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Sunday Mood Box: A Subscription Box of Indie Beauty Dreams

September 20, 2016

I remember when I was younger I could go to the local mall and pick up a “surprise bag” from the store. It was so much fun opening the bag up and checking out all the little gifts you just received for a couple of dollars. Then, in my adulthood, I was brought back to my love of surprise bags with a new concept… subscription boxes began some years ago and it brought along serious nostalgia with it. The idea of receiving “fun” mail instead of more bills was amazing alone.. not to mention it would be a box of goodies that you just paid a small fraction of the price for compared to purchasing each item separately from each shop. There are subscription boxes for so many different genres these days but this one is one of my all time favourites.

Sunday Mood Box is developed by one seriously cool girl boss from New Orleans who totally gets what natural beauties and indie babes want. I am floored at how she managed to find such perfect items and pack them into one box so we could all enjoy a little treat this month. She totally rocks at this subscription box thing and is also a stellar human being (I’ve had the priveledge of working with her months ago with her vegan natural beauty line “The Coal Miner’s Daughter”).

She created Sunday Mood Box to bring all of the bohemian, eclectic, natural beauty loving unicorns of the world a subscription that would deliver. Literally.
You can find a fun mix of eclectic indie brands, vegan, organic and eco-friendly bath & beauty products, handcrafted jewelry, cool niche household items, art prints, specialty teas, healthy treats, minimalist goodies and more. All products will be vegan and cruelty free, natural and safe (full size items). She even goes as far as to choose eco friendly packaging. Win!

There’s a variety of pricing options that you can choose from, whether you want to purchase month to month or save some change by opting for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. To ensure you get the box you want, make sure you get your order in by the 15th of each month. Shipping costs vary per country as she ships worldwide, this is all listed on her site.

The month of September was received by the “Glow Box”. This box came filled with full sized items ensuring you can wean off of the summer glow instead of spiraling cold turkey into Fall. This is exactly what I found in my box this month:

Amethyst Lavender Soap from Soapnotica: This soap is intoxicating with the soft scent of lavender and comes encrusted with a healing amethyst stone that you can keep once the soap is finished. Amethysts are powerful protective stones that can aid the body in cell regeneration, sleep, circulation, fighting bacteria, improving mood and encouraging antioxidant activity due to its far infrared and long wave lengths. Amethysts happen to be my birthstone and my favourite healer so I am a biased fan of this one. How can you not be?

​Luminescent Tides Yogi Bracelet: This bracelet is made up of pink jasper beads and an Amazonite. It’s such a gorgeous neutral colour and is so well made. Jasper is a balancing stone that helps support a variety of organs within the body as well as uplifting spirits. While Amazonite supports communication between the self and others, it also works to help balance all of your chakras. Two very useful stones for healing all in one piece of beautiful jewelry.

​Miss Violet Lace ‘Rose Quartz’ Shimmer spray: This vegan beauty spray can be used everywhere (with the obvious exception of around the eyes) and is such a gorgeous dusting of shimmer. I use it on my face over my make up to add some glow and on my shoulders, arms, and legs. It smells like Roses and is made from Mica. Such a beautiful addition to any beauty ritual.

Goddess of the Sea sugar scrub by Sam’s wish: This scrub is infused with skin detoxifying and soothing Spirulina. Spirulina has been a God send for my skin as I have sensitive skin that tends to show redness when it’s angered. Spirulina is a redness busting powerhouse loaded with so many nutrients that your skin will just eat up. I love scrubs as it promotes skin regeneration and renewal, the two acts that are so important for healthy detoxification of the body.

​Pique Tea green tea crystal sachets: Lastly, I am excited to cozy up on the couch with a cup of green tea. These tea sachets are filled with organic dissolving tea crystals made up of whole ground tea. You can bet that you’re getting a serious punch of nutrition from these teas and they taste lovely. This month I got to try Jasmine and Sencha Green Tea. Two very classic green tea flavours that are calming to the senses. I just love them!

​You can be sure to find amazing high quality products like these in each months box. This is by far my new favourite subscription and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store. You can peruse and shop the Sunday Mood Box at the link below. Happy shopping indie babes!

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