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Sunday Mood Box: Unboxing October Magic!

November 6, 2016

After the first ever Sunday Mood Box last September, I was beyond excited to recieve the October subscription in the mail. I am so impressed with how well curated this subscription has been right from the start but I expected no less from the lovely Hayley who I have kept in touch with after meeting via the blog world much earlier this year. This girl has become a member of my tribe and after being blown away by her organic and vegan skin care line, The Coal Miner’s Daughter, I am now in awe of her subscription service for vegan indie beauty lovers. She has found the perfect balance of accessories, beauty products and gorgeous teas. So, let’s get down to business and I can show off the October Magick Box:

Picture ​The Coal Miner’s Daughter Black Magic Charcoal Mask:

​I’ll start off with the awesomeness that is The Coal Miner’s Daughter. This line is one that I adore.. It’s organic, vegan, 100% natural and cruelty free. I have tested out a range of The Coal Miner’s Daughter indie beauty line and you can find my full review here. The Black Magic Charcoal Mask was by far my favourite from this line and I am so excited that the Sunday Mood Box subscribers get to experience this beauty super hero in a jar. Before recieving this  box I had actually just finished my own jar of this mask and was incredibly excited when it got replenished (let’s just say I was trying my hardest to stretch out its use, thats how much I adore this mask). Not only does it pull impurities from beneath your skin with the power of activated black charcoal, but it has a slight grainy texture that I use to exfoliate when washing this off. The mask leaves my skin unbelievably smooth and glowing, while creating the perfect canvas for all serums and moisturizers to follow. This is one beauty product I will keep replenishing and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to perfect their skin care game.

Rachel Piras Vegan Leather Cat Coin Purse:

When diving into the world of cruelty free, it can be difficult to navigat fashion. Those “gorgeous leather handbags” you may have once drooled over, could leave a different impression after becoming aware of the horrific treatment of animals to create them. I am partial to the “leather look” when it comes to accessories and am so glad that vegan leather exists. Why bring harm to our furry friends when we can have the same thing without it!? That  Picture is why I am so amped about the Rachel Piras vegan leather coin purse from this months box. Not only is it the perfect size to slip into my purse or diaper bag, but it is beautifully crafted and perfect for anyone who gravitates towards minimalist style (this girl). I am not the only fan of this cat purse in my house either, my 1 year old who adores animals has taken a liking to this sweet little accessory and pops it in her disney purse every chance she gets. Guess Mama’s sharing!
Picture ​Deco Miami Vegan 8-Free Nail Polish:

Deco Miami is a well known vegan nail polish company in the green beauty world. It’s finish is lovely, it’s “8-free” of toxic ingredients compared to conventional nail polishes, and they create the most gorgeous colours in their line. I also find that this polish wears for a substantial amount of time whenever I use it. I bounce between pastels, jewel tones and the darkest of the dark when it comes to nail polish colours so this deep black polish called “Black Like your Soul” fits into my  collection perfectly. Not  only did it make for a perfect colour during Halloween, but Fall and Winter typically call for darker colours meaning this bottle will be well used by the time Spring rolls around!

​Hey June Crescent Mood and Star Stud Earrings:

I am a bit of an enigma when it comes to jewelry. I bounce from minimalism to full out costume jewelry depending on my outfit but I am incredibly picky none the less. Minimalist jewelry is always my go to when dressing casual and I’m a sucker for a crescent moon, which makes this stud set by Hey June the perfect addition to my jewelry box. They are beautiful on and I especially like that each stud is a different shape, giving you a bit of an edge.
Picture Picture Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cocoa:

One of my favourite parts of the Sunday Mood Box is the artisanal teas and hot drinks that come along with it each month. This month was one of my all time favourites from Four Sigmatic, a company that creates powdered organic mushroom elixirs, as well as creating pre-mixed mushroom coffee and mushroom hot cocoa. I am partial to hot cocoa at this time of year and love the taste of this Reishi infused sweet cinnamon blend. This company is a MUST try in my books. I  ​use all of their products and love mixing their mushroom elixirs into my smoothies to boost their nutrition profile. if you haven’t added mushrooms into your health ritual yet, this is something I strongly suggest!

If you want to receive vegan and indie goodies in the mail each month, you can check out their website here. There’s still time to get in for the December Starlite box (which I’ve had a sneak peek of and am super excited to receive myself!) and you can use code: STARLITE10 at checkout to take 10% off Decembers subscription until November 15th!

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