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This space on my wellness blog is dedicated to sharing one of my most treasured secrets when it comes to health and well-being: essential oils.

I have used essential oils for many years, beginning almost two decades ago when my Mother passed me a bottle of Tea tree oil to help address a health concern of mine as a Teenager. I come from an Eastern European background where food and herbs are used traditionally to support our bodies and provide a life full of vitality and well being. My Grandmother grew up in the Ukraine and brought these tools and knowledge with her when she moved here in the 1940’s. Her wisdom when it came to food and plants as healing modalities has shaped my view of health and this is where my passion stems from.

The magic of oils used to be less known and many turned their head claiming it wasn’t a true option.. but years later, the world has come around to and even witnessed first hand the amazing properties held by these bottles of plant concentrate and what they can do for our well being. In fact, there are 24,000+ research articles on pubmed that look into the benefits of oils in general.

So let’s start with the basics:


What is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are concentrated extractions from a variety of plant and herb species.

They are often extracted via steam distillation which keeps their beneficial properties intact. These properties are extracted from different areas of a plant depending on which area of the plant holds the beneficial properties. For example, rose oil is made from extractions of its petals. Other oils can come from roots, stems, flower tops, etc. based on the bio-individuality of each plant.

They are “hydrophobic” chemical compounds that have been extracted from various plants. Hydrophobic means they repel water/do not dissolve within waters structure. If you’ve ever added drops of essential oil into your bath water, you will note that they do not dissolve into the water but rather sit on top of the water as floating droplets. They are also highly “volatile” which means they can evaporate into air quite easily (which explains the common use of diffusing essential oils into the air for medical benefits).

As I stated above, Essential oils are extracted from plants using steam or distillation. There are other methods such as cold pressing and absolute oil extraction, however, steam methods still remain the most commonly used. It requires a LOT of plant to extract a drop of essential oil in many cases. For example, it requires 60,000 rose petals to extract 1 oz. of Rose essential oil. This accounts for the price tags on specific essential oils and low prices can also tip off whether you are getting a top quality essential oil many times. These EO’s are then bottled in amber or dark coloured glass dropper bottles to preserve them and are sold.


Why did I choose Young Living Oils?

I opted to use only Young Living oils long before I ever decided to start my own business. In fact, I’ve been a loyal customer for many years. So why did I opt for YL over the others? Their quality stands out by far. No one does it quite like them. Here are the reasons why I chose to only use YL in my home & with my family:

1. Young Living owns their own farms worldwide: They don’t outsource to other farms for their plants, herbs and flowers. These farms are open to the public to visit anytime, they have nothing to hide and everything to show off. Their farms are worldwide as different herbs and plants thrive at various climates. For example, their lavender fields are in France, their cruciferous tree farms in Canada and their tea tree farms in Australia. These are just a handful of examples and there are more farms all over.. Spain, Utah.. you name it! From my personal experience with vetting other companies, they often don’t disclose info on the farms and they are outsourced.

2. Chemical Free Growing: Owning your own farms means you control the growing process. YL farms do not use any toxic pesticides to grow their crops. The last thing you would want to do is apply oils in concentration that also carry with them some harmful chemicals from the growth process. Not all companies grow this way as it is expensive and time consuming to maintain, but this is a promise delivered and controlled by third party testing that YL provides.

3. Therapeutic Grade: Again, because their farms are their own and they control every aspect of growth, harvesting, and processing, they are top quality. Quality and Purity are tested by a third party before entering the market in the bottles delivered to your door. These aren’t just pretty smelling oils for your smelling pleasure, these oils are supportive to our bodies and minds.

4. Third Party Testing: I’ve mentioned this term already twice because it’s an important aspect of production. Third party testing means they did not test themselves which would come with potential bias. A third party test hires an outside company to test for quality, purity, and any claims made by the company itself such as chemical free growing processes.


What is Essential Rewards?

A lifestyle change.

