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February 2017

Green Beauty

Why you should swap ‘Moroccan Hair Oil’ for this natural alternative

February 27, 2017

In my journey towards non-toxic living there have been some difficult changes I have made. One change that I wasn’t looking forward to was getting rid of was my beloved Moroccan Hair oil. I adored everything about this oil.. The smell, the texture, the way it left my hair shiny and frizz free. Up until this year I hadn’t found a replacement for it. Finding your perfect replacement is ALWAYS the key to a successful transition into the green beauty world, you MUST find products that you LOVE to replace the conventional brands you are breaking up with. I tried many hair oils and it resulted in many ‘natural runners up’ but that wasn’t enough for me, I needed a hair oil that I would love just as much as Moroccan Oil and I have finally found it. Until I began using UMA hair treatment oil I couldn’t remember what I had been missing. As soon as I opened the bottle and took in the unbelievably amazing scent of this oil I knew I might have my new best hair friend.

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Green Beauty

Win $130 Skin Brightening Discovery Kit from UMA Oils

February 22, 2017

Ultimate Brightening Discovery Kit

Spring is fast approaching and flowers are budding in India at the UMA Oils’ meadow! It takes over 1,000 rose petals to make ONE drop of rose oil, which is a staple in UMA’s Ultimate Brightening Discover Kit. It’s the perfect time to switch up your skincare routine, so why not achieve that perfect glow you’ve always wanted? If you’re yearning for bright, glowing, and dewy skin, enter the Uma Brighten Up Skin Care Giveaway to win a brightening skin care routine fit for royalty. Enter your email to potentially be one of the 3 lucky winners to receive a $130 Ultimate Brightening Kit.

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Green Beauty

These Rose Gold & Vegan Make-up Brushes are Just What Every Girl Needs

February 14, 2017

  When I purchase new products I try to educate myself as much as possible in the process. One rule that I will never waiver from is that I always buy cruelty free. Cruelty free products are everywhere nowadays as the terrible violence toward animals becomes more exposed. Sometimes cruelty hides in products we least expect and goes unnoticed. Companies try their best to hide the fact that they test on animals as they’re realizing the aversion towards cruelty based brands. This is why education is the key to eliminating this problem altogether. So to save the little guys in our world, I always promote cruelty free brands on my blog and only use cruelty free brands myself. That being said, I felt I should share one of my favourite cruelty free brands MOTD Cosmetics, and their luxe yet affordable, high quality, rose gold adorned make up brushes (there’s just nothing better).

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Confessions of a Healthy Lifestyle Blogger: Non-toxic living doesn’t have to be perfect

February 4, 2017

This is something that I wanted to be sure I share as eloquently as possible, an important share for the sanity of all who venture into the world of healthy living. I am going to let you in on a little secret.. You do NOT have to completely swear off baked goods, give away all of your kids’ plastic toys, or immediately throw out your entire make up collection to trade in for a healthy lifestyle. Yes, you heard me.. I, Healthy Lifestyle Blogger of Bloom & Clementine, am telling you that sometimes perfectionism in ANY aspect of your life can be more detrimental than allowing a few “toxic” elements slip into your life. Now, I don’t want to completely confuse everyone here, if you’ve followed my blog you know that I have adopted a healthy way of living which includes green beauty, healthy choices for my family, making my own cleaning products, etc. I share my way of living, eating, as well as educate people on the toxicity of most conventional products and what to swap them out for. I am the biggest advocate for healthier choices overall, and believe that the more we educate each other on these topics, there is a better chance that the companies throwing together concoctions of different poisons and labelling them “safe” will slowly die out. I also believe that knowledge is power and that everyone should have a good understanding of what it is these companies are putting into your self care products, your food, your household cleaners, amongst many other things.

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