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Thieves Natural Household Cleaner Review + DIY Recipes + Dilution Ratios

July 5, 2020

Cleaning my home is something I like to keep up and I especially like knowing that the products I’m using are natural as well as effective. We all know essential oils can be great tools to keep surfaces clean and get rid of pesky germs, but it’s important to get the right blend of oils to ensure you are effectively managing household germs and grime. I had always dabbled in Thieves cleaning products but when my Daughter enrolled into her first year of Kindergarten I wanted to ensure that I was managing all those germs that were headed my way each day. Previous to school, I had her home with me and while I still maintained a clean home I wanted to make sure I achieved a deeper clean without compromising on keeping conventional cleaning products out of my home. My only regret was that I hadn’t bought the entire Thieves kit sooner. I had started with the thieves essential oil to diffuse into the air at home, their foaming hand soaps, hand sanitizer, fruit and veggie soak, and concentrated cleaner and LOVED them. But adding in the laundry soap, toothpastes, on the go sanitizing spray (hello dirty shopping cart handles), and dish soap were an even bigger game changer.

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