Do you know about ESSENTIAL REWARDS?Safe, clean products convenient to your doorstep every month, plus it’s completely customizable! This is an OPTIONAL monthly subscription box that you customize yourself every month. It’s the best way to slowly ditch and switch to non toxic products in your home while receiving a multitude of generous benefits and full sized freebies. The cost of the box begins at $50 USD to receive all of the benefits and you can pick the cost each month. Need dish soap? Shampoo? Laundry Soap? Put it on your next ER order rather than spending at the grocery store to get money back on all purchase, free gifts with every purchase and reduced (sometimes free) shipping costs. I just transfer my budget over from the grocery store to YL. My grocery store has never given me 25% back in my purchase and they certainly don’t carry the non toxic products that I love to use and are safe for my family.

Benefits of jumping on ER:

• This is a way to get FREE oils

• reduced/free (qualifying orders and area) shipping costs

• a stock of oils/products for your home every month

• Money back on all purchases made

• Loyalty gifts at months 3, 6, 9, 12.

If you’re a budgeter, ER is a great way to be able to plan exactly how much you need and want to spend on dish soaps, hand soap, shampoos, bar soap, skin care, oils etc.

I’m all about REPLACING what you are already buying from Amazon or at the store from the personal care aisles and instead buying “local” and supporting your friend who brought you into young living while at the same time getting amazingly safe and pure products into your home!!!!

Win win!!!

You can add anything and everything that YL has to offer through your ER order.

So my grocery shopping experience is literally THAT much easier and quicker now because there are ENTIRE sections eliminated from my list. Everything that I used to buy in the cleaning aisle, the bathroom aisle, the hair product aisle, the natural health store…all of it I have now switched over to buy from Young Living.

A few things we buy from YL instead of Target or Walmart:

+Thieves Laundry Detergent

+Thieves Dish Soap

+Thieves Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

+Thieves Toothpaste & Mouthwash



+Body Soap and Bar Soap

+Face Wash & Moisturizer

+Kids Soap and Shampoo

+Tender Tush Diaper Cream

+Thieves Hand Soap

+Moisturizer & Face Wash

and so much more!

It’s simple, you can pause or cancel ANYTIMEwithout any hassle or issues. It’s easy and beneficial. You even have the option to enroll famil and friends to make a little extra cash.. this is not necessarily the business.. just an added perk:


Is there a Monthly Commitment? Commitment to Sell?

No. Definitely not. Everything is OPTIONAL!

This is not how we roll. Young Living is the most amazing online wellness shop and they carry the most respected grade of essential oils as well as natural plant based products created by some of the most talented holistic formulators.

The monthly wellness box is OPTIONAL. It’s called Essential Rewards and is a customizable subscription wellness box.. it’s an amazing option that I’ll explain below, but it is not required. You can just shop as you like if that’s your preference.

In terms of selling, this is also completely optional. I shopped for many years before deciding to sell and came to that decision on my own accord. Do I think it’s amazing? YA! Do I wish I jumped into it sooner? Heck ya! But I’m glad I am with the team I’m on now, because the team you enroll with (whether it’s as a customer or to sell) truly matters. They will provide you with the resources and education to use oils in your home as well as support on building a business if that’s something you choose to do. It’s been a very lucrative business for me and one that I adore because I get to share my passion for holistic living and help people remove toxins from their homes. If you ever have questions about the business, I’m always available to speak candidly about my experience and what it looks like with no pressure on my end. This business has already made big changes in my life and I would love to share this with you for you to consider.


The Starter Kits Available

The Starter Kit is how I recommend everyone get started with Young Living. It’s by far the most bang for your buck, and it’s the gateway to a Young Living wholesale membership.

Starter Kits differ based on region (ie. Canada vs US vs. Worldwide) so be sure to look at the options specific to your region or ask me for help. There are a number of different starter kits available at different price points to get started so I’ll share some basic information about the different ways you can get started and save money with these amazing bundles. There are definitely more options listed on the website but I’ll share two of the most commonly chosen kit below. Ask me about other options like the children’s line starter kit or Ningxia Starter Kit.

