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December 2017

Green Beauty

Kaia Earth Serum Review + How to Choose the Right Skin Care Serum

December 12, 2017

Serums have always been one of those products that I am very selective of. When it comes to choosing an effective serum, its important to know what exactly it is that a serum does.  A serum is meant to deliver nutrients deep into the under layers of your skin and is applied after cleansing & toning, and precedes oils, moisturizers, and balms. I have always wondered why on earth conventional companies would create serums with synthetic or harmful ingredients. What good could come from adding toxic substances to promote a natural organ like your skin? We don’t ingest toxic substances to promote good liver health so why do we allow our skin to ingest toxic substances thinking it will create good quality skin health? I’ve put together some tips on how I choose an effective serum for my skin and am sharing my new green beauty skin care find from Kaia Earth, their Moisturizing Serum. It soothes the skin and locks in moisture, I’ve been loving it during the harsher winter months and its found a comfortable spot on my beauty shelf.

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