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April 2017

Health & Wellness

How to Detox your Underarms: A Simple + Effective 2 Ingredient Recipe

April 18, 2017

Switching to a natural lifestyle after years of using conventional products can be daunting, especially when you learn that even after switching over to the green side there can still be remnants of toxic ingredients that linger in your body in mass amounts. Using conventional deodorant is the perfect example of this. Most deodorants are filled with aluminum, among many other toxic ingredients, which wreak havoc on your entire system (and is well documented to cause breast cancer in women). Even after switching to a natural alternative there may still be side effects that occur when in the “transition period” and these can be prolonged if you don’t plan on helping your underarms with a detox treatment in the process. Many men and women find that they can’t get rid of the excess smell or they notice a red rash when they stop using their conventional brand. Both of these side effects can lead to men and women giving up on the entire idea of natural deodorants far too early when all they needed was a bit more time and a little extra underarm TLC. What does this all mean? In addition to switching to a natural deodorant, you should consider detoxing your armpits to draw out impurities and toxic remnants that are still present under your arms. 


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Green Beauty

Minimalist 3-step Natural Make up Look: Because an extra 15 min. of sleep is bliss

April 5, 2017

Being a stay at home Mom means that I rarely get the chance to put my makeup on and when I do I’m usually rushed to get myself and a toddler ready (FAST). I have perfected a minimalistic approach to makeup over the years so I can get myself out the door as quickly as possible, and have found the perfect products to achieve the look. I used very few products (using some as multi-purpose, win!) which translates into less time consuming face painting and a quicker door exit strategy! Plus, your makeup bag won’t be packed full if you’re bringing it with you on the go. 

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