to get some of that style I used to have back. I won’t ever give up on my comfortable sweatpants but having an investment wardrobe seems like the most sustainable option. What do I mean by “investment wardrobe”? An investment wardrobe is “slower fashion” where you ensure that the stores you shop from are creating quality classic pieces that will last physically and through the evolving trends. I think everyone should have a few nice pairs of jeans, a few crisp white tees, a nice leather jacket, and some fun seasonal pieces like flowy maxi dresses you can swap in and out when the weather permits.

There are so many ways to approach your wardrobe and it doesn’t necessarily mean throwing away your favorite items and replacing everything with an organic alternative. Though that would be the healthiest option, most are not willing to give up certain fashions, old beloved clothing items, and certain fabrics. In this case, focusing on swapping out the basics you wear most could have a major positive impact on your health as well. If you look at what you wear most you may opt to start purchasing organic socks, underwear, leggings, joggers, basic tee shirts, etc. This would reduce the amount of chemicals and synthetic fabrics you are exposed to. I personally have chosen this route and will add those one of a kind pieces as I come across them. It is okay to take your time slowly adjusting your wardrobe and ensuring you are purchasing quality investment pieces that will be loved for a long time.

The nice part about the organic clothing industry is that it has nailed the basics department. Organic brands have been able to manufacture incredible swaps for conventional daily basics with their use of organic cottons. It truly doesn’t take much to find the perfect white tee in an organic fabric, or a set of organic underwear, or leggings. The industry has truly grown and continues to grow as the demand for safer fabrics becomes higher.


The Best & Most Stylish Organic Clothing Brands

I have compiled a list of some of my very favourite organic clothing companies for those looking to swap their wardrobe out for some healthier pieces. The nice part of having a handful of different brands available is that you can peruse their shops and find a few stores that cater to your own individual style. Rest assured, each year more and more organic stores pop up with their own designs appealing to a variety of different consumers. So, with that said, let’s dig into the best organic clothing brands around to see where you may find your favourite wardrobe staples:


Best for: Organic Wardrobe Staples, Basics, Maternity, Men & Women

Natural Materials: GOTS Certified – Organic Cotton

Price Range: $-$$

Size Range: XS-3XL

Pact Organic Apparel is one of the leading brands in the industry due to its wide range of clothing options. It carries all types of clothing for both men and women, including pyjamas, underwear, and athletic wear. I love them for their leisure wear and the spring and summer options they launch each year with beautiful flowy fabrics. Whether you’re looking for an everyday outfit, lounge wear, athletic wear or some comfortable pyjamas, Pact has a website filled with beautiful options.

Shop PACT Organic



Best for: Organic Basics ethically made in USA, Men & Women, Kids, Athleisure

Natural Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

Price Range: $$

Size Range: XS-3XL

Mate the Label is an organic cotton basics company that makes high quality basics. If you want a well made track suit, the perfect oversized white tee or a trendy basic sweatshirt, then MATE the label is a great place to look. It has beautiful neutral shades available and their pieces add a high end cozy flare to your wardrobe. They also offer a kids basics line and accessories for all like underwear and socks.

Shop MATE the label


Best for: Beautiful linen dresses, Merino wool knits, Contemporary investment pieces for modern women, Accessories,

Natural Materials: GOTS certified Organic Cotton, Organic Non-mulesed Wool, and other eco fabrics such as Linen, Lyocell & Tencel

Price Range: $$$$

Size Range: XS-L

Beaumont Organic is the most whimsical contemporary fashion house for the modern woman. From gorgeous flowy spring and summer linen dresses to cozier winter silhouettes to keep warm, this collection features transitional pieces that will see you through each season. Beaumont Organic introduces two separate collections each year including accessories that encompass the brands contemporary clean look. These are beautiful classic pieces that will elevate any organic wardrobe.

Shop Beaumont


Best for: A variety of Jean styles and cuts, Jean Jackets, Basic tops, Women & Men

Natural Materials: Organic cotton and other eco-friendly fabric, Natural dyes

Price Range: $$-$$$

Size Range: XXS-XXL (Pant sizes 22-34)

AGOLDE offers a wide range of different high end jean styles and cuts for both men and women. These styles have been beloved for years and can often be found in trending stores like Aritzia. AGOLDE uses organic cotton in their jeans with the use of other eco fabrics. They use vegetable dyes made from the bark of an Acacia Tree and their indigo-fera dye for blue jeans is a natural indigo dye extracted from the plant “Indigofera Tinctoria”. This is the perfect option for those who still want well constructed jeans that are offered in a wide range of cuts and styles but are conscious of the materials they wear on their bodies. I love that there is a GOOD jeans brand out there.

Shop AGOLDE Jeans


Best for: A variety of Jean styles and cuts, Jean Jackets, Basic tops, Women & Men

Natural Materials: 100% Regenerative Organic Cotton

Price Range: $$$

Size Range: XS-XXL

Outerknown is a sustainable fashion brand that is dedicated to sourcing materials via regenerative farming. This ensures protection of the soil and ecosystem and are industry leaders for fair wage and trade systems. They create beautifully made staple clothing that could create the perfect capsule wardrobe for both Men and Women. Their pieces lean toward elevated casual with lots of soft well constructed t shirts to cable knit swearers to flowy cotton dresses. They even carry some sustainable swimwear as well as accessories like bags for nature lovers alike.

Shop Outerknown


Best for: Comfortable oversized lounge wear in a variety of styles and colors, Men & Women

Natural Materials: 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Recycled Merino Wool, Oeko-Tex Certified Natural Dyes

Price Range: $-$$

Size Range: XS-XL

Colorful Standard offers an entire line of oversized loungewear for comfort and everyday wear. Their pieces come in a variety of styles and colors. The best part is that every pieces is made from 100% organic cotton or merino wool. They also only use natura; environmentally friendly dyes to achieve their range of colors. These dyes are Oeko-Tex certified which means they have been thoroughly tested for harmful chemicals. Colorful standard is the perfect sustainable and organic dupe for American Apparel wear.

Shop Colorful Standard


This list will grow overtime as I discover more stylish organic brands so check back and bookmark this page as a guide for organic clothing.

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