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I REALLY wanted to love the Menstrual Cup, but I didn’t and here’s why..

September 13, 2016

This ones for the Ladies!

For those who don’t know what a Menstrual Cup is.. It is an alternative way to deal with periods that doesn’t involve chemical filled cotton tampons or pads. It is a small medical grade silicone cup that is worn similarly to a tampon but rather than absorbing, it catches blood. This was supposed to be my new go to and I wanted so badly to love this product.. Sadly, after months of trial and error this option didn’t work for me. This doesn’t mean that it wont work for everyone because I’ve heard some positive testimonials to this cup and certainly don’t want to knock an invention that is working towards improving women’s health, but I know that many women are looking for healthier options and so I wanted to give my most honest opinion.

There are THREE reasons why this feminine cup didn’t work for me which I’ll review and hopefully help other women on their journey to reproductive health.

Reason # 1: The Cup is too long.. but this isn’t necessarily the cups fault..

This is my number one complaint and apparently this means I may have a shorter cervix. This cup comes in two sizes, one for women under 30 who have not had children and one for women who are either over 30 or have had children. However, this cup does not range in size depending on the LENGTH of your cervix. I read about how this may be a result of how you place the cup but after months of testing this out I am confident that my placement was not the issue. I was never comfortable while wearing it and the cup itself would pop out at the end which indicated a shorter cervix and a lack of sizing options for this product. It is suggested that you are able to cut off the stem at end of the cup if it sticks out but this did not solve my issue. That being said, There needs to be more options as women just aren’t built the same. I am aware that there are several brands of menstrual cups and have been told that some of them are slightly shorter in length, so perhaps in the future I will give another brand a try.

Reason # 2: I could feel it.. Which may not be the case for everyone..

This was especially true when I sat down or was sleeping. When I sat it felt like the cup was resisting the bend of my body.. This came with a small jolt from the cup against my cervix and a ton of pressure as I continued to sit. For anyone who hasn’t experienced cervix pain, this is not a fun feeling. Not to mention, I am a stomach sleeper and I move around a lot. This did not help the situation either as everytime I moved I experienced the same jolt causing a rather unsettling sleep at night.

Reason # 3: It Leaked.. The monthly nightmare every woman shares..

Leakage! Wearing white was just not an option with this product. The instructions direct you on how to properly place this cup as well as a few trouble shooting options when leaking occurs, but unfortunately this was just not working well enough for me! There were a few times where it worked for a couple of hours but nothing ended my constant anxiety over whether or not the world was soon going to know that it was my time of the month.. Just not something you want to deal with especially while you’re out and about. Leaking also seemed to happen quite frequently at night. Every time I moved the cup didn’t move with me and opened up some gateways for Aunt Flow to pass through. I eventually gave up after a few months of this and although I won’t be using this particular brand again, I will definitely be looking into other brands. I have heard that the UK makes a menstrual cup that has worked for many women experiencing the same troubleshooting issues as I have.

My Overall Thoughts:

This product just wasn’t for me or my anatomy.. I have heard great things from others but I just can’t say that this option is a universal one for all women. This option seemed like a dream to me as the cup offers no chance of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome), is made from chemical free medical grade silicone, is reusable and environmentally friendly, prevents a dent in your monthly budget, and even says the suction from the cup will reduce your period by a whole day! You really cant go wrong if this cup will work for your body type.. So I hope in the future more options for menstrual cups will be available to us gals who may not fit the “cervical mold”. In the meantime I will be on the hunt for healthier options for us ladies as I think it is SO important to reduce chemical and hazardous health exposure to the organs that are so unique to us and allow us to perform some pretty miracle worthy feats!

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  • Reply Susanne May 30, 2017 at 9:05 am

    You may want to give instead cups a try. they offer disposable ones and re-useable – i only quit using them because they got hard to find. the silicone ones being pushed more and more by stores here – which actually work just fine for me.
    The main upside i found in using cups, is the smell. i used to be able to smell pads and tampons, but with a cup, there is nothing. an no garbage either.

    • Reply Bloom & Clementine May 30, 2017 at 10:04 am

      That is a great suggestion! I will definitely try that out, I completely agree with the positives you listed for cups over other sanitary products! Thank you for the suggestion!!!

  • Reply Mariya September 13, 2017 at 1:57 pm

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