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Why Young Living Essential Oils

November 4, 2021

I have used Essential Oils within my home since I was a teenager, Young Living oils specifically for 8 years now. I landed on YL for many reasons and I’ll share what makes them stand out of the crowd.

There are many good companies out there making great quality oils, but there ARE reasons why YL is my tried and true. It starts with their standards for farming, distillation and testing that exceeds certifications such as UDSA organic. Young Living has set and upheld these standards under their guarantee “Seed to Seal”.

I’ve laid out some of the most important aspects of why I opted for Young Living oils below which include many of the standards set by the seed to seal guarantee.

ZERO pesticides or chemicals used in the growing process

Young Living uses a number of natural solutions to ensure the integrity and safety of their crops which includes weeding the fields by hand (more on this below), employing goats to naturally weed fields, and using their own essential oils to fend off any pests.

Young Living owns most their own Farms Globally

Young Living is the only essential oil company to own their farms. Other essential oils companies have to source their plants from a variety of farms and transport them to their labs to be distilled. Owning farms has many benefits including the ability to harvest, distill and bottle all on the same property. This includes on site labs that run GS-MS testing.

Any partner farms of Young Living are upheld to the same seed to seal standards of Young Livings privately owned farms. This includes on site distillation and bottling to ensure better quality oil. I’ll explain why this proximity to the distillation process is so important.

On site Distillation maintains quality and integrity of both crops and essential oils produced

It’s also so important to be able to distill on site otherwise the quality of the oil being produced is compromised. When crops are shipped out to companies to distill, this trip will cause two issues:

1. It will result in a reduction of QUANTITY of crops being distilled. This is both wasteful and not economical.

2. It will result in a reduction of oil QUALITY as the transport will result in loss of constituents from the crop due to evaporation.

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

Young Livings Global Farms are open for public visitation including open tours of distillation labs and testing labs for full transparency

Did you know that you can visit any of Young Livings farms at any time during operating hours? You can step foot into all of their crop fields and witness first hand their dedication to growing and harvesting. They don’t hide a single step from the public and have always been incredibly transparent with their quality practices. There is not a single oil company out there who allow visits at anytime. You MAY be able to get a visit in at a farm that an oil company sources from but they have limited visit hours and will not allow you into every inch of the fields and labs.

Young Living has full control of the practices and standards occurring on their farms

Owning their own farms also means they are able to set the highest farming standards available. This includes:

• Chemical free soil for 50+ years before the location is granted approval to plant for harvest.

• 5 years of successful growing before being deemed eligible to harvest for oils.

• Continual testing of water, soil, and air.

• 50 trained scientists on staff.

• NO conventionally grown seeds are permitted for use in Young Livings Farms.

• Controlling pests with the use of their own pure essential oils.

Young Living White Aria Diffuser

Young Living requires third party testing in addition to their on site testing labs

Considering Young Living houses their own testing labs on site, you might be wondering about third party testing. Third party testing is an important standard as it ensures there are no conflicts of interest. ALL of Young Livings Oils are testing using a third party. Their labs on site are an additional measure used to ensure quality of crops harvested before using to create the oils and to ensure quality throughout the distillation and bottling process. Following this, they are all tested by a third party as a final stamp of approval.

In fact, by the time you get open that bottle of Young Living essential oil in your hands, it’s been tested almost 100 times for a variety of standards.

Young Livings Fields are Weeded by Hand

Yes! It’s a task and one that costs quite a hefty price but Young Living ensures that they use this over chemical pesticides to ensure the purity of the oils. For example, it costs $12,000/acre to weed their lavender fields at the farm in Mona. If they opted for pesticide use, it would only cost $60/acre. This is a massive investment into the quality of the oils being produced.

As nature would have it, YL has also employed goats in sole farm fields to naturally weed their fields. This is an economical option and not only do these goats weed between crops, but they fertilize the soil naturally with their droppings.

Young Living ensures they use the best sustainability practices in their farming and distillation processes

At Young Living’s Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah, no water is wasted in the steam distillation process, and the reduced amount of water we use saves roughly 260 million gallons a year. Hydrosols from the distillation process are recycled for the farming process rather than wasted.

This type of sustainability is carried over to other types of farms such as the Northern Lights Spruce farm in BC Canada. At the tree farm, wood chips are sent back to the land as a compost.

In fact, every young living farm has its own method of organic composting that comes from the leftover plants following the distillation process. This includes soil preparation using methods like safflower coverings between crops to ensure water retention and health of the soil.

