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March 2016


Blue Brontide: the most adorable eco friendly and organic baby dish sets and accessories

March 31, 2016

I was perusing my instagram account one day when I stumbled upon this adorable little shop, Blue Brontide. Their wooden plate sets and softly coloured baby accessories were of a quality I just had to admire. I have been looking all over for a plate set that fit my standards and unfortunately, there aren’t many out there that don’t include plastic in some way or another. I don’t have a completely plastic free home, but I try as much as I can to replace it when possible and especially for items we eat from.

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Cloth diapering part 1: Our switch to cloth diapers and my first impression

March 22, 2016

This is something I’ve always wanted to do for my baby and the environment. Unfortunately, at the beginning of motherhood I was so overwhelmed with new gadgets and a new baby that cloth diapering seemed to be something that might put me over the edge. I have recently found out that a complete meltdown likely would not have happened as cloth diapering so far has been a smooth sailing operation. In fact, I’m in love with it! It’s SO much easier than I could have ever anticipated and can you blame me for loving the bright colours and prints I get to put on my baby girl now?

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Health Lifestyle

My Favourite Seasonal Detox: A Beneficial & Non-Restrictive Program

March 17, 2016

I have done my fair share of detox systems and I must say that coming from a background of eating issues, I am very cautious on what I will recommend to others. Many of the cleanse or detox programs on the market require you to replace a meal with their product or they use harsh ingredients that cause a laxative effect wreaking havoc on your electrolytes and organs. I am also quite an advocate of healthy eating and lifestyle over any fad diets or programs. I just don’t believe in miracle programs and I don’t use them as a weight loss aid at this point. Setting a goal of weight loss is fine, but this should not be your primary goal, health should be! When you provide your body with the proper nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs to function, it will eventually shift to its most effective set weight point. It’s a good idea to cleanse your system every season change if possible. This gives your body a little kick start and gets rid of some unwanted baggage to help every system run a bit more smoothly.

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Household Lifestyle

The Miracle Soap: 29 different ways I use Dr. Bronner’s in my home

March 11, 2016

This product has been a staple in my cupboard for years now. It is the chameleon of the natural world. It can be diluted at different ratios to create a never ending list of useful products all in one! Every time I turn around, I hear of another use for Dr. Bronner’s castile soap that I hadn’t before! Castile soap is a term used for the soaps that are made purely of vegetable oils rather than animal fats. This makes them 100% pure, vegan and cruelty free! This soap is also a big money saver if you’re trying to budget or want to save a few dollars on everyday household and hygeine products.

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10 Reasons Why Sugar is Harmful & a Healthy Alternative: (Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe included)

March 7, 2016

I have been searching FOREVER for a sugar substitute that wasn’t made of harmful chemicals. I am not concerned about the calories as much as I am the health issues resulting from products like Splenda, or even sugar itself. There has been a lot of coverage on the health issues caused by sugar. In addition to this, most of the people eating sugar aren’t using raw cane sugar but are ingesting the white granulated, highly processed, highly BLEACHED table sugar. No, that white table sugar is not in it’s natural form.

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Natural Laundry Soda: why you should consider natural and what toxins are behind the big laundry brands…

March 1, 2016

Laundry is something we do every week of our lives. If you have a family, this can sometimes add up to a few times a day. With the frequency of our laundry cycles, is there a better alternative to the products we buy in the grocery stores? Studies have found that dryer vents give off more than 25 volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) while drying your clothes after washing. These come from laundry detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets. This is not good for the environment considering most dryer vents attach to the outside of your home. However, this is even worse for anyone who has a dryer vent that blows inside the home or is backed up accidentally. So that “nice” smell you take in when your dryer is making your clothes warm and toasty, is actually very bad for you!

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