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Innersense Organic Hair Care is NOW in Canada + Review

July 19, 2018

It’s official, friends! All my Innersense Organics fans who have been shopping this hair care gold over the border can now avoid the higher shipping fees and potential customs charges because it’s now available right here in Canada! Thanks to my favourite green beauty shop, the Detox Market, we can now get our hands on the coveted green hair care line much easier.  I decided since its been launched, I would share a little review on the products that I’ve tried so far from the line.

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For those who are new to Innersense Organics. This hair line has been around for a while and has become a cult favourite among many green living enthusiasts. The brand was developed by a husband and wife team who wanted to put forth a safe and effective hair line that could rival all the other conventional salon grade hair care lines. This power couple has created one of my favourite hair care lines around! You can read all about the other brands I adore in my hair care guide HERE.

I haven’t gotten my hands on the entire line yet.. but I have used the hydrating cream hair bath (shampoo), hydrating cream conditioner, sweet spirit leave in conditioner and harmonic healing hair oil. Here’s what I think of each:


Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

photo credit: Detox Market

This power duo is made for women with curly, thick or dehydrated hair. It is not necessarily the best choice for those with fine hair as it may weigh it down due to the ingredients used to moisturize the hair. It is my favourite pick for anyone who has curly or coarse hair. I love using this duo particularly after visiting the salon for a fresh set of highlights because it helps combat dryness after I’ve coloured my locks.

The smell is gorgeous, a soft vanilla and Roman chamomile blend. It leaves my hair happy and controlled. No flyaways, my hair is tamed and any frizziness is calmed down.



Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner

photo credit: Detox Market


This leave in conditioner is a great choice particularly for those who wear their hat naturally curly. It can be too heavy for my hair if I straighten it but when I let my natural curls flow it actually helps tame the frizz and keep them looking soft, hydrated and bouncy as opposed to fried, separated and frizzy. I don’t recommend this conditioner for those with fine hair as it may be too heavy.

I also let my husband use this as he has coarse and naturally wavy hair. It helps keep his hair from becoming too brittle or frizzy throughout the day.



Harmonic Healing Hair Oil

photo credit: Detox Market


Sometimes there are misses for me.. this hair oil isn’t necessarily one of my favourite products in the line. I find the scent a little intense for some reason and the oil is too heavy for my hair. It tends to weigh it down too much whether my hair is curly or straight. I love the innersense organics hair line but every once in a while a product will miss the mark for me.. even amongst some of my favourite brands. While this one might not be my personal choice, it doesn’t take away from the fact that I ADORE the others in this mine and highly recommend them.


Innersense has had a LOT of new product launches in the last few years and I am so excited to keep trying their line to see what works best for my hair. They just recently launched a Dry Shampoo which I have my eye on and will hopefully let you all know what I think soon!

For all my Canadian Beauties, you can grab your Innersense HERE from now on! Three cheers for convenience!



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