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Green Beauty Product of the Week: MUN Skincare’s Aknari Serum

March 2, 2018

I am trying to be more intentional with my products but this can pose a challenge when I have a line up of products waiting to be tested. That being said, there are always the products that I come back to regardless of how many testing phases bench them and I created the product of the week series to highlight these top performers. This week I wanted to highlight a product that I’ve come back to recently due to winter dryness. I forgot how nourishing, hydrating and plumping this bottle of goodness was. I am SO glad I rediscovered it on my shelf this past month when my skin was giving me a hard time. This product taught me so much about my skin.. it reminded me that simplicity is sometimes the key, that my skin is highly reactive and that I NEED to remember that and come back to the regimen that works best for me: minimalism. Minimalism is the philosophy that MUN Skincare was built on, thanks to Japanese influences from the creator of this coveted skincare line herself. That is why I’m sharing my love for MUN Skincare today and their minimal yet powerful Aknari Serum.

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This product has only three ingredients in its formulation. Something that I was hesitant about when I first tried it but then I remembered that when I healed my acne years ago, I actually only used one single effective oil which did the trick beautifully. What is different between this product and others? How can it work so well when it only contains three ingredients? Here’s are two things to consider when choosing quality skin care.

1. Sourcing: the ingredients are sourced really well. You could have two completely different outcomes from the same oil sourced from different places. Be very conscious of whether or not the ingredients in your skincare are organic or wildharvested. Also be conscious of WHERE they are sourced from.. specific ingredients are grown with better results and potency depending on where they are grown (similarly to winery areas and the quality of grapes).

“MUN is an innovative range of extraordinarily pure and effective products that rely on healing botanicals, grown under pristine conditions that protect the soil’s complex ecosystem to retain the highest concentration of rich nutrients and potent bioactives. Our potent formulas, free of unnecessary additives, work synergistically to nurture, balance and brighten all skin types for radiant vitality at every age.” -MUN Skincare website.

2. Targeted ingredients: Do your research when you choose your products and know your skin type! Using a product that is targeted to a skin type that is completely opposite to yours will either be too reactive or not active enough. Once you know your skin type, read up on the ingredients in each product and see if they match well to your skin needs.

If you read the quote I’ve listed above from the MUN website you’ll see that they have created their products to work “synergistically”. What does this mean? When ingredients work synergistically together they are bringing out the best of each other, they create a stronger effect working together than on their own. When brands do their research and find ingredients that boost each others power, you can be sure you’ve found a good one.

Mun’s Aknari serum hits both of the considerations above in my opinion. Munemai, the creator of MUN and decorated makeup artist (creating looks for some of the biggest names on high fashion runways and editorials), has sourced her ingredients to the highest quality. She has also chosen three very beneficial ingredients that are actually really good for all skin types! A great thing about only three ingredients is that the product works well across the board of skin types, age, gender, and more.

The 3 ingredients found in the powerful bottle of Aknari are:

Argan Oil this is an ingredient that has hit mainstream these past five years. Unfortunately, not everyone is experiencing the benefits this oil has to give because many products have been sourced inadequately and have over processed this oil into their formulas. I have used many different brands of argan oil and I attest to MUN as being one of the best in quality! Argan oil is extremely high in vitamin E and fatty acids which is what gives you the plumpness and softness to your skin. It is a great option for anyone who has sensitive skin as it is non irritating. Argan oil quickly absorbs into the skin.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil This ingredient has gained some traction these past few years and for good reason. It is from the prickly pear plant (yes, the cactus) and the oil is extracted from their leaves. Prickly pear seed oil holds so many amazing benefits and actually includes MORE vitamin e and fatty acids than most other oils. This oil is incredibly high in linoleic acid and is a powerhouse for anyone who has dull or redness prone skin. It reduces hyperpigmentation and redness, brightens complexion, and reduces dark circles under the eyes (making it a great oil for the underage area). It also contains a high level of betalains which slow the aging process via antioxidants. Lastly, it improves the collagen production of skin which is important for maintaining plump skin and delaying fine lines. Munemai has sourced this ingredients sustainably from a local cooperative of women in Morocco, so you can be sure of its purity & potency.

Damascan Rose Oil This oil is one of the hardest to extract while packing a plethora of skin boosting benefits. This is arguably the most expensive oil you can buy and is what brings up the price tag on the beauty products that contain it. Rose oil is incredibly high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also boosts skins natural moisture barrier which helps your skin stay hydrated. This oil is VERY successful at treating inflammation, redness and acne. I find that this oil always leaves my skin tone much more even, and reduces the redness from my cheeks dramatically.

While this oil packs a serious punch and is an incredibly rich source of skin care benefits, anyone who is sensitive to strong smells may want to be aware that any product containing pure rose oil will smell strongly. While it doesn’t give me headaches like synthetic fragrances do, it can be overpowering if worn on its own. I personally love the smell of roses so while it smells strong, its still beautiful. This is just a little side note I wanted to add for anyone who may not like the smell of Roses or is effected by strong notes. If you ask me, I would never find this enough to stop using my beloved Aknari Serum as the benefits are just too good to go without. I also find that the strength of the rose scent is gone within an hour or so.

I apply Aknari serum after cleansing and toning. It is so hydrating, plumping and glow inducing that I often choose to use it by itself (without adding another face oil, moisturizer or balm) but it can also be added to a regimen or routine to boost the benefits dramatically. I am so glad I have fallen in love all over again with this super hero status face serum, as it has truly changed my skin for the better during a season when my skin is typically at its worst. As if the resume above wasn’t enough, MUN Skincare’s entire line of products are always:

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • 100% Natural

All of which are things that I look for when choosing products to add into my skincare routine. Want to add a little AKNARI love into your skincare routine? You can grab this powerful serum from The Detox Market (U.S.)The Detox Market (Canada), or Credo Beauty.

Read my full review on the entire MUN Skincare line HERE.



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