The farms also have their own organic worm farms and bee hives. Pollination is an important aspect of growing healthy plants and having bees working to pollinate on the farm itself is an incredible practice.

Young Living carries one of the largest selections of Essential Oils & Natural Products

Young Livings farms produce a wide variety of plants and they have grown their selection since the early 1990’s. The range of selection is hard to compete with. Whether you want your home to smell beautiful or you need to reach for an oil for sleep, emotions or little boo boos, there is something for everything.

Previous to Young Living, I purchased from another oil company that only really produced herbally oil blends. I wanted to complete ditch toxic candles but found the lack of aromas this company provided did not satisfy me. I was under the impression that all essential oils must have been constrained into this scent profile until I experienced Young Living.

Young living carries so many different oils with a variety of notes. I have been able to replace past loved candles and even perfumes with these oils. Whether you prefer mulled spices, sweet citrus fruits, exquisite florals, smooth vanillas and musks or even tropical scents, Young Living has an option that will dupe any Bath & Body works candle!

In addition to this, Young Living carries over 400 natural products. This includes anything from oils, to Thieves household cleaning products, to shampoos and conditioners, to bug repellant, and more. It really is a one stop shop for all things natural.

Young Living’s Aesthetic is unbeatable

Nothing is more beautiful and serene than an Aria Diffuser sitting on a counter pumping a magical mist into the sunlight peeling through the window. It’s about as zen as you get. This part is what I find most therapeutic. Not only do my oils provide a range of supports for my family and I, but I find such peace just watching the beautifully crafted diffusers running and doubling as complimentary home decor.

Their diffusers are stunning and some of the highest quality made. In addition to that, I find their rainbow labeled bottles of oils to be just as beautiful to display. Whether it’s on a handcrafted bohemian wood shelf or just sitting beside the diffuser, the oil bottles wear their own beautiful jackets of colour. Fun Fact: The colours are coded for the types of plants the oils come from.

Comparing Young Livings Seed to Seal standards with USDA organic certification

These standards have been upheld for many years. Young Living is one of the original essential oil companies dating back to the early 1990’s. Here is how the seed to seal standards stand up to a USDA organic certification:

Purity of Essential Oils: How to watch out for false claims when choosing an oil company

Young Living has always set and surpassed industry standards for their quality essential oils and growing practices. They are a quality oil company that produces some of the purest oils available. Many oil companies, especially those sold in grocery stores and targets, are not pure essential oils.

What does this mean?

Essential oils are distillations from plants. If an oil contains more ingredients than just the essential oil itself, it is not considered an essential oil. Many oils from low quality companies are adultered by adding synthetic fragrances or toxic substances and fillers. Due to a lack of regulations on product labelling, many of these companies can hide behind false marketing claims such as “all natural” on the oil label. This unfortunately leads to many consumers purchasing low quality products and often have poor experiences with these oils which tarnishes their experience with oils in general. I

I have heard many people claim essential oils didn’t work for them only to find out it was an oil purchase from a target bin. The experience of using oils is often much more pleasant and effective when it’s a true essential oil. It’s so important to ensure the oil you are choosing is PURE essential oil like Young Living.

How to start with Young Living Essential Oils

Ready to experience the purity & quality of Young Living essential oils? Here’s how to shop:

1. Click this link HERE

2. Create your free account by filling out your information.

3. Plug in my referral #21615326 when filling out your information.

** If you do not provide a referral number, young Living will put your account into a “lottery” and connect you with someone at random. It really does matter who you are connected with. It’s SO important to jump into this with someone who will provide educational resources and help. This is not guaranteed without a referral #. Our wellness community is filled with resources. When you create your account linked to me, I will email you a list of private education groups and resources available to our members. You’ll also get access to me as your personal resource if you have questions or need any help using you oils and products. **

4. Sign into your account and shop whenever you like! You can grab a cart full of items that speak to you or check out the starter bundles that come at great savings and get you started with everything you’ll need!

** There are no minimums for spending, no monthly requirements, no requirements to sell. It’s just a membership that connects you to our wellness community and gets you wholesale pricing (24% off). Note: in the US, you must either add ONE item to subscribe & save or spend 100pv to unlock the wholesale discount. Any member who enrolls with me and spends 100pv within the first 30 days of creating their membership will get a welcome gift. **

Need any help? I’m here for you! Just reach out and I can help answer any of your questions.

Excited to get oiling with you, friend!

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