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A Game changing Mineral Foundation for flawless skin from All Natural Collection

September 23, 2016

Once upon a time I was addicted to Bare Minerals, a mineral powder foundation line that gave the most beautiful coverage and matched my skin perfectly. Imagine my upset when I started breaking out like crazy only to find out that they certainly aren’t as natural as I had thought. No, just because the company uses the word “minerals” does not make it the safest make up for your skin. Bare Minerals in particular had the ingredient, Bismuth Oxychloride, the main culprit in the bumps and blemishes forming all over my face after a few months of using this product.

For almost a year I thought it was something else that had started to destroy my complexion (pre-green educated) and I was sure that a mineral makeup wasn’t causing this. In fact, it never crossed my mind at all! Eventually after scrounging through article after article and forum after forum, I found one comment from a girl who seemed to be experiencing similar issues as mine and it brought to light that the Bismuth Oxychloride in Bare minerals has been causing acne for so many people. I began googling and found loads of information on this single ingredient that seems to tango quite ruthlessly with skin. So I had to ditch my foundation powder, the one that I was finally happy with and made all my flawless airbrushed make up dreams come true. Because it also made all my complexion night mares come true simultaneously.

Since then I had tried a few cleaner versions of mineral foundations and have been pretty let down by their performance. Until I recently found one of my favourite natural skin and beauty shops, All Natural Collection. This shop has such a range of organic and natural beauty products that just scream amazing! Not only that, the owner is a lovely person that I’ve been honoured to work with and brings with her some of the best Australian green beauty brands that we haven’t had the pleasure of hearing about quite yet. So she sent me this package, a sweet mix of goodies so I could test out these new brands. Eco Minerals all the way from Byron Bay Australia was one of them and I am so glad she decided to throw this one in. This mineral foundation is the bees knees and works JUST AS WELL as Bare Minerals had in terms of coverage and performance. I was expecting this to be similar to the other brands I had tested out before that worked fine but lacked that certain oomph.. but was I ever wrong! It glided on beautifully with the kabuki brush she had sent along with the powder (another gold medal for the brush as it is the first kabuki that I’ve owned that has a longer handle and is much easier to use because of that feature). It set perfectly into my skin without any creases or cake-iness. It.. Just.. Set.. Perfectly.. I sort of sat there stunned and then had to show Steve (who notices every tiny detail and was sure to notice the coverage I just got from a mineral powder) and he confirmed my excitement.. This foundation was a perfect match to my skin, covered beautifully, looked natural as ever, and made my complexion glow. So happy I’ve found this product and it is certainly one I will be re-purchasing when the time comes.

I chose the regular version over the matte powder. I don’t like matte powders as I prefer a bit of a natural glow on my skin. It wasn’t sparkly like some non-matte mineral powders can be but a perfect subtle dewy finish. She also sent me a small sample of an illuminator by the same company that adds a little more glow for the days you need it and this is a game changer for me. I swipe this powder over my cheek bones, end of my nose and chin… and voila! Perfect complexion.

I am so glad I met this lovely shop owner and was introduced to this brand. She really knows what to stock in her shop and this line is most certainly one of them! The mineral foundation, kabuki brush, and illuminating powder by Eco Minerals are a must try trio for any green beauty looking for soft and perfectly finished skin.

Patricia was lovely enough to extend a FREE kabuki brush ($15.00 value) with each purchase of Eco minerals powder foundation (while supplies last). No code needed!

I am also excited to say that there were a few other brands that hit a home run from her shop and I’ll be telling you all about them over the next few weeks!

You can shop this line and so many other great brands from her shop at the link below:




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