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October Detox Box Reveal: Kjaer Weiss Luxury Makeup

October 10, 2019

Oh no big deal.. nothing to see here.. just KJAER WEISS in the Detox Box this month.. did anyone else’s jaws drop? This might be the first time I ever have seen Kjaer Weiss in a subscription box at a discounted price. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to this brand yet. Kjaer Weiss is a high end luxury green makeup brand that creates refillable makeup products. Every single one of these products are refillable and can be purchased at a lower cost once you’ve got your hands on the beautifully designed metal containers. They are heavy and “weighty”.. one of those things that feel so good to hold (am I alone on this? Is it weird?) and they have that magnetic closure that keeps that from opening all over your purse.

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This month we’re seeing three full sized products from the brand. They are all neutral shades that will work on everyone and are perfect for everyday wear and can be transformed into night wear with a few dashes of extra colour and glam.

First up, the lip balm. It comes in the most beautiful cobalt black sleeve and has the magnetic slide and closure to keep it safely stored in your bag or makeup kit. The oils are so nourishing and this lip balm goes a long way in ensuring your lips are hydrated for the colder months. The best thing you can do for your lips is keep them moisturized. Not only does it keep the healthy and avoid chapping, but smooth lips mean lip colours will appear much nicer when you wear them.

Next is the eye shadow. This comes in the sleek slide open sleeve that is standard Kjaer Weiss packaging. The colour is a gorgeous camel toned medium brown. It is so smooth and pigmented. It blends amazingly well and can be worn as a wash on the entire lid (my personal preference.. it’s so pretty) or as a crease shade to really give impact and depth to your eyes. It’s more of a matte and suede finish which means it will work on all ages and skin types. The formula of this shadow really speaks to the level of luxe you receive when using a higher end brand like Kjaer Weiss.. it’s magical!

Lastly, the black liner pencil. This pencil is so creamy and can be worn as a solid line or blended. When applied it has a natural Smokey look to it which makes it great for everyday wear and can be blended out for night wear to add more intensity. I’m not a fan of dense liners, sometimes I find they don’t look natural enough and are for glam looks only. This is why I think this liner is amazing and versatile. It won’t sit in my makeup kit waiting for glam looks only, it’ll be a staple for every occasion to add some depth to my lash line.

If you want to learn more about this box then head over to the detox Market HERE (US) or HERE (Canada). This box is one of a kind and a rare opportunity to try out one of the most sought after natural beauty brands at a lowered cost. Highly suggest checking it out!

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