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My Step by Step Deeply Hydrating Winter to Spring Skincare Routine

April 5, 2018

I have had a lot of questions regarding my skincare routine as of late and I had to share the product line up that has helped mend the dry winter skin and help me transition into the Spring with a glow. Besides being all star products that are highly coveted in the green beauty world, they all have the most gorgeous spring scents which are helping boost my mood along with the sunshine that’s poking through the clouds a bit more these days. I test out products a lot but I always come back to these brands which makes them extra special to me. As someone who has suffered with terrible acne breakouts in my teen years and early adulthood, these are the kinds of products and methods that have helped pull me out of those uncomfortable moments and have helped me maintain clear and glowing skin for years.

So here it is, a quick and dirty (but really clean) green beauty skincare regime:

* This post includes some affiliate links. This means that any product purchased from my links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love.. these commissions help to cover Bloom + Clementine’s fees so that this website can stay alive and I can continue sharing my green beauty passion with you all. Thank you for supporting my little green space on the internet. *

Sahajan Ayeurvedic Essential Oil Cleanser

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So this Cleanser is actually brand new to me as it just launched this past month. While it hasn’t hit the mandatory 30-60 day trial run that I usually hold all products to before I fully review or share them, it has been through the hormonal peak of the month with my skin and was a true superstar when it came to removing all the makeup and debris from my face at the end of the day. It’s no surprise I love oil cleansing (you can read about how it healed my acne with the oil cleansing method here), and I am finding this Cleanser in particular to be a great option for any first timers that want to jump on the oil cleansing team. Why? It’s texture and viscosity. It can be intimidating to Oil cleanse at the beggining as it feels so different from  what we are used to. This formula is a thinner oil cleanser, making it feel closer to a traditional face wash. It also smells like fresh spring flowers as soon as you open the bottle, which gave the most luscious first impression. I have fallen hard for this cleanser, and while it’s a bit premature when it comes to product testing (I’m 2-3 weeks into using this) I will continue to see how it fits for my skin but my prediction is that it will continue to impress me and will be a staple in my beauty shelf.

You can find Sahajan’s Cleanser HERE


AMLY Botanicals ‘Beauty Sleep’ Silver Rich Face Mist

photo credit: AMLY Botanicals

Oh my.. this face mist! If you haven’t heard of or tried AMLY then you are completely missing out. I have only loved one other face mist this much (josh rosebrook’s hydrating accelerator), to find a product that has hit the top of my list is so impressive.

This brand was founded in the U.K. and uses colloidal silver found from a fresh stream on their property. Blend that with a plethora of skin loving botanicals, put it in a gorgeous glass mist bottle and you have a winner. It smells like fresh flowers (again, another product scent making me weak in the knees. This one has to be one of the best natural smelling products around). It also comes in a spray bottle that mists so evenly.. you won’t find any uneven or unpleasant sprays from this bottle, just a completely even soft mist every time.

You can find AMLY Face Mist’s HERE


Maya Chia Super Couple Serum

photo credit: maya chia 


Of course I’m including the super couple as it’s been a relatively long standing staple in my Beauty routine for a while now. This blend of astaxanthin and supercritical Chia oil is a skin loving serum meant to lock in hydration, boost glow, and soften skin tone. Astaxanthin is well known to help reverse and prevent sun damage. This serum is lightweight and absorbs immediately. Its the most beautiful ruby gemstone colour and has repaired so many imperfections from sun damage in my skin. Read my full review of the super couple HERE.

You can find the Super Couple HERE


MUN Aknari Serum

photo credit: mun skincare

MUN is another brand I’ve had in my beauty shelf for a long time. I use the Aknari serum as more of a face Oil/moisturizer thanks to its rich oils. It is a simple yet incredibly effective face Oil/serum that plumps, evens and leaves the most luminous glow. You can read my full review HERE.

You can find MUN Aknari Serum HERE.

