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Doe Hair: A Natural Hair Treatment for Gorgeous Healthy Hair

April 27, 2016

Girls! For anyone who has read my post on my favourite shampoo and conditioner, you know I love pampering my hair. And I only do this with the most nutrient dense and toxic free products out there. There is no need to drown your locks in chemicals and parabens to achieve beautiful hair. In fact, the only reason those salon and drug store bought brands make your hair feel so healthy is the softening chemicals and parabens that coat your hair in a film to keep it shiny. Yuck! So, I was beyond excited to find a purely natural and vegan hair treatment line, Doe Hair. They’re Canadian to boot!

I LOVE hair pacts and masks. So I was really excited for this beauty mail to arrive and when it did I couldn’t wait to get my mama hands free to apply it! I tried the Provence hair pact first, and was told by the owner, Heidi, that “a little goes a long way”. Now this is a rule that I have a really hard time following. I love to drench my hair in as much conditioner and hair treatment as I possibly can with the psychological notion that this will work better. But, I really wanted to see what this formula could do and so I applied it just enough to cover my strands from root to ends. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the ingredients in this pact is lavender essential oil which smelled so beautiful and rich. I am a big fan of lavender for it’s many health benefits and knew that I was also gaining a mini aromatherapy treatment in this hair ritual. I waited the suggested 30 minutes before washing it out with shampoo and conditioner. After drying my hair, it was so shiny (SO shiny), soft, and manageable! Manageable hair is a constant goal of mine as I have naturally curly hair that sometimes makes its own rules. Needless to say, the Provence hair pact by Doe beauty is now going to be a staple in my hair routine. I can say that confidently as it isn’t a regimen thats difficult to add into my mom life either! You don’t have to wash your hair or prepare it before, you simply apply it all over dry hair and let it sit in a bun on your head (I wear a mom bun in my hair most days anyway so…….).

Next up, the Bora Bora hair pact. As soon as I applied this pact I immediately noticed the smell of coconut oil (my favourite) and a slight hint of a lime margarita! I turned over the pact to notice that there is lime oil in the ingredients list and the light beachy scent is so refreshing and perfect for summer! I can only assume that Bora Bora was created when dreaming of summer beaches considering the owner is Canadian and most likely craving that Vitamin D like I am. I tried a little something different with this one, I left it on as an overnight treatment and really worked it into my scalp to add a little hydration to my roots. Yes, it’s always a good thing to focus attention and love on your ends as they receive so much abuse between trims, but we often forget that by nourishing our scalp we are providing care to where our hair grows. Don’t neglect it!

The next day I washed and conditioned my hair as normal and the results were beautiful! Strong, shiny, luscious locks that were much easier to style and were very obviously full of nutrition! One thing to remember when using natural hair pacts is there is NO film or parabens meant to coat your hair, so all of the benefits you notice will be from the nutrition flowing into your roots. Nothing will ever feel like that thick coat of toxic hair products, and quite honestly, I don’t want it to. I know that the film that may feel nice at the time but I am quite conscious of the fact that those chemicals sitting on my hair to “treat” it are actually leaking into the skin on my head and creating issues with hormones, skin, organs, you name it. Yes it sounds ugly, because it is! That’s why I am so excited to have finally found a product that feeds my hair and doesn’t cause any harm to myself or anyone around me.

So for anyone looking for that beautiful lush product that will do what the toxic mainstream products will do, I dont think you need to search anymore. Doe Hair certainly delivered in the most natural yet luxurious way. I can’t wait to continue using these amazing products as I know the benefits will just keep going over time!

To get your own hair treatment pacts, head on over to and have fun feeding those tresses!


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