1. The premium starter kit:

Comes with:

The premium starter kit contains 10 of the most commonly used oils. They’re as versatile as you get! If I’m low on most of these main oils, I’ll grab one of these kits rather than purchasing them in singles because like I said, MUCH cheaper. The total cost of the items in this kit (even with the wholesale discount) would come to $569.84, and the starter kit retails for $199. You really cant go wrong. So what’s in the starter kit?

• 10 Essential Oils (which oils varies by region)

• 1 Bonus Oil (2 in the US)

• 1 Diffuser (Desert Mist, Dew Drop, or upgrade to Aria)

• 1 Bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer

• 2 Packets of NingXia

• 1 Roller Fitment

• 10 Amber Glass Sample Vials

2. Thieves Starter Kit

The Thieves Healthy Home Starter Kit is comprised of the majority of the thieves line and comes with a diffuser so you can clean the airspace with your bottle of thieves essential oil. It will make your home smell like a blend of sweet citrus with mulled spices and you won’t regret making this your signature home scent.

The Healthy Home Premium Starter Kit includes:

• Thieves Essential Oil, 15 ml

• Thieves Dish Soap, 355 ml

• Thieves Foaming Hand Soap – Single, 236 ml (pump included)

• Thieves Household Cleaner, 426 ml

• Thieves Laundry Soap, 946 ml

• Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, 60 ml

• Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier – Single, 30 ml

• Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste, 4 oz*

• Product Guide (English)

• DewDrop Home Diffuser

Read all about Thieves and the different dilution ratios/DIY recipes you can make in my full blog post and review HERE.


Here’s how to Enroll for FREE & GET STARTED

Do you want to grab a FREE membership that grants you 24% off all of the YL products and access to discounted kits? It’s like a free Costco membership and comes with no strings attached. No commitments. Just access to discounts and my wellness community.

• I’ll plug you into all of our Facebook education groups where you can learn and hear about all the things happening.

You’ll get a special welcome gift from me (more Info in the section below)

• I will hold your hand the entire way. Oils don’t have to be intimidating and once you get the hang of it your body and mind will thank you.

Not to mention, there are some really amazing DIYs. I have made my own:

cleaning products, hair growth serum, lash growth serum, perfume, diffuser blends to replace famous candle scents, wellness rollers, sleep support aids, immune support blends, calming rollers, children support, and so much more.

+ They are amazing little bottles of magic that smell so beautiful. +

1. You can sign up directly below with my link. Click here and then follow the steps below 👇🏼

+ WHOLESALE is the way to go even if you never ever ever want to sell a thing- you’ll get the 24% off discount forever and only need to spend $50 a YEAR on product to keep the membership active!

2. Make sure the member box stays checked. This just means that you will get wholesale prices similar to a Costco or Amazon membership. There is no fee for being a member!

3. Choose country and language. Enter your information in the prompts on the screen to create your account.

4. In the section where it asks for sponsor and enroller member number, Enter my member number # 21615326 in both spots (if it isn’t already there) and click continue.

5. Choose your starter kit and pick your diffuser or shop whenever you want after your membership is complete!

* BONUS WELCOME GIFTS FOR NEW MEMBERS: Every month I curate welcome gifts for anyone who enrolls or reactivates under me and grabs a starter kit. These gifts have ranged from a second diffuser for your home, a bottle of thieves cleaner concentrate, a rainbow macrame car diffuser, a package of glass amber bottles for DIY’s, premade natural skin and beauty care, and even $25 credit back from me. Ask me what the gift options are for this month and choose from one. I will send you this personally as a welcome to my wellness community and thank you for supporting my little wellness business. *


I’m always here to answer any questions whether it be how to get started, or what to use a specific oil for. Please never hesitate to message me! I am grateful for each and every one of you who joins my wellness community.






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