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The Detox Market’s March “Detox Box” Reveal + Review: Hynt Beauty

March 1, 2018

The Detox Market has created a monthly subscription box that highlights one high performing green beauty brand each month. Every box holds full sized products that have been carefully selected as fab favourites for you to indulge and fall in love with. This month had me particularly excited because they chose one of my favourite make up brands, Hynt Beauty. To top that off, they chose products that I’ve had my eye on already. Nothing like getting a few items off your wish list at a steep discounted price! This box contains $139.00 of product for just $64.99.

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As I’ve said, these products were ones that I personally have wanted to try out after hearing some rave reviews from others. I have to say, I do not disagree with the hype of these products! They are top knotch! Here’s my first impressions and mini reviews of each product you’ll find in the March Detox Box.

Hynt Beauty SPF Primer (Retails at $75)

(pictured above) I’ve been pretty vocal about my adherence to SPF on my face daily. As someone with sensitive and highly reactive skin, I have to be careful of many face spf products but I have found a select few that don’t cause any irritation for me. I am now adding Hynt’s Day prep SPF + Primer into this list. It was actually formulated with those who have sensitive skin in mind.

It didn’t take long for me to dig into Hynt’s Day prep SPF + Primer. I promptly pumped out a bit into my hand and rubbed in for a patch test (as I do for all products before applying to my face). It smells almost like fruit punch but very light so it wasn’t overpowering at all, just scrumptious. The lotion is mid thickness which I love and when you rub it in you can feel an immediate softening to the skin. The texture of the cream is similar to conventional silicone based products creating a smoothing effect to the skin but does not contain ANY synthetics or silicones whatsoever. The cream fills in fine lines and softens imperfections leaving a perfect canvas for makeup application.

The active ingredient for this product is titanium dioxide when it comes to the spf coverage. While I personally find zinc oxide to be the best sun blocking ingredient based on the research I’ve done, titanium dioxide would be my second choice as it is also a physical blocker and will divert rays rather than absorb & convert them (as many spf products that I typically avoid do).

I would say that this product is definitely on my list for top recommendations and since it is a primer and spf in one it hits two product categories simultaneously. This can save you money in the long run rather than purchasing a separate spf and Primer if you’re on a budget.


Hynt Finale Finishing Powder (Retails at $54)

(pictured above) I have heard some great things about Hynt’s FINALE finishing powder and some who swear it is the only setting powder they will touch! I have to say, it has also lived up to its hype. I typically avoid setting powders (I know, awful.. but hear me out).. I have a reactive skin type and the canvas of my skin isn’t flat thanks to my years suffering with acne. Powders can sometimes bring out those imperfections in my skin and I tend to use setting powders once after I’ve purchased them and then set them aside in my drawer forgetting about them till they expire. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this powder did not do this for me. In fact, it created the most flawless finish I have had in years of doing my own makeup. It was on par with the quality that I saw after having my make up professionally done for my wedding day. Yes.. that good!

I used a large soft bristle brush, dipped it into the powder, tapped off excess and lightly dusted the powder onto my skin following my other make up. It created an airbrushed look (which I am confident was also in part due to the Hynt Primer I had on underneath). It set my makeup at the perfect finish, not too dewy, not too matte.. just really natural and soft.


Hynt Flawless Blending Sponge (Retails at $10)

(pictured above) Hynt beauty’s flawless blending sponge was also added into the mix and if you don’t own a blender like this yet.. you’re gonna want to grab one! I use beauty blenders for everything.. I apply liquid foundation, powder foundation (which creates the best finish ever), smooth concealer, buff out contouring, bake my foundation, fix make up blunders like an accidental sweep of mascara on my nose. These beauty tools do it all and are best used when damp. ALWAYS dampen your blender to get the full effect of the product you are using.

Hynt beauty’s flawless blending sponge is perfect for the conscious beauty as its latex free. It also is the perfect shape for your palm and has a tapered end for reaching smaller hard to reach areas. I tend to prefer beauty sponges over brushed for face application.. Definitely a must have make up tool!


March Detox Box

This box was such an exciting reveal.. so many green beauty vets LOVE Hynt Beauty, and for good reason. They have found the secret to creating high performing natural make up products that seem to be loved across the board. Of all their products I have tried personally, they have consistently impressed me and I can’t say that about every brand I’ve ever used. This box is definitely worth every penny, it gives you great savings on some of Hynt beauty’s most coveted products that are universally flattering and, as I’ve said already, perform at a very high level.

The March Hynt Beauty Detox box is valued at $139.00 CAD worth of product for $64.99 CAD (or less depending on the amount of months you sign up for). If you want in on this beauty find you can check this box out HERE (Canadian customers). This box is available only while quantities last and for limited time, so if it has caught your eye don’t hesitate before they sell out! If you’re in the United States, you can grab this same deal (in US dollars of course) at the Detox Market HERE.

As always, if you have any questions about this box or these products feel free to comment below and I’ll get back to you! For more posts like this, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter where you’ll receive my blog posts straight to your inbox.

* Unless specified otherwise, all links to products are linked to the Canadian Detox Market, To shop the HYNT Beauty line in the U.S. click HERE. *

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  • Reply Alaina March 1, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    This beauty box looks like a great way to try new products out!

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    I have never heard of this brand and am looking forward to trying out some of their products! Thanks for the info.

  • Reply Anna March 2, 2018 at 8:57 am

    Oh my I love this subscription box. I did a monthly subscription before from a different company but I discontinued it. I need to check out this website you got this subscription from. Thank you for sharing .

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