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May Detox Box Reveal: Agent Nateur Holi(oil) and Holi(stick) No. 3

May 8, 2019

We’ve been seeing major things come from the Detox Market’s green beauty box each month and I am floored by this months curation with Agent Nateur. If you haven’t heard me gush about this brand yet, here it goes:

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It was started in 2014 by owner, Jena Covello, a natural skincare goddess and the ultimate spokeswoman for all things holistic. Her flawlessly put together skincare line is sourced completely from Europe using the highest quality ingredients. Her Instagram account is where she shares golden nuggets of holistic health wisdom and helps promote alternative health for Women in particular. Her products and social presence are the two pillars that are behind the Agent Nateur brand.

Jena takes us behind the scenes in her instagram stories to show us her trips to Paris where she meets with organic and non gmo sources where she purchases the ingredients you see on the label of her products. Jena knows her stuff when it comes to sourcing and is incredibly transparent with the development of her brand and products. The choice of ingredient themselves is well thought out and then that is compounded by the fact that she travels Europe to find the highest quality grown botanicals available. Europe’s standards for their cosmetic industry as well as their strict rules against harmful pesticides and additives is what makes them the superior choice when sourcing ingredients.

Agent Nateur originally started as a deodorant brand when Jena created a quality option that really worked. If you dig into the history of her brand you will see there were many attempts from other brands to try and steal her formulations as their own but I can tell you from my experience that not many natural deodorant brands are going to even come close to her formulas and the quality of ingredients she uses. Try as they might, no one has been able to top her in the natural deodorant world.

Once she mastered this product she moved into skin and body care. She knew how to source and she understands what plants and botanicals are necessary to achieve amazing skin. Her brand has grown in the last few years as she has put out winner after winner. From her best selling deodorants to a skincare oil that creates an unbelievable glow and even tone to the skin. She has even since developed a vitamin c powder for the face, a body oil, face mist and a shave oil. I am determined to try this entire line to share with you all, in the meantime I am going to share the contents of this months detox box with you featuring two products that I already know and adore.

Holi(oil) youth serum

THIS oil is one of my top picks as it contains some of the most luxurious ingredients to achieve flawless skin. Bulgarian rose is one of the most expensive and luxurious oils for the skin. It’s benefits include (but are not limited to):

-Skin restoring properties as it helps regenerate the skin at a rapid pace.

-reduces inflammation making it great for anyone who experiences redness, or inflammatory conditions of the skin such as acne or eczema.

-it has a Moisturizing effect even though the oil is lightweight itself.

-May result in stress relief, as the oil penetrates the skin it will influence slower and calmer breathing patterns. It has been suggested that rose oil reduces blood pressure.

-it is also called the “female oil” as it has an incredible influence on balancing hormones.

-Fights free radicals and helps to reduce fine line.

Youth Serum also contains rosehip seed oil (one of my absolute favourite carrier oil options for the skin). Rosehip is an amazing choice for gentle resurfacing of the skin. It is rich in Vitamin A as well as C and will help to reduce hyperpigmentation, scarring, lines, etc. It’s a powerhouse oil!

Not to mention: calcium (for skin tightening and firming), oryza sativa (a powerful antioxidant high in vitamin E), and helichrysum (improves appearance of skin from scarring and redness). You cannot go wrong with this oils, and it can be used for almost any skin type!

Holi(oil) is a definite must try this month, the value for this is incredible! The oil absorbs so well into the skin leaving the silkiest satin finish and has been a god send for my parched postpartum skin. Highly HIGHLY recommend!

No. 3 Deodorant

I typically purchase the rose scented deodorant which is my everyday go to deodorant of choice. This box came with her Unisex option number 3 scent which is lavender, eucalyptus and honey. It is fresh and clean, goes on just as smooth (though you really don’t need to apply much, one swipe and a quick dab then you’re done.. this helps the deodorant to work and last). This formula does contain sodium bicarbonate which can be irritating to some, however, she does use less than many other deodorant brands which may make the difference for some. She also carries a sensitive option for those who just can’t do baking soda under their arms. This is the ultimate choice when it comes to deodorants!

These two products generally come at a higher price point as agent nateur is a luxury natural beauty brand that has impeccable sourcing. You can try out these two products, which I highly recommend, through the detox box for the month of May at a steeply discounted bundled price. Detox market is a no obligation subscription which means you can sign up for the month and cancel to just receive a specific brand. I do recommend the 3 and 6 month programs as they come at an even better rate and not once have I seen a curation I didn’t like from them.

This month alone is a perfect example of how Detox market is leading the way in product discovery with some of the best natural beauty brands available!

Check out the box HERE (U.S.) and HERE (Canada).

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