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September 2017

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How to Travel Italy for Less

September 29, 2017

When Steve and I had our first date almost six years ago, one of the things that stuck out the most from our first conversation was how much we both loved to travel. We also realized that ‘the way’ we loved to travel was the same, we both loved to see as much as we could and we would rather spend our money immersing ourselves in the culture of a country rather than spend money on an all inclusive trip to lie on a beach for seven days (not that theres anything bad about a little R&R.. and believe me, you offer me an all inclusive trip? ILL TAKE IT!). Since being together, we’ve had opportunities to travel here and there but one thing is for sure, we aren’t rolling in dough so we have to make sure we plan our trips accordingly and budget. And so begins the section of my blog dedicated to travelling the world (when you’re just the average joe who wants to see and do everything like us) called “Wanderlust”.

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Food & Recipes

Coconut & Cinnamon Sweet Potato Wedges Recipe

September 24, 2017

This recipe is for avid snackers, as a side for a Sunday night dinner or for the picky toddler to snack on. I make these wedges for my Daughter almost weekly as a snack and she gobbles them up quickly! The natural sweetness to sweet potatoes, coconut oil and cinnamon contrasted with the salt and pepper make for one delicious option! The best part about these wedges are that they’re incredibly easy and affordable to make!

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Gift Guides & Sales

Why you NEED to take a Blogging Break: Signs & Symptoms of “The Frazzled Blogger”

September 13, 2017

I have been a little MIA when it comes to my blogging these past few weeks and there have been some good reasons why. We finally tied the knot this August and planning a wedding while Mumming AND blogging was just not working out. Then I went on a much needed honeymoon with my now Husband to Italy (bucket list item CHECKED), and when I got home? I needed to spend what I had left of Summer with my little one who was so patient while her Dad and I planned our big day. As Bloggers, we all have busy lives, times of stress, moments of severe writers block..

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