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June 2016


The Clean Living Collection: Organic Non-GMO at Home Facials and Natural tooth whitening!

June 13, 2016

This is one company I’ve been really excited to share with you all. Not only are the products top notch, straight from mother earth, and do unbelievable things for my body… but the owner, Ariel, is so lovely! In my short time chatting with her over the past few months I have come to appreciate her kind natured self! After using her products for the last few weeks, I can certainly tell that she puts her heart and soul into these recipes. She is very transparent in terms of what she puts into her products which is something I have always looked for in the companies I purchase from. Not only that, but she releases the sources from which her ingredients come from.. also noting that any non-vegan ingredients such as beeswax still come from a conscious bee keeper. Trust me, as someone who has tried a seriously long list of green beauty products, those companies who use ingredients that are sourced properly and for their quality stand out by far!

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Trendy Organic Baby clothing boutique (20% discount and free shipping code too!)

June 13, 2016

Photo Credit: Laura Joy Photography

When we talk about the term “organic”, most of the time our minds will drift to fruits, vegetables, and personal hygeine products. We forget how many necessities in our life are also sourced from materials that are grown with chemicals and pesticides. I’m all about harm reduction when it comes to going organic, I can’t always afford it but I do try to swap as much as I possibly can in my life to toxic free.

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