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October 2016

Green Beauty

My Top 5 Skin care picks from the ‘All Natural Collection’

October 18, 2016

You’ve heard me rave about some of the make up lines carried by one of my favourite green beauty online boutiques already here. So now I’m going to talk about two different skin care lines that they carry called Black Chicken Remedies and Hurraw. These two brands have made it into my list of recommendations with flying colours so I thought I would share my favourite products from each. First up, Black Chicken Remedies comes all the way from Australia and is completely unisex. So, if you’re looking for a male friendly product line for skin that is all natural, high grade, nutrition potent, and doesn’t smell too feminine.. This line is going to be your friend. Perfect for both sexes and all skin types. So ladies, here is what to buy your man, yourself, or purchase to share!

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Health & Wellness

Organic Hannahpads: 10 Reasons you should try Cloth pads + FAQ’s Answered

October 14, 2016

I have been on the hunt for safer alternatives to the conventional feminine products you find in pharmacies. I have tried a few options so far (you can read all about my experience using the menstrual cup here). The choice to use products filled with chemicals just doesn’t resonate as a healthy choice in my mind. The fact that Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is something that could possibly occur when using a conventional brand of tampons just makes my head spin. Not to mention I despise disposable pads and everything about them.. They are made of plastic, they crinkle every time you move, they bunch up causing leakage, they are itchy against the skin, they smell terrible, and are filled with chemicals used to absorb. For years now I have stayed away from pads for these very reasons even when I could have used the extra absorbency. Using cloth pads had never really crossed my mind as a good alternative.. boy, was I wrong..

* This post includes some affiliate links. This means that any product purchased from my links will generate a small commission (At no extra cost to you). As always, I will only recommend brands that have passed my seal of approval and that I truly love.. these commissions help to cover Bloom + Clementine’s fees so that this website can stay alive and I can continue sharing my green beauty passion with you all. Thank you for supporting my little green space on the internet. *

* This post has been updated January 2020, to include a more recent account and review of Hannah Pads. *

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Baby & Motherhood

How much money am I saving from cloth diapering? I ran the numbers and was shocked!

October 13, 2016


I started cloth diapering my little one when she turned 7 months old and seemed to be developing an allergic reaction to disposables. I wrote all about the switch to cloth diapering and my first impressions on the blog (there is a link at the bottom of this article to that post). Since then I am still cloth diapering and loving it! Of course there is an extra task of laundering these diapers which you wouldn’t have to do with disposables but after adding this into my routine, it hasn’t felt like a great deal of extra work.

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Green Beauty

A Green Beauty Must-Have: Back to Basics Skincare and their Rosehip Radiance Oil

October 5, 2016

Having had skin issues in the past I am now incredibly careful with my skin care routine. I want to age gracefully but, of course, I also want to avoid those pesky early signs of aging if I can. The products I use on my face are something I pay quite a bit of attention to. I have had acne prone skin in the past and if I were ever to switch my regimen drastically I’m certain they would come roaring back. I also have very sensitive skin.. it goes red from weather, touch, poorly made products, and the sun. If you asked me years ago, I never would have thought the answer to my skin care woes would have been an oil based regimen. I would have looked at you like you were crazy and went on with the terrible and backwards cycle of drying out my skin to tame it’s wild nature. The idea of drying out the skin to reverse acne is one I now shake my head at. How could we have ever thought that stripping our skin of it’s nutrients, and of oil (which is something our skin produces naturally for a REASON) would have been the answer? In reality, our skin overproduces oils and sebum when it feels like we don’t have enough to preserve and protect ourselves from the elements. My skin mantra is to ADD nutrients to your skin when its acting out, do not strip it of nutrients and leave it to compensate. Skin requires balance.

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