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February 2016


Gentle products for Babies Skin: Olive Baby Company

February 23, 2016


Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

There are so many differences between your baby’s skin and your own. This is why companies manufacture separate products for a baby to use when little. Unfortunately, many companies are only using this science as a way to sell an additional product and aren’t really giving you a skin care line that will protect and heal your baby’s skin.

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Health Lifestyle

9 Reasons Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil is Good for You: Skinny Coconut Oil

February 22, 2016

This single ingredient has become a massive trend in the world of natural healthcare. Lists are written of the many different ways you can use this miracle oil in your everyday life. I always have it on hand in my household, whether it’s for cooking, oil pulling, or moisturizer when I’ve run out of mine for a few days. You just cant find another ingredient that is this versatile.

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Baby & Eve for Baby bums! (How to effectively eliminate diaper rash the natural way)

February 20, 2016

Time to talk about one of my favourite go-to’s when my little one has a diaper rash. I was lucky in the sense that my baby didn’t get a diaper rash till she was started on solid food. Now that her own body is trying to process the acidity in some fruits and vegetables, it generally results in a red little bum. I had been using Baby & Eve all along for diaper changes and loved it. It kept her skin moisturized and I never had any issues! But I only realized the amazing benefits of their ingredients when these diaper rashes began. This realization made my mother nature loving heart glow, I love when products exceed my expectations!

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9 Health Benefits of ‘Dandy Blend’: A Healthy Replacement for Coffee

February 16, 2016

Looking for an alternative to coffee? Many people are in this predicament, generally out of preference or because their doctor told them to cut back. Some are just looking to cut down on this infamously addictive drink. Coffee certainly has it’s health benefits but due to the potency of this drink, some people can experience unwanted side effects. Coffee has been noted for it’s ability to reduce risk of diabetes and fight free radicals. However, it is also a culprit for osteoporosis, accelerated aging, weight gain due to blood sugar fluctuations during consumption, and has been known to carry many pesticides as the coffee bean is one of the heaviest sprayed crops. If anything it is very important to purchase organic coffee to avoid the overuse of pesticides at the farming level.

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Beauty Lifestyle

10 Toxic ingredients found in your shampoo & conditioner, and my favourite alternative:

February 14, 2016


When figuring out what product to write about first, the decision came pretty quickly. This was one of the most difficult switches for me and certainly the best end result I could ever imagine. I will admit, up until I was about 20 years old I was an avid user of some of the worst shampoos and conditioners you could possibly use for your hair. Full of terrible chemicals and dyes. Not only will these products eventually destroy those beautiful locks you grow on your head but also what is directly underneath it… your scalp… your skin! You will probably hear me preach countless times about how our skin is one of the most important and the largest organ in our body. We really do forget that what we ingest is not only due to what we consume through our mouths, but through our skin. We are constantly taking in pollutants and toxins from the millions of tiny little friends we call pores.

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Why you should Swap Out your Toxic Beauty Products

February 1, 2016


Over the years I’ve become passionate about healthy living and in particular natural products that help heal instead of harm. This lifestyle change came from years of battling an eating disorder and in turn healing through natural health care. The first healing step for me was using food as my medicine and learning what each food did for my body. That transformed into a love for researching and experimenting with the healthiest of products to trade in for the ones I was currently using. After much research, I started to realize how much our everyday items were actually harming us.

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