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Lotus Wei Flower Elixirs: What is Plant Alchemy?

November 1, 2016

I spent years working in the field of mental health care before becoming a Mother, which lead to me make the decision to stay home with my baby while she grows. While I worked, I spent a lot of time reading and applying all of the alternative modalities of therapy I could find. I have always gravitated towards therapies rooted in nature, mindfulness, and self awareness. I believe I steered towards these therapies because, I myself, benefited from therapies of this kind in conjunction with holistic healing while overcoming an eating disorder years ago. I still firmly believe in finding ways to de-stress and de-clutter my life. I have turned to mindfulness, meditation, yoga, naturopathy, reiki, and chakra therapy. Every single one of these practices incorporates an element of self care, which is something I am an advocate for.

Years of fine tuning my inner voice have lead to a complete recovery from my eating disorder, and since then I am in constant maintenance mode. I know it is very important to keep up with self care and self love practices so I don’t fall back into self preserving habits that may not be so positive in my life. So now, when I find new ways of preserving my calm, I get so very excited. It can be hard to find something in the natural healing world that I haven’t already read up on and in most cases tried myself. So when I recently stumbled upon Lotus Wei I got butterflies in my stomach (good ones). Lotus Wei is a company dedicated to creating pure and healing elixirs from fresh organic flowers. These elixirs are used in a therapy called ‘plant alchemy’. In it’s most basic explanation, plant alchemy is the use of plants and flowers for their herbal benefits to transform your mood and present state. Lotus Wei achieves this by suspending pure flower essences in water ,which they harvest and produce themselves. These create the gorgeous line of products that Lotus Wei is so famous for.

One of my favourite features of this company (besides their amazing flower power) is the flower quiz found on the Lotus Wei website. This quiz will ask you to choose three flowers from an group of pictures that stand out to you. From your choices, this quiz generates choices that would most benefit you from the Lotus Wei line. After taking the quiz myself I was pretty impressed with the choices it provided me. Based on the flowers I was drawn to I was going to benefit most from the Joy Juice and Infinte Love lines. So, I tried both of these lines out via their elixir drops and aura sprays.
Aura Sprays:

These sprays are typically used on yourself up to five times a day to achieve the results that each flower combination boasts. Their aura sprays are my favourite product from their line and are so versataille in their application.

Over the last 4 weeks I used the Aura sprays on myself five times per day and also gave my living space a little spritz here and there. These sprays work on your acupuncture meridians to create states of well being. They are safe to use on pets, children, and even husbands (although mine became quite confused when I sprayed joy juice over his head before explaining myself). Not only do they create an instant sense of therapeutic calm, but in the long term, this ritual will bring more health benefits than you could imagine.

These sprays have also filled a bit of a void that I have encountered since switching to green living. I was always a sucker for pungent, fruity, floral smelling perfumes. I stopped using conventional perfumes when I learned that using these everyday was close to the equivalent of smoking on the lungs and organs (thanks to the high amount of chemicals they contain). I have found some natural perfumes that have fit the bill but nothing came quite as close to ‘aroma-heaven’ as Lotus Wei has for me. They truly smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers jumping out at you from the bottle and they do so without chemical exposure.

Elixir Drops:

These drops are a mixture of flower essence and fresh organic honey that you take internally. They are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and also work on your acupuncture meridians to create a state of wellness. These are made from honey, so of course, you cannot give them to children under the age of 1. I have taken these everyday and have found that they create a very present and soft addition of joy (joy juice elixir) and self love (infinite love elixir) to my being. I also am wondering if they helped me bite a cold in the bud, as a sore throat had began for me but ended pretty quickly. I always use honey for colds and sore throats but the quick departure of those pesky viral bugs could have possibly been due to the flower essences since flowers have such a strong profile of health benefits. This is not something I can speak to being 100% true but I find the coincidence a little too big not to note it!

the Results:

In the month I was taking joy juice and infinite love, I had moments of skepticism as it took some time to truly notice the benefits of these products. I started to really notice a difference in myself around the end of the 3rd week. I felt some interesting shifts. I was feeling sort of ‘light’, an airy feeling almost. I can equate this feeling to when you complete tasks and less ‘mental weight’ is sitting on your shoulders. I attribute this feeling to the ‘Joy Juice’ that I had been taking as it is meant to add childlike joy to your life. I think this shift was my favourite, as being a stay at home Mom can come with days of never ending cleaning and tasks. I try my best to balance my household with my time spent playing with my little one. Time with her comes first, and this state of joy brought some of the heaviness of ‘balancing motherhood’ away for me.

I also felt a soft strengthening of my confidence and appreciation for myself. This I attributed to ‘Infinite Love’. This spray is meant to foster a sense of self love and love for others and while I am already highly empathetic and sensitive to others in my world, I can always use a touch of love for myself. I have had a shaky past in terms of self love and anything to give that part of my life a boost is worth every penny. Infinite Love will be a long standing addition to my self care routine as it promotes something that is so needed for myself and for many others.

After my month long trial with Plant Alchemy, I can definitely say that its a journey worth taking. They have a whole range of different products meant for different purposes. I think any natural form of self improvement is something worth investing in and I am adding Lotus Wei to my list of self care remedies. If you’re interested in their products, I strongly suggest taking the flower quiz here to see what potions would serve you best. If you want to have a look at their different products, you can get yourself some flower power at the link below. shop lotus wei

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