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A convenient one cup ceramic coffee maker + a recipe for coconut maple iced coffee:

August 10, 2018

Coffee is a love language and for some, a lifeline! Nothing makes the experience of coffee better than a perfectly smooth brewed cup. One of the things that has always been my pet peeve was that I didn’t want to make an entire pot if I only wanted one perfect cup of brewed coffee. I also avoid the plastic pod coffee machines (which may be convenient, but come with the extra waste for our Earth and are brewed with hot water through plastic pods). Sometimes I want just one conveniently brewed cup that tastes as good as it would if it came from a cafe.


This always seemed to be a daunting process in the morning, whether it was when I worked 9-5 or now being a busy Mum with little to no time in the mornings for myself.. I always seem to default to overspending at a coffee shop. But, recently I think I have found my perfect match when it comes to coffee brewing and that inconvenience went right out the window.I have fallen head over heels for the Melitta pour over method. These ceramic pour over coffee makers will brew a cup for you in seconds that isn’t compromised by plastic pods, doesn’t require a machine, tastes amazing and in only 3 steps. This method has big similarities to brewing loose leaf teas in that you set the pour over coffee maker on top of your cup, add filter and grounds of your choice, and pour your hot water over the grounds. The coffee pours through perfectly into your cup without any grinds falling through. Not to mention, when you’re finished you have very little clean up and the pour over coffee maker takes up as much space as a coffee mug in your cabinet afterwards for storage. No extra small appliances cluttering up your counters or being pushed back into a cupboard filled to the brim with the rest of your small appliances.


There’s just so many reasons why this coffee maker is so convenient! What’s neat about this brand is the history behind it. It was created by a German housewife, Melitta Bentz, who had drank too many cups of coffee that didn’t properly filter the coffee grounds and tasted bitter. This sparked the idea to use a brass bowl, poke holes inside, use paper as a filter and pour hot water over the grinds through the contraption to create a smooth, grind free, artisan worthy cup of coffee. This idea budded into an incredibly successful family business which is still family owned to this day. Melitta’s pour over method eventually came into Canada before becoming an international sensation.


Now, over years of perfecting this 3 step method, they have created some gorgeous options for Melitta pour over coffee makers and I am loving using the ceramic brewer. Besides being incredibly easy to pour the perfect cup of artisanal coffee for one, It’s also incredibly easy to enjoy a fresh cup of iced coffee using this method of brewing. It can be poured directly over ice to help cool off on these warmer summer days (when a hot cup may just not fit the bill). I wanted to share my recipe for a sweet, healthy, iced coffee that you’ll love for the summer months, the maple coconut iced coffee.


Maple Coconut Iced Coffee Recipe


What you’ll need

-fresh coffee grounds

-full fat organic coconut milk

-pure maple syrup-ice cubes

The Steps

1. before pouring through your Melitta coffee maker, add ice to a mug/mason jar of your choice.

2. add full fat organic coconut milk to the ice (however much milk you desire in your coffee)

3. add 1 tsp. of pure maple syrup

4. use the Melitta pour over method by placing the coffee maker over your mug/mason jar and adding after through the coffee grinds.

5. once your coffee has been added to the drink, stir and enjoy!



This drink is sure to please the most savvy coffee drinkers and health nuts. It’s made within minutes and you can avoid any larger coffee appliances and clean up. Melitta has definitely created a convenient and high quality way to make a cup of coffee. As a Mama who doesn’t generally get her coffee ready while simultaneously getting my toddler ready, it’s been a treat to add a quick cup to my mornings again. Click HERE for tips on how to perfect this brewing method and make the perfect cup of pour over coffee.


Melitta is now conveniently available to shop online in their new online store. To grab your own ceramic pour over coffee maker head to their shop HERE and get 15% off your Melitta purchase using the promo code Kara15%. To learn more about the benefits of the Melitta filtering process, click HERE.


*This Post was sponsored by Melitta, as always, my opinions are my own*

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