MUN Skincare has offered a generous 15% off discount with code: BLOOM


Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF (Day time only)


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and of course you have to finish your routine off with an SPF whether you’re inside or outside (if the suns up, the SPF is on). Josh Rosebrook is my number one choice for protecting my face from damaging rays. The scent is a very soft cocoa and it is packed full with a synergistic blend of wild harvested and organic ingredients that will help soothe and repair the skin. The SPF is a physical blocker of non nano zinc oxide which is meant to be patted into the skin. Once absorbed, the Nutrient day cream leaves no white cast and locks in hydration.

You can find Nutrient Day Cream SPF HERE (U.S.) or HERE (Canada)


Mahalo Care’s Mahalo Balm (Night time only)


photo credit: MAHALO care

At night time I love to layer a face balm over my other products to help lock in all the moisture and allow my skin to drink up while its repairing. Whenever I include a balm in my night time routine, I wake up with skin that glows much brighter. Of all the balms I have tried, I think my hat goes off to Mahalo for creating a product that so deeply hydrates, repairs, soothes, and plumps. The Mahalo balm is a blend of wild harvest botanicals from Hawaii (the home of Mahalo Care) and its one of the most luxurious and lush skin care lines I’ve had the privilege of using on my skin. It has an herbal scent which helps lull me to sleep and it comes in a generously sized bottle. This balm will add the icing to your cake when it comes to skincare. Its important to mention that this balm can be used and loved during the day as well, although I personally choose to enjoy its benefits at night. It gives me something to look forward to and rounds out my night time skin care ritual perfectly.

You can find Mahalo’s Balm HERE


Mahalo Petal Mask


photo credit: MAHALO care

If you want a mask that hydrates then Mahalo’s Petal Mask is always my first choice. It is one of the most exquisite face masks that I have used personally and just like the Mahalo Balm, is comprised of wild harvested and organic ingredients from the Island of Hawaii. This mask is a dream for anyone with sensitive or redness prone skin like mine, its like having a spa in a jar that you can use over and over in the comfort of your own home. It has the softest pink hue and smells like a field of fresh tropical flowers. To be more specific, here is Mahalo’s description of the scent which I couldn’t have explained better myself: “sweet, floral, gentle and uplifting. Layered notes of rose, vanilla, jasmine and ylang ylang, rounded by a gentle and sweet honey aroma.” Doesn’t it just sound delicious? My skin is always left with an even skin tone, extra plumping, softened texture and sealed in moisture. I love this mask, it has certainly made it to my top 3 recommended face masks overall.

You can find Mahalo’s Petal Mask HERE

May Lindstorm’s Problem Solver

Now I dont typically fall head over heels for a dry mask, I’m a wet mask kinda gal. Every once in a while a product comes around that completely changes my mind and May Lindstrom, the Queen of green skin treats, has done just that. Not surprisingly, as her products are some of ‘the dreamiest’ sitting in my beauty shelf.. but this mask is the perfect solution to my acne prone skin during a seasonal shift. You simply add water to this mask and apply then wait for it to dry. It creates a glowing, even, bright complexion through its warming and correcting abilities. It will circulate your skin but its the first mask of its kind that hasn’t left me looking like a tomato afterwards. In fact, it leaves my skin so even toned and ready to apply the rest of my regime after.  I use this once a week or when my skin is getting a bit angry. This product does come with a higher price tag but it also is incredibly generous in size (seriously, this jar is huge and lasts me well over 6 months if not more) and contains some of the best sourced ingredients available. Not to mention, it basically doubles as an exfoliant as it manually removes debris when you wash it off at the end.

You can find the Problem Solver HERE (U.S.) or HERE (Canada)

There you have it, my current skincare regime.. I began this complete routine mid winter and it helped dramatically reduce my dry winter skin (And the breakouts that came with it) and I will be continuing with the products well into the Spring and Summer to help aid with the seasonal shifts that always seem to irritate my skin. Any questions or comments, please leave a message below!

Happy Spring Green Beauties!



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