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October 2019

Green Beauty

October Detox Box Reveal: Kjaer Weiss Luxury Makeup

October 10, 2019

Oh no big deal.. nothing to see here.. just KJAER WEISS in the Detox Box this month.. did anyone else’s jaws drop? This might be the first time I ever have seen Kjaer Weiss in a subscription box at a discounted price. For those of you who haven’t been introduced to this brand yet. Kjaer Weiss is a high end luxury green makeup brand that creates refillable makeup products. Every single one of these products are refillable and can be purchased at a lower cost once you’ve got your hands on the beautifully designed metal containers. They are heavy and “weighty”.. one of those things that feel so good to hold (am I alone on this? Is it weird?) and they have that magnetic closure that keeps that from opening all over your purse.

* This post includes some affiliate links. This means that any product purchased from my links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love.. these commissions help to cover Bloom + Clementine’s fees so that this website can stay alive and I can continue sharing my green beauty passion with you all. Thank you for supporting my little green space on the internet. *


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Health & Wellness

Health Benefits of Magnesium: Signs & Symptoms of Deficiency + How to Supplement for optimal well being

October 9, 2019

The majority of the population is deficient in magnesium, an essential mineral which contributes to the functions of over 300 biochemical responses in the human body. It is touted as being one of the minerals that we desperately need to incorporate as it helps relieve a multitude of symptoms of various conditions for those who are deficient. Magnesium is a mineral that I promote strongly in my household. It’s a mineral that often goes missed in many holistic medicine cabinets. There are a multitude of ways to supplement magnesium and so, I’ve put together a guide on Magnesium and why it can be so important for us to ensure we get the right amount.

* This post is not meant as medical advice. Please advise your primary health care provider to discuss any and all medical choices *

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