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Natural and Fluoride-Free Toothpaste for Adults and Children:

November 20, 2016

​Shopping Dental hygiene is a daunting task when you’re into green living. Along with deodorant, it was one of the hardest products to navigate since so many natural toothpastes can taste awful and leave you without that fresh feeling. So I’ve teamed up with the perfectly curated green beauty shop, Green & Pure, to talk all about our favourite tooth paste by Theodent. My search for the perfect fluoride free toothpaste begins with an unfortunate dental blunder from my childhood.

When I was young, I received fluoride too young resulting in bright white discolouration of my two front teeth. This had to be cosmetically changed by my dentist at a steep cost in my teen years. Not only is fluoride given too freely to young children but too much fluoride is known to be incredibly toxic to us all. It has been widely researched and although many dentists will tell you it is safe, it is actually highly toxic. It is one of many chemicals that has been added to our tap water (which is why I filter our water at home). Hence the ‘great water debate’ that was made so famous by Erin Brockovich.

I choose not to use additional fluoride in my dental hygiene routine, but when you leave behind the fluoride, you must replace it with something that will remineralize your teeth to keep them healthy. That is why Theodent Crystal Mint tooth paste is such an exciting find! Their researchers discovered (completely by accident) an ingredient called “Renou” derived from chocolate! This ingredient remineralizes the teeth better than fluoride and with no harm to you or your loved ones. Theodent blends renou with other minerals and only natural ingredients to create their eco- friendly and natural tooth paste. In addition to its superior ingredient profile, it doesn’t taste like most natural tooth pastes I’ve tried (most have a clay blended with mint essential oil potency to them). In fact, their crystal mint flavour tastes delicious! It is also a vegan product and their company devotes themselves to being completely cruelty free.
​They also have a paste for children, Theodent Kids, for ages 2 and up that is chocolate flavoured and you better believe I tried that one myself (and loved it!). The chocolate flavour will surely help encourage my little one to brush her teeth everyday. I am happy to say that once she is ready I’ll be starting Delilah off with a healthy dental hygiene routine that doesn’t leave me worrying about her health. I’ll also avoid asking myself “is she swallowing the toothpaste?” every night as it is not harmful when swallowed and doesn’t contain SLS.

This toothpaste line can be found on the most gorgeous green beauty and body  care website, Green & Pure. This green beauty boutique is stocked full with some amazing high end, green, and eco friendly brands. To shop Theodent and the rest of their collection, click the button below. ​​​ shop green and pure

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