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The Detox Market’s Super Gift with Purchase: The Sunny Days Summer Bundle 

June 15, 2018

I’ve always loved the Detox Market’s gift with purchase bundles. They only come out a few times a year and are always full to the brim with quality green beauty products. This seasons summer bundle is packed full of amazing high end products from some of the best brands around. They’re all full sized or deluxe travel sized (noted below in list if product is travel sized) products and the bundle is worth $293 CAD!!! To grab one of these amazing bundles you must spend a minimum of $240 CAD before tax. Now is the time to stock up on the essentials and receive a whole box filled with the goodies listed below:

* This post includes some affiliate links. This means that any product purchased from my links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love.. these commissions help to cover Bloom + Clementine’s fees so that this website can stay alive and I can continue sharing my green beauty passion with you all. Thank you for supporting my little green space on the internet. *


Odacite: Black Mint Cleanser

This minty dark hued cleanser is a gel based cleanser that DOESN’T strip you of moisture and is one of the few cleansers that has impressed me that isn’t an oil cleanser. I truly love the fresh cool feeling it delivers and have been using this in the morning to help wake myself up.

Herbivore: Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner (travel size)

This toner is light and refreshing.. it comes in a beautifully soft scent that is perfect for summer and isn’t too overpowering for anyone who dislikes strong notes. The spray can be used in your skincare routine after cleansing or you can pop it in your purse to refresh during the hot summer days and set your makeup look! It contains aloe vera, green tea and decongesting willow bark which are perfect ingredients to use during summer months.

Graydon: Match Mint Shampoo

This shampoo made it onto my most recommended hair products last month in my natural and cruelty free hair guide (read about it HERE). This shampoo leaves hair soft, doesn’t strip moisture from your locks and comes in the most AMAZING scent. Vanilla Matcha Mint Latte, anyone? Yep! They bottled that scent with some sort of magic I have yet to figure out.

Graydon: Hair Smoothie

This deep conditioner contains herbs that will help restore and repair damage to the hair. It can be used as a conditioner or as an overnight hair mask and I wrote all about it in my hair guide HERE.

The Honest Leaf: “Fresh” Loose Leaf Tea (7 g.)

This tea is super light and refreshing for summer, it can be enjoyed warm or chilled and has ingredients to support your immune system and manage a healthy digestive system. Containing Roiboos Tea, Ginger, and Lemongrass.. this tea is a definite two thumbs up!

Coola: Citrus Mimosa Mineral Sport Face and Body SPF 30

This mineral SPF has you covered from all the UVA and UVB rays thanks to the active ingredients: Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide (both physical blockers of the sun). It is lightweight and can be worn on the face or body.. it also smells exactly as it sounds.. Citrus Mimosas!

W3ll People: Bio Bronzer Powder

This loose bronzing powder by W3LL people is the perfect product to add that sunkissed glow to any makeup look. It can be swept across the cheekbones, along the hair line, and over the nose to achieve a bronzed look.

RMS Beauty: Eye Polish in “Lunar”

RMS Beauty is a leader in makeup and their colours are always so beautifully pigmented and flawless. I am loving this eye polish that doubles as a highlighter and looks so soft and luminescent. I typically don’t wear a whole lot of eye shadow in my day to day so this little touch of glow on the lids has been a treat! The colour is a soft iridescent opal and a little goes a long way!

Fitglow Beauty: Lip Colour Serum in “Bliss”

One of my all time favourite brands and lip products! I am so exctied about these being included in this bundle. The lip serum is a gorgeously pigmented gloss that is soft and non-tacky. The serum also works to combat fine lines of the lips, naturally plump the lips, and deliver intense moisture as you wear throughout the day. I reviewed these serums and have swatched the colour “Bliss” in my blog post HERE.


Get the deal HERE (Canada) or you can check out the summer bundle for all U.S. shoppers HERE (The U.S. bundle differs slightly and qualifying purchase prices and value of the bundle are also slightly different and in USD).

Need ideas on what to get from the detox Market? Feel free to comment below or send an email and I’ll do my best to give out suggestions based on your preferences!


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