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July 2017

Green Beauty

Try THIS routine for perfect skin on your wedding day

July 20, 2017

I came across Lewin & Reilly skin care months ago and believe me when I say, I wish I had stumbled upon it sooner. I have been so lucky enough to test out some amazing skin care products over the years but I have really found a favourite when it comes to Lewin & Reilly’s product line. Rarely do I find a company that gets my full approval and excitement for every single product in their line but this group of magical skin potions have certainly done it for me. Not to mention, I absolutely adore the owners who are so lovely to speak with and really know what they’re doing when it comes to natural skin care.

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Gift Guides & Sales

DIY Kitty Cat Themed Birthday Party

July 6, 2017

My little one turned 2 this year and when I asked her what type of birthday she wanted it didn’t surprise me at all that “kitty” was her answer. She loves all things kitty cats and so I went to all the stores to try and put together this party for her. Unfortunately, unless you’re looking for a popular character from a TV show or movie like ‘Hello Kitty’ or ‘Cat in the Hat’, there aren’t many options when it comes to this theme (where is good old ‘Lisa Frank’ from the 90’s when you need her). So I decided to take to Pinterest and found some easy and very affordable DIY decorations to make sure my girl got her special day. I decided to share my finds just incase theres another little one asking their Mama for cats instead of Disney characters for their big day.

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